I try…

I first heard of fried mee sua (thread/string noodles) sometime ago from a colleague of mine in my former school, and the first thing that came to my mind was, “How did they manage to fry it?” Those of you who are familiar with this Foochow longevity noodles would know that normally, we would boil the noodles and serve it in chicken soup cooked with lots of ginger and red wine. But if you do not add the soup quickly, you will end up with the noodles in a lump, all stuck together like some kind of cake.

Sibu Foochow mee sua

This particular colleague of mine sang its praises and encouraged me to go and try – at the Sheraton Restaurant. I don’t actually recall when I actually got round to doing that when I did, I found it very oily and was not very impressed. Perhaps I had caught them on a bad day. However, lately, I quite like what we have been eating at the Ruby Restaurant and it seems to be getting very popular, so much so that other places now have it in their menu as well.

Well, yesterday morning, I thought I’d give it a try, so I boiled some mee sua and once softened, I rinsed it in cold water a few times to remove the starch and loosen the strands. Putting the noodles aside, I fried a bit of chopped garlic in oil and I threw in some ingredients that I could find in the fridge – a bit of minced meat, some shrimps, taugeh (bean sprouts) and I threw in an egg as well. After sprinkling in a bit of chicken stock, I added the mee sua and stir fried it until it was mixed thoroughly with all the ingredients. Then, it was ready…

STP's fried mee sua 1

It looked okay, so next came the acid test…the eating!

STP's fried mee sua 2

Yes, the noodles were in loose strands, not all stuck together and the taste was…very nice! But for one thing, I would have to do something about the colour. Maybe I can just serve it on a bed of lettuce with some slices of tomato on the side, or perhaps I should add a little bit of soy sauce for a darker shade, sliced chillies for a bit of red and green veg or spring onions for a touch of green. That will make it more presentable, I suppose, but it will  have to wait till another time, should I try to fry mee sua again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “I try…”

  1. Oh WOW! You mastered the art of frying mee sua! I never thought of rinsing with cold water. The first time I had mine was at Ah Pui Steamboat at Lanang Road (at the Aman Road roundabout) and the cook told me that they first deep-fry the mee sua after boiling it in water so that they don’t stick together. And hence, the oily mee sua but the taste was okay. And then I discovered Ruby, the rest was history 😀 LOL!

    My missus also said that it should be deep fried first…but I thought that would make it too oily and maybe, hard and crispy unless you have a watery gravy to pour over and soften it. But the fried mee sua we had at Ruby was quite dry…so I did not think that was a good idea.

  2. haven’t try fried mee sua wo…
    add more colours to your mee sua sure it will look more appealing and tastier 😀

    Yalor…that’s exactly what I said! So putih… LOL!!!

  3. Hhmmpp…r u sure to use foo chow mee sua for the frying version? Instead of using another kind which look more like vermicelli noodle. As I know, normally ppl don’t use foo chow mee sua for other cooking method but only soup. However, I eat it dry like mee goreng style! It’s yummy! That’t y my mom knock my head! “Expensive eh u know!”

    The other one is tang hoon or glass noodles. People fry with minced meat and prawns and egg etc…to make “kay-hu chee” (imitation sharks’ fins).

  4. Had fried mee sua since a kid. Do you know the history of the recipe? Long story..tell later.

    The story about how they used to spray water on the noodles while drying them in the sun?…I know that one liao!!! LOL!!!

  5. I still prefer meesua the old fashion way, like confinement ones. Not brave enough to fry them for I scared they will cling together.May try one day. Anothe way of doing mee sua which is nice too is ‘puak’ it like kolo mee with bovril n onions oil.

    I also eat it dry with bovril or marmite, a bit of oil and msg. But it also sticks together…unless you rinse in cold water – the way they cook kolo mee! That’s where I got the idea of how I could fry it!

  6. I recently had starchy mee sua, apparently revered by the taiwanese and some penang folks. SIL prepared broth first, and mee sua was added just before eating. It was okay, not terribly exciting.

    Must be something like “lor mee” which I do not like very much if it’s too starchy! Got one place here, more diluted…so nicer and I’ll go there to eat quite often!

  7. To ensure that it doesn’t stick together is to do what STP did and blanch it in cold water and use a chopstick and stir it a bit… to loosen and separate the strands… and bingo.. you have colour.. hahaha.. a few strips of chillies and spring onions also does wonder…

    Another option is the one my dad does.. is to fry it with dried shrimps, eggs, chili powder and kicap..

    Aha! See! I was right!!! Don’t have to go to college and get a diploma, also I know! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Now we get it from the Master Chef himself!!! LOL!!

  8. Oi.. apa kenak my comment ends up turning like Master Yoda’s speech!! Delete Delete!!

    What I wanted to say is this…

    To ensure that it doesn’t stick together is to do what STP did and blanch it in cold water and use a chopstick and stir it a bit… to loosen and separate the strands…

    Another option is the one my dad does.. fry it with dried shrimps, eggs, chili powder and kicap.. bingo… you have colour.. hahaha.. a few strips of chillies and spring onions also does wonder…

    That one was Master Chef giving lecture… this one, orang biasa cakap!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. mee sua…hmm..bee hoon not same ah? i have a hard time telling the difference lah..

    Aiyor…of course not the same!!! One is hard and coarse, the other soft and smooth…and by the way, I’m talking about noodles, ok? Hahahahahahaha!!!

  10. I like fried mee sua but yours does not look very interesting. Like you said too pale. Must try one day, use hei bee.

    Ingredients up to you lah, depending on how creative and innovative. I think I will cook again for Chap Goh Meh and post photo…sure nicer this time!!! That one only trial run to see if the noodles sticky or not, can fry or not.

  11. Too early to drink lah the other cousin. Gerrie, starchy mee sua can be the result of not dried mee sua. My friend once was so proud her foochow MIL gave her fresh mee sua from Sibu. She cooked it fresh!!!!

    Can cook it fresh…but cannot keep without drying! Many also dunno how to roll into nice, nice sangguls…after drying, all kinds of shapes and sizes! LOL!!!

  12. Gundot, the dish is called something like “starchy mee sua”…is supposed to be “ko-ko”. SIL explained in detail before she cooked, wanted to make sure we know how to eat it. Tracy loved it though!

    Like “lor mee” lah. They add corn starch to make the gravy “ko-ko”.

  13. Will love to try it! But you are right, can do with a bit of soy sauce for darker colour : )

    Ya, will add a bit next time…or maybe, Marmite or Bovril!

  14. I prefer fried bihun with clams, onions and eggs. Especially when compared to the incredible hulk mee sua fried with sayur mani (keke…mani chai). Mee sua is best with chicken soup and lots of ang chiew.

    Amoy Brand clams the best but the clams are so minute these days – like my tahi hidung!!! Who’s the Incredible Hulk? Not talking about Theothercousin, are you? LOL!!! Got fried mee sua with mani chai? Never had that before!

  15. Fried mee sua. I love MeeSua so much.. Next time i should CURI CURI try it at home. Then i will post it. MY DIY MEE SUA! haha

    Hahahahahaha!!! Don’t worry! Next time I cook, I bagi you a bit! Yum! Yum!

  16. fried mee sua- u have to use the coarse meesua -u deep fried till brown n crispy-then soak in lukewarm water till soft. Wash with cold water. Sieve n drip dry. heat oil put in onion n garlic, put in stripe mushroom marinated meat. carrots n cabbage, put in mee sua and seasoning n fried till cooked….end result tasted like fried bee hoon. haha

    Mine not deep fried…oso ok. Healthier lah…not using oil. LOL!!!

  17. Yeah your mee sua looked too pale. Need some colour!

    I know…or at least, use some colourful stuff for garnishing to improve the presentation!

  18. hi stp, gong xi fa cai. yes, u can do something on the colour, tho i think the most important is the taste (which i think u did well) 🙂

    Ya, made it just in time! Chap Goh Mei just a few days away…so Gong Xi Fa Cai from me too! It did taste very nice and I agree with you that that is the most important thing.

  19. Try it with cangkuk manis next time. Fried meesua with manichai is the rage in Kuching. Very nice too. End up with greenish looking meesua – since it’s colour that you want.Hehe

    I don’t think it will make a pretty sight…all the bits of mani chai against the pure white mee sua. And didn’t somebody say that mani chai is RM14 a kg in Kuching? Gee!!! Like eating gold!

  20. Incredible hulk cos it is green in colour lar…. nothing to do with the Incredile Bulk.

    Hahahahahaha!!! Boy! Aren’t you mean? And all this time, I thought I was the worst!!! LOL!!!

  21. Was actually going along Pollie’s line…yes only the mee sua tau(head) were originally used as they were the ‘rejects’..too coarse…and much cheaper then.

    Well, should be better for frying…so no longer rejects! I’m not bothered actually tau or boi…as long as it’s mee sua!

  22. KNB… it seems the Van from Jong Crocodile Farm didn’t stop you after our heavy lunch and hijacked you.. or perhaps.. they didn’t have enough manpower to carry you away and gave up… hahahaha

    I don’t want to campur…nanti kena gigit buaya! LOL!!!

  23. That one I don’t know…hahahaha. A long Long Time ago… …aiya malas saya..Only the mee sua tau(head) were used for frying then as they were considered rejects and much cheaper. Donno if any price difference now though since so many people like it that way.

    Dunno…I just buy and eat! Head or tail also dunno!!! Handmade or factory made also don’t care! All the same to me!

  24. *(%^$#@%^$&….PC said not sent….soly repeat lo %$#@^%

    Patience!!! You dunno how long it takes for me to reply one comment! Try and try and try again!!! Hahahaha!!! I have the patience of a saint! LOL!!!

  25. Mr Jong said he didnt have enough space for another buaya.

    Buayas of the same kulit swim together!!!? LOL!!!

  26. Speaking of ‘buayas’ n this is true story,do u know the other nite in the news, as i mentioned before northern queensland flooding really heavily, they said all the crocodiles now swim into town i think it is either Darwin or Mckay,even kangaroos and all the wild animals are visiting the town centre there, like really the town centre,isn’t that frightening! Imagine in Sibu,with all the flood, if u go town centre to eat kampua,meet crocodiles along the way!LOL!

    The other day, I saw a si-kha-chua (four-legged snake) – monitor lizard or iguana or whatever you call it, about a metre long…crossing the road from my house to stanleycarter’s house. I tried to run over it with my car but missed and when I turned back, it was swimming in the drain on the other side of the road. Now the question: Why did the si-kha-chua cross the road? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  27. KNB: Forgot you buaya darat! Now what’s Bunyak’s father’s name again…. Belemau or something like that… Need to find someone like him to control you… :-p

    KNB offline laio lah! Will only be back on Monday – office hours only. LOL!! So you buaya sungai/air? Of course lah! That’s why the two of you cousins…not brothers! Hahahahaha!!!

  28. i prefer dry noodles compare with soup noodles

    Me too…especially on hot days! When eating soupee stuff, I’ll be dripping in sweat! Btw, do drop by tomorrow to see my post – I’ll be adding a link to your blog!!! 🙂

  29. Hey…
    The post is on Mee Sua…
    How come the discussion turn up to be on Buaya???

    Dunno those people! Yesterday talking about toilets, they turned to laksa. Today…mee sua, becomes buaya pula! Sigh!!!

  30. Can you see the Guppies swimming in your living room already?…you folks in Sibu better run before the Damn Dam breaks…

    Choi! Choi! You mulut masin!!!…So far still ok, not as bad as the CNY one or the one in mid-January.

  31. You must come to Miri and try the New Tanjong Seafood Restaurant’s Mee Sua fried with cangkok manis and that special yew char.

    Yes the test is in the eating.

    Now retired, no more CHOGM – no, not “Commonwealth Heads of Govt Meeting” but “Cheap holiday on govt’s money”!!! So, not going to Miri anymore lor! Hahahahahaha!!!

  32. haiyo… let ajil try mee sua la. have he tried it?

    i want some! can use pos laju ar?

    No halal mee sua in town! I would have to go and buy some halal chicken and cook myself for him… Poslaju? The dried stuff is so brittle that when it reaches you, it will be in dust form! Wait till I go Penang again, I’ll bring some for you!!!

  33. haiyo… let ajil try mee sua la. has he tried it?

    i want some! can use pos laju ar?

    alamak… the earlier one ter post pula! when speak or type in english teacher’s blog must make sure correct grammar!!!! lol

    OK lah…not in class and not sitting for exam, anything goes!!! Asal can faham!!! LOL!!!

  34. STP, sorry for being off topic.

    How was the ‘shock’ last night the neighbor gave you huh? The youngest son is back it seems.

    Hahahahahaha!!! I’m tolerant! I heard the daughter got married, so let them celebrate lor! But if they were more considerate, they would have realised that it certainly was a bit late…and some might be sleeping already. I was still awake…doing my marking and keeping an eye on the water!

  35. Huh?….R u familiar with the song See u later Alligator,In a minute crocodile? What is the difference btw an alligator n a crocodile? Btw is Bunyak Tambi’s wife or son? Who is Subiew n Mani again?One of them is Yot’s mum?All still in JFV? U better stick to the old fashioned meesua,fried meesua is getting all ‘amok’comments!LOL! Bet yr Ajil won’t like to taste fried meesua which turned from hulk to crocs to guppies!Hehehe!Now i have to go shop for my son’s school shoes,no not crocs by the way!LOL!

    I haven’t been to JFV on Facebook for ages. Guess it just died a natural death… Buying school shoes? School hasn’t reopened there?…Or so kiam siap, just use old shoes until really really koyak? Hahahahahahaha!!!! Btw, received the Ruby photo liao, thanks!!!

  36. My second auntie had a housekeeper who made the best fried mee suah. She put bits of pork, dried squid, fried peanuts, shredded omelet, Chinese chives, and prawns, and then topped with crispy shallots. Oooh, it was good. I hope that helps.

    Certainly sounds good with all the pork, squids and prawns. I haven’t tried frying anymore after that first successful attempt. Somehow, just can’t seem to find the time. Will try to do so soon and post on it…

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