A little bit of soap…

Mine is not a food blog even though many seem to think it is. Neither is it a political blog. I would like to think of it as a rojak blog touching on anything that may be of interest, but usually I will avoid sensitive matters pertaining to things such as race or religion, for instance.

Well, yesterday, I was wondering what I would feature in today’s post when I spotted the headline in our very own local newspaper. Yes, Yan…I am a loyal supporter! (Do I get a special ang pao, Yan? LOL!!!) Anyway, this was what attracted my attention…

Newspaper report

I don’t know if anybody else does, but I can recall quite clearly a report in the same newspaper sometime ago, I think it was on the front page, on the proceedings in the state legislative assembly about a request put forward by the representative on the other side – the one from a constituency in the vicinity of Sibu. He had requested for liquid soap to be made available from dispensers in public toilets, instead of bars of toilet soap…and the first thought that ran through my mind at that point in time was – Gee! Don’t they have more pressing issues of greater significance to put forward and discuss? In the first place, do they ever provide bars of soap in public toilets? Not that I know of! Anyway, according to the report, the proposal was accepted.

Right away, I had this mental picture of the typical Sibu people going round from toilet to toilet with empty mineral water bottles to collect the liquid soap for sale or for their own private use at home. Worse still, they might even dismantle the dispensers and cart them home too or sell them off as scrap metal!

And perhaps you may want to put it down to my wild and over-active imagination, but when things as such crop up, where private suppliers are involved, I start to wonder about hanky-panky going-ons, things that may transpire under the table – I scratch your back, you scratch mine. But of course, maybe that is all there is to it – just my imagination running away from me.

But that was quite a while ago and yet they have not carried out what they had planned way back then. Good grief! They are still JUST talking about doing it! Does it take that long to fix a few liquid soap dispensers in the public toilets in town? In fact, I don’t think there are that many of them.  Well, truth be told I don’t know the exact number as I would normally just drop in at the nearest hotel and make use of the CLEAN toilet…and they have fragrant liquid soap in dispensers all ready for use. Shhh….don’t tell Tony! Hahahahahahaha!!!