Remember the time…

A long, long time ago…I can still remember…those days when I was staying at the end of Race Course Road  (since renamed) here in a house built on stilts and every time there was a flood, at least once a year and usually in December, it was like a carnival – swimming and playing in the water, walking some 2 miles to town to roam around in the flood waters and taking photographs…

Sibu flood long long ago

I cannot remember when this photograph was taken – probably in the late 60’s or early 70’s. It was an annual affair and it did not bother us one bit. I wonder if that’s the case with those people in the east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia.

On the other hand, my missus was staying in the extremely flood-prone Tong San Road until she got married. Her family was renting the ground floor of a terrace house at the time and she would relate stories of how her father would block the doors with planks and seal the edges with damar gum and the whole day, they would have to scoop buckets of water from inside the house and pouring it outside…and most of the time, they would to stay on their beds – with water all around and centipedes and snakes swimming by. Imagine having to go through this kind of situation at least once a year and still they refused to move as “it was very convenient – being so near the town centre”.

Well, the present flood situation has improved, it seems, even though it rained heavily the whole night through and has been raining on and off the whole day. I guess despite all the sound and fury at this point in time, eventually people will stop talking about it and get on with their everyday business until the next flood comes around…and looking at the way things are these days, that will probably be around the next king tide – Chap Goh Meh! I’ve moved the things up the split level in my house, so I think I’ll just leave them there till drier days come around.

To deviate from the topic of floods a bit, I wonder if any of you have been receiving all kinds of irritating messages on your handphones. I got this one last night:
Eh Ayu, sy dpti lucu dirakam hotel yg terPANAS! Ada juga pelbagai clip download. u taip ON JOC hantar SMS ke 36660, daftar free! lepas download jgn send orang lain!
I read about this in somebody’s blog not too long ago, so I guess I am not the only one being made the target of spam by certain quarters. I do wish there is a way to block such messages. Does anybody know of any?

Well, in the meantime, here’s wishing you all  a pleasant Sunday! Everybody’s going back to work tomorrow, so make the most of it, rain or shine!

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20 thoughts on “Remember the time…”

  1. Those SMS….yes. I just ignore them. The floods were a joy those days as it means playing in your driveway. It does not bother us a bit as we live in houses on stilts. Only Stella’s bro room gets flooded!

    Ya…their kitchen in their own house downstairs too. Wonder if the room ever got flooded when Gerrie’s dad and Ah Ting were staying there…

  2. The spams aren’t so bad. The ones that i couldn’t take is the ones that woke u up in the unearthly hour in the morning while you’re fast asleep to think that it’s an urgent msg but a silly spam to show that some service provider has just updated your account! Shucks ;p

    Anyway, hopefully the ever frequent flash flood in Sibu is getting better i hope. Do take care!!


    I heard from rubberseeds there’s no more flood in the main part of town. You can hop over to his blog – to see a very comprehensive collection of photos of the flood! Interesting!

    Ya, those smses can come at any time of day…or night!

  3. I don’t get this kind of messages but my mum-in-law’s hp usually has messages like that. I don’t know why. Luckily, she can’t read Malays nor English. I just delete it for her.
    Yes, tomorrow is a working day, rain or shine. We are lucky that my parents’ house is free from flood this CNY.

    I wonder whether they are actually people responding to those kinds of smses…??? No wonder we often read in the papers of people getting conned.

  4. Flood,in our days we thot it was such fun but I think for my mum it was a nitemare! We tagged her as F.Wagner,becos she preached 7days a wk while he only preached on Sundays! N flood days,double preaching,we were running around splashing water everywhere!Which means more wet laundry for her to do.! Never knew how big the responsibilities it is being a parent until m one meself! Abt the sms,so far here is ok,but I recalled Uncle P.B.saying something in Kch abt receiving a sms that says,Hi Abang u sunyi tonite,somewhere along that line….u go ask him,m sure he can elaborate to u better,LOL!

    Sometimes, I felt like replying to make counter-offer – ***hole enlargement service…but I might fall into their trap, so better play safe and just delete the msg! Ya…the laundry during the rainy season pretty bad! Even after hanging for a few days, still kinda damp!

  5. I also get those SMSes but I just ignored them. Anyways, happy sunday and I’m going back to work on Monday… Sigh…

    Me too…and everybody else, I guess. Count your blessings! If you were in government service in states like Kedah, you’d be working today! LOL!!

  6. Report the sender’s number to MCMC – Ministry of Communication something something. They will block the number from spamming and maybe impose a fine, I don’t know. Yeah, they should be fined coz it’s against the law to spam people.

    What’s MCMC number? I may have to do that if it gets worse! So irritating!

  7. Went to take a look at the photos…OMG it was bad!! My heart goes out to those who have to clean the house, and dry out everything when it’s all over (for now!).
    Re your counter offer “service”…I seriously doubt it will be hugely popular.

    Hahahahaha!!!…..Those of us who grew up in that kind of scenario would be quite used to it, but it is such a nuisance and a chore. Thank goodness my area not affected!

  8. Oh dear… I’m sorry to hear that you guys are facing the flood issue again. I really feel for you guys. Thankfully, I’ve never had to face that problem before as I can imagine the cleaning up that needs to be done afterwards. Anyways, do take care.

    As for the smses, I get at least about three of those daily. I kid you not! A curious friend of mine actually replied and subscribed to one of those ‘feeling lonely tonight?’ sms to see what’s really behind it and was shocked to see how his credit flowed away like water into a river. He immediately terminated the services after that one try.

    Thank goodness I didn’t fall into their trap!…Thanks for your concern, Zee. My place isn’t affected this time around…but it’s very damp and cold and I tend to come down with a cold – on and off (especially when I kept going out in the drizzle to see how high the water was)! Old man like that lah! Resistance not so strong anymore. LOL!!!

  9. Aren’t you people fed up with the floods? If I stay here, I think I will have to move out! Such a hassle to clean up house after every flood!

    Luckily, I have yet to receive such sms. But I’ve received smses saying I won certain contests. I just ignore them!

    Dunno those people in those flood-prone areas. So congested like slum area, the houses like Leaning Tower of Pisa…and every time flood! Not healthy – healthwise and socially! Many gangsters from there…and a lot in my ex-school which is the nearest secondary school! I would have moved away long ago! My area’s ok…high and dry!

  10. Cleaning after a flood is always very heartbreaking.
    I believe every one of us has a photo taken with A FLOOD in the past. I will share some of these in future articles…
    Even the eggs at home ran out after several days of being flooded in.
    My mum still has a “refugee” mentality. She stocks up enough canned food for a week!!
    Remember in the old days when our parents were so scared that they would not have enough kerosene?

    I have a lot of canned food stocked up in the pantry since the flood two weeks ago…but I wouldn’t need to use the stock this time around. But I’ll mention something about the rocketting prices of veg in tomorrow’s post.

    I have a lot of photos taken during a flood…but those days, our prints were so small, half of a postcard size and I don’t have a scanner, so I wouldn’t wanna post all of them. Just one will do…for illustration purposes! LOL!!!

  11. Hey STP… firstly, Happy ‘NIU’ Year ya… btw, I’ve received these kind of messages on my handphones and yes, it’s very irritating… duhhh! When U know the way to block such messages, do let me know ya!

    Thanks for the greeting. Hope you had a good holiday. So, you’re in the same boat. You young more people more tech-savvy, so if you know how to block, do let me know! LOL!!!

  12. oh yes….Ah Ting’s room used to be flooded but then he stil refuses to move up. His bed was very high…

    He typical Foochow…very say-jee, so of course, he’ll say, “Nai! Nai!!!” lor!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  13. Saw pixs by rubberseeds…wonder how he got around in the flood.The pix of SHS brings back fond memories… I recalled the days when the driveways/bridge to the school was completely submerged under water and lots of students (including Brother Hilary and Brother Hendry)will be near the gate to see students who cycled into the drain..and having a good laugh.

    Dunno? That one you have to ask him. People professional photographer mah! He did not take a pic of himself – who knows he might be in his speedos…or worse still, his g-strings!! ROTFLMAO!!

  14. *LOL* at the pic !! Wahraoo.. sempat you take pic some more 😀

    Yes, I got those irritating messages too.. It’s so irritating that I feel like calling them to wish them HAPPY CNY ah !!

    Cannot say bad words on CNY.. so, wish them Happy CNY lor 😛

    That was so long ago lah! Maybe still teenager… Wah! U so pantang! This is a good time to scold you then since you will not scold me back! CNY mah! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. From what I gather from their website, you can complain online at or write to
    SKMM Consumer Complaints Bureau,
    Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia,
    63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

    Tel: 03-8688 8000
    Fax: 03-8688 1880
    Complaint hotline: 1-800-888-030
    (8.30am-5.30pm, Mon-Friday)

    More info:

    Thanks for the info. But I noticed that everytime it’s from a different number. How to complain so many times? Haiz!!! Nuisance these things! So nice last time no hp…save money some more! LOL!!

  16. well, any numbers that is registered with any telco companies will get that. No privacy – same goes to those credit card cold calling!

    Terrible! 1st company to promise absolute privacy, I’ll switch to that plan right away!!! Kacau only!

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