It is the tradition for members of the family to have the reunion dinner together on Chinese New Year’s Eve. We did not have the chance last year as my missus and I flew over to Penang for a few days to spend the festive season there with my daughter who came over from Sungai Petani in Kedah. This year, we decided to stay back and so we were able to sit down with my parents at this very significant once-a-year meal.

We had one of those dinner “packages” from the Sweet Family Restaurant that I have posted about here and here, and among the items on the menu was this Five Treasures dish…

CNY Reunion Dinner 1

…and of course, their signature dish – the Philippine pork leg…

CNY Reunion Dinner 2

…and fried snowfish, fish being a must-have on the menu for every reunion dinner as in Chinese, the character sounds like “have” and hopefully, one will have a lot of material gains in the coming year…

CNY Reunion Dinner 3

…and herbal chicken, as well as this dish of prawns…

CNY Reunion Dinner 4

…and a plate of fried sharks’ fins with egg and stuff, a broccoli and mushroom dish and this pineapple tart-like dessert, but we were all way too full at the end of the dinner, so nobody wanted to eat it. That was why the clingwrap had not been removed…

CNY Reunion Dinner 5

My father bought some sea cucumber soup and Foochow fried noodles from the Y2K Restaurant which is, in fact, a pretty nice place to dine in Sibu but I have not had a chance to drop by and post on it yet.

My sister asked somebody in the kampung to cook our Malaysian delights – chicken curry…

CNY Reunion Dinner 6

…and ayam masak merah, another Malaysian curry-like dish…

CNY Reunion Dinner 7

I must say that I enjoyed the last two dishes a lot more than the other dishes so you can bet that I had more than just a few helpings.

For one thing, there was way too much food for the 5 of us – my parents, my sister and my missus and me. My daughter’s not home for the celebration and I can barely recall the last time my brother (and his family) in New Zealand was home for Chinese New Year. But anyway, with the few of us around, I guess my parents were delighted enough and in our small way, we had managed to keep tradition alive.

Then, of course, there is this tradition for which everybody would have to wait till 12 midnight. Well, I had no part in it! I went to sleep early and I did hear “the war” raging but I could not be bothered to get up to have a look. I can’t stand the noise and besides, the toxic fumes would make me feel asthmatic. I did get up though – at around 1 a.m. to look for something to eat, but it was all over by then. Anybody interested to see what had transpired in the witching hour can hop over to alexallied to have a look at his pics. This photo taken this morning shows the aftermath outside the house of one of the culprits…

CNY firecrackers

This fella was obviously trying to keep clean and set off his firecrackers in his rubbish bin. Well, looking at the mess, it did not help much…and I can imagine where his good fortune would be going to in the coming year – into the rubbish bin! ROTFLMAO!!!

Anyway, I’ll just mind my own business and once again, here’s wishing one and all a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Tradition…”

  1. Have an extra Ox-picious niu year.

    BTW, fish in Chinese sounds like “surplus” or you have “extra”. So, “nien nien you yu” (my pinyin may be wrong) means “Every year you have surplus”.

    Thanks for the clarification…I’m Mandarin illiterate (Blush! Blush!)! LOL!!! Hope we’ll have lots of surpluses in the coming year.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    We tapao-ed the CNY eve package a few years ago also but they were all cold by the time we sat down to eat. That was the first and the last time we had our 30-meh dinner tapao-ed.

    My auntie ordered masak hitam and chicken curry (with ketupat pulut) from her Malay friend, I had these two only the whole dinner. Hahhaha!

    We had 25 dishes for 12 people last night, and as expected everything cannot finish. LOL!

    Ya, looks our taste buds are more “Malaysian”… I prefer those local specialties too!

  3. Happy New Year!!!! The best part is the firecrackers at night. As usual we stayed up to contribute to the noise. Everyone was home for dinner this year. With the kids all grown up getting everyone together is not easy.

    So nice to have everybody home…like 31st December (New Year’s Eve) in those JFV days.

  4. Cho sin nien 2x!Fatt Tua Chai!Thks for CNY greets,were in casino when u sms. Had dinner at home with family,then off we we go to have a blast CNY in city. Cooked a few CNY dishes,may post in my facebook. Today visit some friends,tonite meet with some again. So let us all ‘cho sin nien’ n ‘ka liew kaliew for 15 days!LOL!Been stuffing myself with fruitcakes,kerupok,acar,chardy,red wine, beer,soft drinks,soon i m really going to turn into Daisy the cow n go moo moo moo! Bought myself a CNY dress n just manage to fit into it!

    I try not to eat too much, otherwise when I have to go back to classes next week, no trousers to wear! LOL!!! People there working, right? Went to Chinatown or not? See lion and dragon dances?

  5. Yo, Happy 牛 year!

    I just get to know the blogger meet. too late…. Joining you guys next year ba.Haha..

    Oh ya, thx for inviting me and your offer for treating me. I won’t forget. Wuahaha….

    So you’re back in Sibu? Not dropping by my house? So scared I’ll scold you and soi the whole day? LOL!!!

  6. we kinda had a lot for reunion dinner too. It was fun to see people eating and of course me enjoying myself stuffing crabs into my perut. happy cny suituapui!

    Hope it didn’t make you crappy…or worse still gatal! Kesian ur gf!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. I had steamboat, steamed fish with salted vege and mushroom, chicken curry with potatoes, kacangma, pork leg in soy sauce, and ngor hiang for reunion cooked by my aunt.

    Your daughter not joining reunion dinner? I bet she’ll have to go with Malay food or fast food as most of the Chinese shops are on holiday. No Chinese food for me in KL too.

    Happy Chinese New Year! May you be healthy all the time!

    No, like you…not able to make it home for CNY reunion with the family. Well, at least, you have your aunt there…so it’s not too bad! KL, Penang…all like ghost towns during CNY!!!

  8. LMAO, who the heck would do that? Setting off firecrackers into the rubbish bin? Those are suppose to be splattered all on the floor to bring fortune. Hmm, you should check next year if they’re getting poorer or richer!

    Another neighbour of mine – the mum would sweep everything clean immediately after they’re thru playing those firecrackers!!! LOL!!!

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