Stay awhile…

I had lunch with Bongkersz yesterday. He managed to crawl through that section of the Bintulu-Sibu road around Tatau that had collapsed owing to a landslide. I understand that they have prepared a temporary bypass for light vehicles to use but at a snail’s pace. Needless to say, the queue was extremely long and those concerned would need the patience of saints.

We went to Rasa Sayang Cafe for the kampua noodles that Bongkersz enjoyed a lot that last time we went there together. I think people in Miri, like Goolooloo for instance, have been feeding him very well as it seems that he has put on a bit of weight…

Bongkersz CNY 2009

Here’s a photo of him with his Lin Dai pose! ROTFLMAO!!! Blogger Alexallied , an ex-student of mine, joined us for lunch too…


He certainly looks better than the last time I saw him around Chinese New Year 2008 with his very Ah Beng Sepilok-escapee hairdo (It was dyed in a colour that reminds me of those primates at the rehabilitation centre, you see! LOL!!!).

We had the kampua noodles, of course but as it was almost 1.00 p.m. then, they had run out of pian sip (or kiaw in Kuching and wantan in West Malaysia), so we could not have the soup. Instead, I ordered this mixed meat platter from the chicken rice stall there…

Rasa Sayang's mixed meat platter

and this plate of “lor” (braised) hardboiled eggs…

Rasa Sayang's

I must say that you can get better fare at the barbecue/roast meat stall at Mei Le Cafe or the Chopsticks chicken rice shop at Pedada Commercial Centre.

By 2.00 p.m. Bongkersz had to take his leave to proceed with his journey home to Sarikei to spend Chinese New Year with his parents. Gee! We have to stop meeting like this, Bong – like some hit-and-run kind of thing! Perhaps next time, you will stop and stay awhile…?

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14 thoughts on “Stay awhile…”

  1. Bongkerz looks funny on that pic. Is he coming with us tonight?

    Hehehehehe!!! That’s why I said “Lin Dai pose”. Lin Dai famous Hongkong film star/actress in 50s and 60s. LOL!!! He said like “Ah Qua”! So far no new from him yet. I’ve asked him to join us. Will let you know.

  2. Very heartening to see young men going back home for CNY….keep that up guys

    Old man also gone home leh? Hahahahahaha!!!! Coming to Sibu 2nd day of CNY???

  3. Wah! Got landslide ah between Btu-Sibu?! Gee,hope it clears by d time we pass thru.

    Clear? Fat hopes! The whole road sank, gone…kaput!!! Now they have cut a bypass for light vehicles to go through but queue very long…and have to be very patient! The road… Don’t think it will be restored this soon!!!

  4. wahhhh, everyone already back but me

    What? You’re coming home on CNY Eve? Eyew…isn’t that risky with all the delays, diversions and cancellations? Never mind…KK got very nice restaurants, you can go celebrate there!

  5. he got hair liw woh! ha ha ha .. kirim salam to everyne at the gathering tonite yah .. muaks muaks

    I thought he spent the night with you? Oops…that didn’t come out quite right, eh? Hahahahahahaha! You didn’t notice he had hair then?….U already out of circulation too long, history liao! I don’t think anybody at the bloggers’ meet tonite knows Cibol…unless Bonglersz turns up!! LOL!!!

  6. STP, thanks to me yr student has turn into good boy instead of primates.
    HE looks more like a human liao right?

    It is Bongkersz fault for being in MIRI, cos he always jom makan with me.
    And I’m expanding too.. 😦

    Ya, looks much better, like human! Hahahahaha! Very soon I kalah liao – no more sui – tuapui, u and Bong take over! LOL!!!

  7. i really wish i can taste the food you tasted arrgh1!!

    my friends are all now back to their respective hometowns.. i guess that’s when you’l be able to meet those who are working in peninsular? 😀

    You also get your share of good food there leh, more high class but more expensive. Ya…a number of them back, and my ex-students too.

  8. next time if i ever have a chance to go to Sibu, you take me go makan k?

    Come, come…no problem at all. Use the cheap airline one long weekend like Prophet Mohd’s birthday 9th March – ask Huai Bin to come with you, his home ground!

  9. Ha ha ha .. yeah, this year I’m making a comeback .. ha ha ha . after a year in exile .. muahahaha

    Only when in Bint-ULU or going to blog more regularly now. Will post on bloggers’ meet…hopefully tomorrow.

  10. hahaha i looked on his haircut that you said remind you on that sepilok’s primate, hahaha..its really make me laugh. Hey I love wantan mee, thats my favorite on Chicken Rice Shop and there is one outlet at KLCC foodcourt, specialist in wantan mee, the taste is so good, at least for me who only have few chance on eating wantan mee:(

    So you’ve been to Sepilok! Look like that or not? ROTFLMAO!!! Food at Chicken Rice Shop not bad – I’ve eaten there once in KL (Berjaya Times Square) and another time in Village Mall, Sg Petani. Not bad…for a franchise outlet.

  11. Fiq waiting for you to see his new toy in his blog. That is what makes him so stress about getting all those A ss for PMR.

    Got new camera, I guess. Will hop over and have a look. The RM1K enough…???

  12. I’m still anonymous…Thanks to the backlight! LOL!

    I’ve just finished drafting the post on tonight’s bloggers’ meet. Will publish it first thing in the morning. You will still be anonymous as you moved…so your face is blurred in the photo! Check it out tomorrow!

  13. I love lor egg! =) Anyway I wanna wish you happy chinese cow year! May the God of prosperity bless with you with lots of money. And may you always be in good health! =)

    Thanks…and I wish the same to you and your family.

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