Hello! Hello! I’m back again…

I’ve had a post on this food stall along Bandong Road here that sells very nice Malay delicacies at very reasonable prices. For one thing, it is along the way when I come home from my parents’ house around noontime after spending the morning there keeping my mother company. So, on the way, I can conveniently stop by to get a few things for dinner and because of that, I have not been cooking for quite sometime now.

The other day, I bought RM3.00 of their chicken kurma. I did not check to see and when I got home, I discovered that there were only two pieces of chicken…

Sibu's Bandong stall - chicken kurma

That means it was RM1.50 a piece. My missus said that at the hospital canteen, they sell their chicken dishes at RM1.00 per piece but then they only use breast meat there…and the food is not as  nice. The kurma I bought from the stall was absolutely delicious – full of flavour and definitely the best I have ever eaten, so much so that I was actually scraping the bottom of the bowl for the gravy to mix with my rice! I wonder how much they will charge if I order by the chicken; if it is not too expensive, perhaps I can get them to cook for me for Chinese New Year.

I also bought RM3.00 of this – cempedak muda masak lemak (Young cempedak cooked with santan/coconut milk)…

Sibu's Bandung stall - cempedak muda masak lemak

…and RM3.00 worth of this pineapple dish…

Sibu's Bandong stall - pineapple 1

Other than that, the generous proprietor insisted on giving me a bit of this variation of the pineapple dish to try…

Sibu's Bandong stall - pineapple 2

The gravy was thicker and sweeter. Very nice…and the best part, of course, was – it was free of charge!

Imagine RM9.00 for dinner for two persons, and there was enough of the cempedak and pineapple left to be kept for dinner the following evening. With such affordable food selections easily available, you can be sure that you will not find me slaving over the kitchen stove for a  long while – until I get sick and tired of it all, at least.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Hello! Hello! I’m back again…”

  1. but home cooked food is much healthier wo…cos outside they are using MSG…
    *kick* cannot be so lazy one 😛

    Hah! Good advice, girl! Take note of it especially when you’ve settled down and set up ur own home! Girls these days! *shakes head Hahahahahaha!!! I think Malays do not use as much msg in their cooking and not all the dishes have santan…..

  2. Hmm…I want to learn how to cook ayam kurma, masak hitam and rendang liao. Those are my favourite! My mom used to use Liza’s masak hitam paste and it was really nice but nowadays the Liza’s masak hitam is very hard to find. I just saw a couple of those at Ta Kiong here.

    PS: Eh, you want Swallow brand laksa paste or not?

    No thanks. I saw in their website…the packing is different and they use a different name too. Ya, Liza’s products nice…but hard to get – mostly curry, tom yam or laksa here.

  3. Surely, very economical and looks nice and STP’s recommendation must be yummlicious. Keep counting – hmm.. I mean also the calories! And keep hunting and keep recommending – I treat your blog not only food for soul and mind, also for body!

    Blessings to you and yours for the new year!

    And the same to you and yours! And thanks for your support – I thrive on comments; they motivate me to go on blogging! LOL!!

  4. Better if you can become a food critic in get ta sample everthing for free..heard they even pay to get a good review

    I was invited to this food sampling thingy at a local hotel but could not make it as I had to be at my mum’s place. But better go on my own and pay – and then I can give my true and frank opinion! Besides, all those professionals with their sophisticated equipment also invited, me and my miserable cheap hp – so malu if I had gone!

  5. Eating those kind of food is nice, but after a while I start to crave for the simple stuff – like plain rice with fried egg. With a bit of fried pusuk on the side. Yum!

    Yeah…like by the 3rd day of CNY, I’d be craving for porridge and salted fish…and that reminds me! Have to get my “long kiam hu” ready! LOL!!

  6. Kpenyu: Swallow as in the bird. heheh… now that didnt come out right either.

    Now…now…you and Clare! Blog ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat! LOL!!!

  7. KNB: Bahahahahahahahahha!!!

    Ooi!!! You two!!! Stop it! Hahahahahaha!!!! And you said you’re going to sunset mass this Saturday??? *rolls eyes

  8. They have their people all over the net just to trace down people’s complain and dissatisfaction and they really take it seriously lor. Some banks did that too! Chipmunk complained about Maybank service, in his blog and a couple of weeks later, someone from Maybank called him and ask for details of the incident.

    Hopefully. Sometimes, diplomacy, yunno…. They will say they’ll look into the matter and the next thing you know, you’re still stuck at Square One!

  9. What does sunset mass have to do with SWALLOW wei? That one is dove, not swallow lor 😛

    Make sure you go to that little room when you see the red light on first, ya! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. You have Salina website kah??? Now they are implying that other airlines are not taking their business seriously …correct ka english teacher? First advert in your blog will be Air Asia..hahahahahaha.

    I’ve already given u her email address in my reply to your comment in that post. Ummm…innocent until proven guilty, so implying…evidence solid enough or not? LOL!!!

  11. Sunset mass ..sure ok la..but the small room with Red Lights.. I don’t know O..joke joke joke.

    Chesh!!! Now don’t you start about red lights! Next thing you know, you’ll have Archiebishop (Not you! Archie Chi!!! LOL!!!) on ur tail! Oops!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  12. I refrain to comment further though there are things I wanted to say. Bahahahahahahahha!!! Later on, makin teruk the meaning deviated from the actual thing. LOL!

    That’s the wisest thing to do…knowing the likes of kpenyu! Dunno what he will come up with next! LOL!!!

  13. pineapple dish? nice or not? should try it next time.. yummy

    Nice…and the free-of-charge one’s actually nicer. I went again today 12.50 but a lot of things already sold out. Must be enjoying very good business…so don’t go too late! The masak hitam and the kurma – VERY nice! Haven’t tried the masak merah or the curry.

  14. Alamak! Why are they so cheap!!! You can’t get that price in Penang 😦
    No wonder they told me if I can get myself transfer to Sarawak or Sabah I will be rich. With additional allowance and cheap foods… who can’t?

    So? Any plans of doing that? I once attended a meeting – met lots of teachers who served in Sarawak before and they talked non-stop about Sarawak…especially the food (which they missed so much) and all of them wished they could stay back but no choice – had to go home because of family commitments.

  15. give u pineapple FOC – am sure this proprietor read or somebody told him abt your blog.

    Dunno…but then, I look so nice, so lovable mah!!! Sure people like one! Hahahahahaha!!!

  16. wah such a good deal. Like that, I also don’t want to cook!

    Wise men think alike…! At least, until I get tired of eating what they have and start craving for my own…

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