Parents always take pride in their children and brag about which overseas university they have graduated from, what high-ranking position they hold, how much they earn a month like the old ladies in this video clip. They may never admit it but deep in their hearts, it saddens them that in their old age, their children are not around by their side or do not even come to visit them often.

Chinese New Year is a good time for family members to return home from near and far on this auspicious occasion to gather together as one big happy family for the traditional reunion dinner on the eve of the festival. This message is nicely presented in this video clip. It does not have to be a grand banquet – just a simple meal will do but what is most important is the togetherness that seems so lacking today now that the extended family has become a thing of the past.

In good times or in bad, it is good to try and keep the traditions alive even in some small way like the granny in this video clip. What I fail to understand isΒ  there are people who can afford to go on extravagant vacations anywhere in the four corners of the globe but they are not bothered to make a trip home to be reunited with their families on this supposedly joyous time of the year but of course, if they do not have a home to go to – like the poor little boy in this video clip, then that’s a different story altogether.

There are some who may not be going home this Chinese New Year. Maybe the flights are fully booked or the air tickets are ridiculously expensive…or the flights may be cancelled at the last minute because of the incessant torrential rain that has been going on for so long that it seems it is never going to stop. On Friday night, I heard this news report on the radio that the Sibu-Bintulu road is impassable to vehicles because of a landslide and clearing works may not be completed hat soon because of the horrendous weather. Such unpredicatable sad state of affairs may foil even the best-laid plans.

Well, I hope you’ve all clicked the links and watched the videos, courtesy of Petronas and are feeling quite miserable by now. Don’t worry cos’ you’re not alone! My daughter is not coming home either this year…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Reunited…”

  1. Don’t worry daddy. I can still call or msg home πŸ™‚ To quote my lecturer, “No matter how far apart you are, as long your family is in your heart,” I know it is not the same though…

    Love you. Guess it’s only for these few years. Ooo…next year, even further away but hopefully, the academic year will start after Chinese New Year.

  2. Ohhh… well if your daughter can’t come home, why not the father go to her?!!

    Did that last year when my mum in medic centre…;no choice as daughter only there for a few months, still green. This year, got friends and more used to the place…so she should be fine.

    Don’t wanna be running around when my mum’s bedridden…and last year, did not,so this year spend CNY with her lor!

  3. happy Chinese New Year!!

    sorry to hear that sasa will not be home this year.. you must be missing her so much…. well, with today’s technology, there’s always webcam and video conference ^^ i’m sure you can work something out πŸ™‚

    It’s ok…as long as she’s fine over there with her friends. Real problem, so far away – so many sectors, if flying around 3 pm Penang-KLIA-Kuching-Sibu reaching here around 10 pm…and problem getting good reliable taxi Sg Petani-Penang airport too. Wish they had placed her in an institute in KL and she could take the morning direct KL-Sibu flight!

  4. haha I like the 1st video – see-i-been thats the correct Hokkien term ..thats old age – when they are younger they will compare how many As their kids have in their exams.

    So what do you talk about? Which anak getting married? Hahahahahaha!

  5. Glad that my bro and sis in law will be coming back this CNY, though only for few days.. It’s like I’ll only see them once a year, or maybe twice if I happened to meet them during my trip to KL..

    Though SaSa is not going back for CNY, but like you said, as long as she’s fine, it’s ok πŸ™‚

    Yalor…just for these few years, I guess.

  6. Happy 2009 and CNY.
    Yeap……married and with children,
    but MBA in Kapit…..kih,kih,kih

    Thanks. Jahat…later kena pull your ear baru tahu! Coming to Sibu round CNY? Can meet up… (Btw, had problem commenting…and I thought tak berjaya! Hehehehehe!!!)

  7. so sad tat i could not go back home for cny tis year and for the next 3 years. i miss my family soooooo much. its true tat u might have great achievements in life but without family, all these are meaningless! i only learnt tat after i left home for further studies…i really wanna go home now!!!

    You’re overseas, I guess. In the past, students went abroad and did not come back till they have graduated…until many today – home every holiday. Well, time will pass…and after that, you can be/come home for all the reunion dinners.

  8. oh we share recipes and share online news and blog.

    So nice! I blog…or spend some time on Facebook. So unexciting hor, my life these days… LOL!!!

  9. Ah….. its just another day! I was away four years and over there no big deal. Its CNY everyday now anyway

    The world has grown smaller and the extended family’s a thing of the past. The JFV sisters used to gather weeks before CNY to make pineapple tarts, kuih bangkit…using the traditional brass oven – you put it over a wooden fire and put hot charcoal on top on the cover. I helped to clip the sides of the tarts and the kuih bangkit, and make the designs.

    The reunion dinners were on Dec 31st…and I remember helping to cut the spring onions and chillies to decorate the salad, the brass steamboat in which they put hot burning charcoal…and when someone was slicing abalone, guess who would be standing nearby to eat the first few slices!!! LOL!! You were probably too young or not born then…

  10. hello sensei. It’ll only be these few years and soon she’ll be back around you again (unless she chooses otherwise).

    I’m still studying in Singapore and will graduate in mid 2011, after which I’ll be required to work in a Singapore registered company for 3 years. So all in all, I’ll be away for 7 years. And considering how engineers are seen as unnecessary in Sibu, I’ll probably still end up elsewhere after the 3 years.

    So in a way, I’m quite envious of the fact that SaSa can return to your side after she finishes her studies.

    Well, that’s life.

    Not sure whether she’ll be coming back to Sibu or not, depending on the posting. You’re not coming back this year? Then I can save one ang pao liao! Hahahahahaha!

    Don’t they have long breaks there? The local unis have started their 2-week break and a number of my ex-students are already home…and online, so internet connection very poor these few days. Overloading!

  11. I’ve always love Petronas adverts during festive seasons! πŸ™‚

    Don’t be miserable lah… I’m sure the telco companies have a lot of call discounts during this coming CNY, call la each other for as long as you like πŸ˜›

    If the network doesn’t get jammed, that is! I’m using Celcom 3G which shares the line with the handphones…and like around Christmas, the connection isn’t so good already…and may get worse. Real headache trying to do anything online, so if it gets worse, I guess there will not be anymore posts from me till…Chap Goh Meh!

  12. 1st clip reminded me of a joke someone told me. 3 dads were comparing notes how 1 son is top scientist,earns so much can give his best friend a jet plane,2nd dad,son chairman of his own listed company earns so much, gave his best friend a mansion in Hawaii,3rd dad then says, my son is uneducated,unemployed, n gay, but I am so proud n loves him very much because he is my son but he is so fortunate, he has two gay lovers who gave him a jet plane n a mansion in Hawaii!….???!!!….LOL!

    LOL!!! I’ve heard that one…but not dads lah! The mums were bragging! Do dads do that?…Not as much, I guess. Oops…have I just poked the hoirnet’s nest?

  13. I’ll be spending time with da outlaws… rather off like Sasa… 😦

    Already married out…so belong to the outlaws liao lor!!!

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