My favourite things…

I’ve mentioned this takeaway food stall in my previous post but just in case some of you missed it, it is along Jalan Bandong at the car park in front/behind the shops and food centre. It opens around lunchtime only and a lot of people on their lunch breaks will stop there to buy on their way home.

Sibu's Bandong stall 1

They do sell the food economical fast-food style with rice but I did not ask how much they charge for that. There are some barbecued items as well – chicken wings, fish…but I don’t fancy those stuff that much, maybe just once in a while.

Sibu's Bandong stall 2

One thing that I like about this place is the fact that the food is tightly covered and they will only open up when somebody wants to buy something…

Sibu's Bandong stall 3

I must say those eating stalls across the road opposite the teacher-training institute in Sg Petani, Kedah should emulate this good practice, and I’m sure it will not take much effort nor incur a lot of extra expenses.

Oh dear! They’re running out of chicken kurma, it seems…

Sibu's Bandong stall 4

…but never mind ‘cos there are still a lot of other things to choose from – around 20, I reckon. Now, should I buy this Siti Nurhaliza’s “secret recipe to success” – ayam masak merah…

Sibu's Bandong stall 5

…or my all-time favourite – this tempting-looking rendang hati (liver rendang) ? I think I’ll just go with the latter…

Sibu's Bandong stall 6a

…and this is RM5 worth of it…

Sibu's Bandong stall 6b

…and perhaps I should buy some fish as well; the black pomfret curry (kari ikan bawal hitam) does look pretty nice too…

Sibu's Bandong stall 7a

Kari ikan lima ringgit, encik!” (RM5 of fish curry, mister!)…

Sibu's Bandong stall 7b

…plus RM3 worth of fried midin (jungle fern)…

Sibu's Bandong stall 8

Gee! RM13.00 altogether and that certainly is a lot of food for two for one meal (…but of course, I had a bit on my own for lunch – couldn’t resist “sampling”! LOL!!!). I think I’ll just save the fish for the next day…

So what’s for lunch today? Going to Bandong, anybody?

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41 thoughts on “My favourite things…”

  1. Every dish you mentioned above, all I like! It’s been a long time since I last had rendang, kurma, etc. I think i had those during Raya visiting last year. Wah, that long already…

    I’m worse off than you…didn’t go visiting during Raya, so didn’t get to eat all that!

  2. Long lunch hour for me today, I’m already thinking where to eat what for lunch even though I just had kolo kueh teow kosong for breakfast. BURPS!

    Go Tun Jugah food court. The Malay stalls at the back very nice…and my daughter loves the hot plate beef noodles. Every time go Kuching, must go there to eat!

  3. Nice to see some roadside stalls that practises good hygiene. And from the picture, it looks like they have a good variety of dishes too.

    Yes, they even took the trouble to cover all surfaces with linoleum! And the fat proprietor very generous – had to tell him enough or else he’d give more. No point also, if cannot finish! It’s a sin to waste!

  4. hmm..what’s your favourite food huh? just wondering..

    My favourite? I love the Malay and Nyonya dishes – curry, kurma, rendang…and I love Indonesian food – nasi padang too. Not really into Japanese or Korean…

  5. The food must be cook at it would be wise to secretly check out their kitchen. A certain pastry and local kueh shop was doing very very well in a small cute outlet here some years ago …until rumours hah it that that the owner had some 80 cats at home sopervising the kitchen and….rest is history. After the recent flood…be careful leh.

    What we don’t know/see won’t hurt us! We had this dinner in one of the better restaurants in Kuching…and when we left, I wanted to use the lift which was next to the kitchen and the kitchen door was open. The whole place was so flooded and so dirty….and the workers all wore knee-high boots!!!

    Once, here in Sibu, also at one of the more prestigious restaurants, I saw all the plates…with the cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce ALREADY arranged for presentation…and they stacked them all up one on top of the other. Now, are the bottom of those plates clean?

    So even if you eat at expensive places, no guarantee it will be spick and span!!! As the Chinese will say, “La sap chiak, la sap pui!!!” LOL!!

  6. Hmmm….. thats it, made up my mind, going to Selera Bunda for lunch. hehehe.

    Heard that, Clare! Head on down there quickly…maybe got somebody to buy you lunch! LOL!!!! But knowing somebody, you may end up treating him instead! Hahahahahaha!

  7. Selera Bunda so far away, I walk there meh. He so shy, bo kang tao wan la. πŸ˜› I think I had lunch there last week, with one of the branch manager of some company, our client mah.

    They have really nice chicken curry, and ikan terubuk masin there. πŸ˜€

    Drooool!!!….No venture, no gain! Wink! Wink! Hahahahahaha!!!

  8. clean concept with all the dishes in plastic tupperwares. keep the flies away too =) the food looks absolutely delish. and they do have many choices.

    Yes, all hawkers should do the same…and the authorities should make sure they do that all the time, not only when there’s a disease outbreak!

  9. Burrrpp…. satisfying lunch at Selera Bunda. Bisnes damn good la… even though so mahal.
    Clare: Me shy? heheh… we’ll see about that when we actually meet. U dont drive to work?

    Ooo…this is getting exciting? She just started work one month, where got car lah!!! U offering to give her a lift kah? Hahahahaha!!!

  10. KNB: STP said one ler…Of course I don’t drive to work! No seasonal parking here, every half an hour have to run out to change ticket. Also….I have no car…Bahahahahahahahah!!!

    Wei! U no work kah? Online all the time! I just replied KNB…and here u are! Panjang umur! Hahahahaha!!

  11. Got work! πŸ˜› But I can multi-task what. Office PC is always connected to streamyx wan so I monitor your blog and comment box all day πŸ˜› LOL!!! Yea, I’m too free πŸ˜€

    So nice…get paid to surf the internet all day! Any more vacancy?

  12. Sidetrack a bit……nothing much at Tun Jugah anymore la. Most of the shops have closed down….the place is so bare, you wouldn’t believe it. As for the foodcourt, I think there are only 3-4 operators left. The Malay stall is still there though, as is the dimsum stall, so that’s some consolation. Not too sure abt the sizzling noodles stall though.

    Oh dear…is it because of the economic recession? The last time I went the dimsum stall wasn’t closed…now redelegated to the last stall in the corner, last time near the entrance. The Malay stalls next to it – 2nd last, I think…quite nice food.

  13. Cooking4STP: The sizzling noodle stall is running I think because I went to tapao some buttered chicken rice last week, it was operating. It’s the one located next to the chicken rice, right?

    By the way the food court at Tun Jugah is giving away free soft drink if you fill up a survey form and give it back to them at the drink counter. Not much choice, only got orange juice. Cheh!

    I suppose the more popular stalls are still surviving…the rest all gulong tikar liao!!!…Some did not seem to have much business.

  14. So clean and hygienic – I like! Don’t want to come down with food poisoning when eating out : )

    Ya…I dunno why people don’t seem to realise what’s good and should be practised all the time.

  15. Cikgu, I really hate you sometimes! It’s just 5am in the morning and my stomach is practically screaming for ayam masak kurma… darn! thank God my mom visiting me tomorrow… whahahahaha…. she made me roasted chicken, got stuffing summore…. wuhoooooooo….

    Hehehehehe!!! Gets tiresome when everybody loves you. Hope you enjoy ur mum’s chicken and stuffing! LOL!!!

  16. Guess i wont be cooking when i go Sibu next time…

    I haven’t been cooking since I discovered this stall! Just stop there on the way home from my mum’s place to pick up two or three items for dinner. Just heat up after coming home from tuition.

  17. Is this stall in bandung still operating?

    Yes, it is, Daisy! Getting bigger…a lot more selections now. Opens weekdays – Monday to Friday, closed on weekends and public holidays…and maybe, school holidays too.

  18. Oh is it? Then I should totally check it out. Thanks for the info, and also your constant blog posts on food!

    Welcome. Do drop by often… πŸ˜‰

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