No more (1)…

At one time, imported canned food from China used to be very cheap, and relatively cheaper than that from other countries overseas and at times, even cheaper than our own locally-manufactured stuff, but not anymore!!! Despite all the horror tales that I heard and knowing about the high salt content and extensive use of artificial preservatives, I still went on buying and consuming regardless, but not anymore!!! No more!!!

I used to love the Ma Ling luncheon meat and the Great Wall corned beef but the quality had dropped so much that they had become quite inedible. I was forced to turn to other alternatives like Linkz or Celebrity corned beef that cost around RM5-6.00 a can and I thought that was so expensive until the other day when I bought this can of Gulong stewed pork chops…

China's stewed pork chops

Good grief! That cost RM8.50 a tin!!! Daylight robbery!!! Well, that is it! No more! I am NOT going to buy canned food from China anymore after this! Gee! RM8.50!

The other day, I went to this foodstall here and bought RM5 worth of daging masak hitam and got a substantial amount, probably more than what we can find in that can of meat! And the best part was – it was very very nice! I also bought RM5 worth of ikan parek (stingray) curry and got one pot full. My missus and I had it for dinner, together with the masak hitam, and we had this much left over – enough for another meal…

Stingray curry

Now where is this foodstall, some of you may want to know? It’s at Bandong. They set up the stall around lunchtime and a lot of people going back on their lunchbreak will stop by and tapao home. I went again today and bought this yummy vegetable soup dish of cangkuk manis and ketola for only RM3.00…

Cangkuk manis and ketola

I didn’t exactly know what that was but one thing’s for sure, it wasn’t masak lemak as there was no trace of santan (coconut milk) and all the better too! Too much of santan isn’t healthy owing to its high cholesterol content. The ladies’ fingers masak sambal was absolutely delicious though! Two thumbs up! I really love it!

Ladies fingers masak sambal

That was RM3.00 worth. I added the hardboiled eggs myself for extra protein and just in case, the stingray curry was not enough for the two of us. So without including the price of the eggs, today, I only spent RM6.00 for dinner for two persons, and RM10.00 the other day. Cheap, eh?

In the face of the economic recession, we should be thinking along these lines – how to scrimp and save and not spend like there’s no tomorrow. Bank interest rates have dropped by 0.2% and I hope it will not slide further as I have to depend on the interest to supplement my measly pension! I shouldn’t have believed the crap I read in somebody’s blog on the EPF and withdrew every sen – at least, they give some 5% or so per year. Sigh! I wonder if they will let me put the money back in or not…

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27 thoughts on “No more (1)…”

  1. I used to love those canned food too. Now, no more – expensive and also probably unsafe?

    I now cook one pot of goodness for a meal more often. Like beef stew cassorole – with beef, vegetables, potatoes – what we need is all in. Or I do all vegetables pot too. Or I cook plain porridge with some small dishes or chicken porridge…

    Yes, times are bad…

    Happy budgeting.. Healthy eating..

    Should be ok for you…but for retiree and those low-income groups, they must tighten their belts. I’m glad I can still teach a little bit as that can help a lot…but I heard in Bintulu, three tuition centres (primary school) closed down and considerably fewer students in those surviving. Dunno the situation here.

  2. How come your curry stingray looked better in the MMS leh? I just had a bowl of kolo mee, BURPS!!!

    This morning raining very heavy, so dark outside. Didn’t see the river water level but the area at lumba kuda there not flooded like the other day. Sigh! Still have to come to work.

    This pic is of the leftovers; I’ve deleted the one I sent to you, taken after I had just bought it. More in tomorrow’s post…

  3. Its a good time to be retired actually… and a lousy time to be acquiring wealth. At least you already have your reserves. Hehe.

    Reserves? Fat, you mean? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Call Tom. He should be able to advise you on the EPF query….And the important thing is to be wary of all the high interest/returns schemes most if not all are cons anyway.

    I’m VERY wary…scared of any risk and that’s why I’m not rich!!! Won’t even put my money in the bank’s mutual trust fund! LOL!!

  5. A better way to earn more is to invest in EIF (read my blog post today). And your money might get doubled! Or worse, you can continue to give talks or even lectures to earn more!

    Actually, I usually spent more than what I earned. They paid airfare, transport and hotel…and sometimes food…but I would go shopping, feast and even pamper myself with a full body massage etc etc etc… LOL!! But it is always good to have a break and a change in routine once in a while!

  6. …and we smokers cannot complain about the rising cost of living la…esp those who smoke expensive cigars..hahahahaha

    Ooi! Don’t harass my young, beautiful, sexy…commentors!!! You’ll scare them all away! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  7. Bandung…don’t mean to scare u but many yrs back someone told me(source not reliable!LOL!) that is where all the sick or 1/2 sick chicken end up,that’s y so cheap.Now u so cash-rich now good time to hunt for bluechip shares now market so low, that pays dividend or if u r a risk-taker go double up in Genting…..!Next time u shld make sure yr source is reliable,get triple confirmation before acting on your decision. Well…hope u will be able to get some good news about your money. Perhaps be a loanshark…very high interest!hehehe!Just kidding!

    This is not one of the stalls at the food centre. I thought one of them was related to you – daughter of 13 points! Touche! Hahahahahahaha!!!
    Genting? Then they’ll come and tow my cars away and dump me in the streets after they’ve repossessed my house! No, thank you!!!

  8. Invest in Amanah Saham Wawasan, high interest wor…

    And wait till kingdom come at the post office? BSN equally bad…they work at a snail’s pace and you may be No. 139 with half an hour left till closing time…and they’re only serving number 22!!

  9. Wonder what’s the cost of the raw materials used to cook the masak hitam, and also its origins! I find it dodgy when food is that cheap!

    It’s not exactly cheap – 50 sen per piece of beef, 2 pieces per scoop and he gave me 5 scoops for RM5…but more than enough for 2 for dinner. I’ve cooked masak hitam with just shallots, garlic, ginger, dried chillies, soy sauce and chopped raisins…turned out very nice also.

    For one thing, they do not need to pay rent, overhead charges and all that as it’s just an NCAA (No class at all!) pondok kind of stall. Half the time, this is what we pay for + an inflated ego…when we go out and dine in style.

  10. “Have you ever tried, really reaching for the other side” and i agree with we need to save….. but most often than not, a lot of us just talk but dont practice doing it…

    Ya, sad, isn’t it? Always save for a rainy day! Having prepared well for retirement, financially, I’m quite secure and being able to give tuition means I have some extra dough to splurge…and I’m sure I won’t live till 90 or a hundred! Just have to avoid spending unnecessarily to brace through these difficult times…

  11. now, i only take hot tuna with macaroni. the family dont really look forward to canned food. all mushy πŸ˜›

    I’ve stocked up some though…in case of flood!! Sigh! Raining again!

  12. Please advise Stella to bring Clare and KNB to Genting cos they have lots of Toyols to bring…hahhahaha. Please remind me to tell you toyol jokes when we meet …

    Thanks…but no thanks. Wah! Spam my blog hor!!!

  13. Heard of massage rates based on hours/minutes but never heard of rates based on area covered. hehe.
    As for the toyols… not sure if i can find any, but tolols are plenty.

    Not talking about yourself, I hope!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  14. I heard of people bringing toyols to Genting…but still loss…cos their toyols were badly beaten by the fiercer and gangster toyols in Genting…must be a joke. stella: Clare( I think)had a post of dos & don’ts in gambling and STP had a funny comment there….

    Have you checked out her today’s post? I also commented liao! Something about sex…and getting fat! LOL!!!

  15. May I ask what’s the etc etc etc in one of tour reply cos you added..change of routine thereafter…?????. hahahahahaha

    Ask no questions and I tell no lies… Now you know why everytime I said dun wanna go here, dun wanna go there! Hahahahaha!

  16. I agree with Gerrie if the meat dish so cheap I feel dodgy too..maybe its past the expiry date n they got cheap cheap from the wholesaler-hihi

    For one thing, not really that cheap…and I think the guy’s new to the business so not very smart…yet! 2 bite-size slices of beef RM1.00 cheap kah? I thought it was quite little but never mind cos it tasted nice!

  17. You do cook STP, so you know how the costings will work. Beef is one of the more expensive meats, unless it’s from dodgy cows from India, and then frozen for ages. I suppose when cooked in curry or masak hitam, rendang, the spices used will disguise the “quality” of the beef.
    Am just saying, it’s all a matter of choice and preference.

    Can taste lah…no matter how much spices used! Like the masak hitam I bought from one of the Malay shops here! Ended up eating the gravy only which was ok…but threw away all the meat.

    This one is ok – that day! Dunno if he’ll use Indian beef on other days or not as not easy to get beef here.

    I think I’ll use venison for my curry for CNY – RM17 a kg. Fresh beef is RM25 a kg! Coming to Sibu, Pollie??? LOL!!!

  18. We plan to drive back for the family reunion dinner-hope no flood in Sibu.
    When is yr open house?

    House always open…but maybe not in the morning of the 1st day as I’ll have to go over to my parents’ and also visit my outlaws…oops, I mean in-laws! Hahahahahaha!!!

  19. I know I havent dropped by in a while but this post esp the part abt can food is somewhat Deja vu! πŸ˜‰ Neways,juz droppin by to in4m u that Ive replied ur comment on me blog and also to remind u tn get ready red packet 4 me this CNY! πŸ˜€

    Hah! You must have missed the new regulation in the face of the economic recession – no ang paos for those above 21 and those already working even though still single! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  20. Not sure if it is the right 13 pts u r referring to,so if u can help me out here but i hrd there is a very sad story why she became that way but fortunately she has very supportive siblings helping her go thru tough times,i’ve really lost touch of a lot of sibu relatives gossips,being away from the scene for so long, so i really hope if it is her we r talking about, her life is finally turning around for the better, n i do hope it is not her daughter serving those sick chicken(if the story is true)…..Anyway we just have to be wary if the food is exceptionally cheap, over here there is a franchisee store,NQR(not quite rite)which sells expired stuffs, food etc,n is actually very popular with the pensioners here,which is maybe 30-50% less than normal shops,but at least the customers buy them being aware of that.
    Re:K.Penyu,Haven’t been to Genting for ages…n not superstitious abt gambling,for it is just entertainment or nite out for me…KNB & Clare no need my invite to go Genting,they can go there all by themselves…as for toyols???…but I do know lots of ‘tolols’ in the casino,they triple up their chips so high,but when winning so much already, still don’t know how to walk away!

    This one is a really sad case. Hubby got another wife in Indonesia, doesn’t send her money…graduate son doesn’t care about her, other son staying with her and not much better, I think…daughter already married out and last time I heard, moved to Bintulu, no longer in Bandong. Sold her house and bought one in Teku – dunno better or worse. Haven’t met her for a long time liao…

  21. My mum also stop buying canned food from China cos they’re just so expensive now T__T Really day time robbery lor..

    So I’m not the only one. Not that their standard of living is so high there, have to pay workers high wages…not that their currency so strong!! They can keep their canned food and eat it all themselves!

  22. But we’re practically almost family what (ref Jude’s wedding) so that don’t apply surely? Wink! Wink! Muahahaha! But if no ang pow,prawns at Ruby’s would do. πŸ˜€
    But seriously,I will be in town. Just hope I can twist Bongkersz (I think he’d be around?) arm to bring me to meet the great STP! πŸ˜‰

    Wah! Speaking about being blood relatives now, eh? Hahahahahahaha!!! Too bad, I’m not related to Jude. No need to ask Bong, just call me and I’ll go and get u wherever you are. Hopefully, no flood…..

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