Happy together…

Last night, I went to a birthday gathering and the food was from the Sweet Family Restaurant at the Sibu Bus Station commercial area (Jaya Li Hua). I have featured this food outlet twice before – here and here.

It being a birthday, we had fried mee sua (thread/string noodles)…

Sweet Family's fried mee sua

…but from my personal point of view, I think Ruby Restaurant does it better, and we also had butter fish fillet which was not bad…

Sweeyt Family's butter sweet fillet

…and the house specialty – Philippine pork leg which I had the last time I ate there…

Sweet Family's Philippine pork leg

…and here, you can see my friend, Jimmy, from Bintulu, carving the trotter into manageable pieces…

Jimmy and the trotter

Oops! You forgot to breathe in, Jimmy! LOL!!

We also had some fried baby kai lan, sea cucumber soup and fruits for dessert. I could not stay too long as I had to rush home just in case the flood waters rose again…and thankfully, nothing of the sort happened!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Happy together…”

  1. Wow
    Happy new year, guess a little bit late.
    Do not worry, even though it rains every day, the volume of water is not so much.
    Not as heavy as those in December and the water level at Rejang River is way below the danger level

    Thank goodness for that! I saw in today’s papers that downriver, Sarikei is also flooded… A Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Passed by this restaurant a lot but I don’t think I’ve eaten there before. Would like to try sometimes.

    How’s flood situation in Sibu? Today the water level of the river has gone down, and the sun has come out, finally! 😀

    I’m sure you have. Used to be at the corner…the shops in Pedada near your house, right below the bridal salon! Quite sunny here, slight drizzle at times…water only in the roadside drains – my area, Nang Sang area – I dunno!

  3. You seem to get invited to a lot of dinners hor… hehe. Weather forecast for Kuching is rain/cloudy but it seems to be sunny outside. The toyols working overtime i think. hehehee.

    Chinese say got opportunities to eat is got “hock kee” or good luck!! Hehehehehe!!!! Weather forecast where got cun wan? Owes expect the opposite.

  4. KNB: My colleague told me our office area is guarded by toyol because of all the places facing the river, only our area was not affected by flood. Hmm…

    So no excuse for you not to go to work! LOL!!!

  5. Ooh i am interested only in the pork leg. Was it good?

    Very very nice…but I would prefer to skin to be crispier and crunchier…like crackle!

  6. Clare: U working in the same building as me? Which floor?
    As for the toyol… errr, if you believe in the rumours… every type of hantu also got here la.. toyol, pontianak, pocong.. u name it, we’ve got it. hahahaha

    Wadek! Wadek! Wadek! Went offline for a while…came back and terkejut!!! So many komens!! Paduhal…got people dating in my blog! Ini hantu apa leh? Hantu hiau kah? Bwakakakakaka!!!!

  7. Went there two Saturdays ago after reading your earlier posts – only to find out that it was the restaurant that we frequent! We only knew the Chinese name,全家福 (literally translated as Whole Family Blessings)!

    Hmm…. your blog is now my food guide!

    Keep posting good food.

    Like that, must go and eat there often…and whole family will be blessed! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. KNB: Not same building, the building next to yours. Same employer bah, neh all connected to the white-haired ‘ghost’, if you get what I mean. LOL!

    Ok…ok…next door neighbours! Go and meet one another for lunch and talk! Otherwise, everybody will know…. Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. Sweet Family Restaurant? Is that “Chuan Jia FU” in Chinese? lols…

    Must be! Whole family good luck…. You can see the Chinese name in Yan’s comment.

  10. Eh? So many buildings ler… and everything also owned by white hair ghost bah. haha. Let me see… the hotel? the shopping centre or the the shops facing the river and rubbish area? hehe.

    Still talking online…go lah! Call her! I sms u the number, use company line free one! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. Oh, ya hor! The block facing the rubbish area. Every evening the Trienekens truck will come and pollute the air of the whole place.

    Yalah…yalah!!! If anything comes out of this, don’t forget my too-kha!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. ahh…. ok ok. Ur boss (i assume it is the boss lar… unless it is some super rich tea lady) must be the one driving that nice new Camry. heheh.

    Ooo…got Camry? Still available? Haiyor…this KNB, all this chatting with young girl, paduhal want to get to know rich lady driving a Camry!!! Chesh! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. You mean the golden new Camry? Nope. That’s my colleague’s. I think it belongs to her husband. Hahahaha!

    My boss (GM) drives the older Camry (black) with 2-digit plate number wan. I think it’s the company car.

    Alamak…oredi kawin! End of story! Hahahahaha!!!! Ur boss lady kah, Clare? Company car where got lawa one? People’s backside, put on face – the Chinese will say! LOL!!!

  14. So have this become a ‘kopi-tiam’chatting blog kah,KNB?LOL! So can eat kolomee or laksa or not in your building? Tried swak laksa in a kopi place in spore, so so only,mine better. Bet STP is wondering why we all ‘kopi’talk,must be the banjir getting to all of us.Over here predicted to reach 39 degrees today,so i can’t do anything else but ‘lepak’,see treadmill already sweating,how to go on it!

    Aiyor, Stella!!! You “bo chiak chang” (don’t eat onions)! People phak thor…and you kacau2!!! Shoo! Shoo! Leave them alone…and start working out on your treadmill! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  15. Is it still raining at your place? Hope no more flood! It’s such a hassle!

    My area ok already! No rain, no flood…but other areas, dunno. My friend hasn’t come to claim his Unser so I guess – still flooded!

  16. flood can go swimming again….yeahooo!!!! just like the good ol days…hehehe

    Go lah! These days, of course can swim better! No need to worry about drowning! Fat floats on water! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  17. I’m the only single employee in the company lor. The boss (GM) – a guy – got a daughter as old as me wan. The youngest colleague after me is 33 years old. But no need harap so much la, every one in my company sudah kahwin, ada at least 2 ekor anak punya dah. LOL!

    Wah! Everybody in ur office so productive, at least two! Must be very free, working there hor! ROTFLMAO!!!

  18. Yeah… was referring to the gold Camry. But i know the black Camry also. hahah. STP… don jeles lar. lol.

    Where got jeles? So happy!…Who knows later got too-kha and big ang pao? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  19. Hahahaha!I also want ‘tuka’ lah, STP! Very interesting ‘chat me up line’!I also want to ‘chiak chang’ lah,or even be ‘lamp post, here got daylight savings no need to! Go on,continue the chat line lah,u know who! This time I stay mum ok n eat fried onions only!LOL!LOL!

    Hahahahaha!!! Me too! Eating lots of onions!

  20. STP & Stella: After eat so much onions don’t fart hor… *runs* LOL!

    LOL!!! Ask my daughter, I don’t have to eat onions…already fart a lot! I’m not fat, just full of fart! Hahahahahaha!

  21. STP, of course free lah, aboden can flood your comment section during work kah. All their anak primary school wan, everyday compare the amount of homework their kids have, their teachers, their anak’s laziness, etc.

    *blur blur* Who’s aboden? Got anak in primary school?

  22. Can now go Kuching with peace of mind as I can safely conclude that KNB will be in Sibu this CNY….hahahahaha.
    Can imagine this interview.Q: How do you propose to cover this risk? A: ..employ toyol la. hahahahaha

    KNB’s coming to Sibu? Last minute change of plans? Hahahahahaha!!!! Where is he staying? His kampung house?…I check my hp – no Xmas greeting, no New Year greeting….all don’t have! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  23. Since when am i going to Sibu for CNY wor?

    You’re not? Hahahahahahaha!!! Btw, I heard Kpenyu’s going to Kuching at that time… You booked ur B&B already?

  24. Ahahahah… I had buttered fish fillet for lunch… wuhooo… finally got eat something same like your post, Cikgu. *grinZ*

    You did? Where? Nice or not? Expensive?…Must be lah! KL everywhere expensive.

  25. very interesting online chat between C and KNB..last time my colleague – she is from Kuching staying across the river – always tell me stories abt toyols n hantu very interesting topic.

    Hehehehe….let’s hope the chat continues tomorrow…office hours! LOL!!!

  26. the philippine pork leg looks like german pork knuckle!

    As Shakespeare would say, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Pork leg, pork knuckle, pork trotters…all the same. I love the German ones too…..

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