I was driving to my tuition class the other afternoon when I heard this song on RedeFm – the RTM station in Kuching. They have English programmes from 10.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m. and you can get to hear a lot of very nice songs – from my point of view, at least.

This was the first time that I’ve heard this song which, if I’m not mistaken, was released in 2003 and I liked it instantly. Nope, it’s not the one with the same title by Billy Joel. This one is about an estranged married couple breaking up and getting divorced and I think the lyrics are really nice. You can click the link on the song title to listen to it and I have the lyrics for you as well below…

Single cd cover

Honesty (Write me a list) – Rodney Atkins

He said, “Just think it over,and write me a list
So we can figure out what we both deserve”
She hardly could believe it, their love had come to this
Dividing and deciding his and hers
But she grabbed a paper napkin and asked the waitress for a pen
And one by one, she wrote down what she wanted most from him

Honesty, sincerity, tenderness and trust
A little less time for the rest of the world
And more for the two of us
Kisses each mornin’, I love you’s at night
Just like it used to be
The way life was when you were in love with me

She reached across the table and placed it in his hand
And said, “You know this isn’t easy for me”
As he thought about the new car, the house and the land
And wondered what that bottom line would be
And a thousand other things that she’d want him to leave behind
But he never dreamed he’d open up that napkin and find

Honesty, sincerity, tenderness and trust
A little less time for the rest of the world
And more for the two of us
Kisses each mornin’, I love you’s at night
Just like it used to be
The way life was when you were in love with me

Well, he fought back the tears as he looked in her eyes
And said, “I don’t know where to start”
And she said, “Everything on that list in your hand
Is written somewhere in your heart”

Honesty, sincerity, just like it used to be
The way life was when you were in love with me

Do post a comment to tell me whether you like the song or not. I would think that this is certainly something that all husbands and wives, as well as everyone intending to tie the knot, should take note of.  Have a nice weekend, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Honesty…”

  1. Nice song, I like it too.

    Those are basic and fundamental for marraige. When it comes sharing life together, two persons from different background having different sets of values – I am a firm believer that this should build up each other –

    strong enough to reassure yet unthreatened enough to release.
    tight enough to embrace yet loose enough to enjoy.
    magnetic enough to hold, yet magnanimous enough to allow for flight…

    Roy Croft’s words –

    I love you, not only for what you are
    but for what I am when I am with you…

    I think Jim Reeves sang that song!

    Jim Reeves? “I love you because”? Not exactly as the lyrics go, “I love you because you’re you!…..” Glad you like the song!

  2. A good reminder that we need to re-evaluate our relationships once in a while and remind ourselves why we fell in love in the first place.

    Yes, good message in the song…and in today’s hectic world with everyone caught in their own things, such reminders are pretty much needed.

  3. Wah!Heavy stuff eh!STP! I think everything in a relationship,good or bad, just do not happened overnite. The journey thru it determines if both parties heading in the right direction, n relationships have to be a two way traffic not one way or it is not that easy to work out unless the other party is very very accommodating,obliging,submissive, etc…….Very controversial subject lah! Won’t think u will get a lot of comments on this one!LOL!Nice song though,but I still prefer the Billy Joel’s Honesty!

    There’s a parody on Billy Joel’s song entitled “Leprosy”! LOL!! Don’t expect many comments as it’s the weekend…and it’s not about food!

  4. hehe. no food today? 😛

    i like red fm. i think its the best now. light is getting bad and same with fly.

    Wanna get rid of the flogger tag! LOL!!!…This is not the same RedFm. My daughter listens to that station too. I think Jeremy formerly of TraxxFm is there now. Listened to Light and Mix before…but lots of adverts and they seemed to play the same songs every day.

  5. emo song….hahahah..quite nice..lol. Rained whole day..floooooddddd

    Aiyor…and heavily some more! And it has not stopped yet – over 24 hours liao! Have you built your Ark yet?

  6. still building..lol..i’ll make room for you

    Don’t forget…I need extra space! LOL!!! Yesterday, Chinese calendar 15th, going to be worse tonight…if the rain does not stop!!! The worst on the 18th!

  7. I haven’t heard the song but reading through the lyrics, I defintely can relate. Sometimes relationships can get tricky. There’ll be some speed bumps along the way, some wrong turns, maybe even some dead ends, but if you’re able to read deep within the map, somehow you’d be able to find your way back to the highway. Won’t be easy getting there, as you might get lost a couple of times but if you’re determined, you’d find your way to get there. The choice is yours, whether you want it or you don’t. Relationships and marriages are weird like that. I should know as I was in a situation like that song not too long ago. My marriage was dangerously close to falling apart, but we were both kicked with a hard wake up call. And now, we’re stronger and closer than ever. Thanx for highlighting this song. I will definitely check it out.

    The Chinese will say it takes two hands to clap, so in any relationship, both parties must give and take…not one giving all the time.

  8. ok..presidental suite for you then..hahaha..my bro’s flight got delayed for an hour..lol

    Has it taken off? I heard the one to Kuching still unsure…as the plane can’t land. So he’s going back today, eh? Lucky him…get out before the flood gets worse!

  9. he’s now at home..hahaha…fly tomorrow morning..lol

    Kesian…but still got chance to go out tonight and enjoy Sibu food! LOL!!! I heard the flight to Kuching (This morning’s) just boarding… My friend’s aunt waited whole day at the airport. Terrible…

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