Wouldn’t it be good…

I stopped by one hawker stall here in Sibu the other day. It was located outside a coffee shop right next to the SESCO/Tenaga Nasional bill collection office in the vicinity of the Sibu Civic Centre.

Hawker stall in Sibu 1

I took a photo of the coffee shop but the people inside saw me doing it and were giving me some cold and unfriendly stares, so I deleted the picture right away. Actually, I was impressed by the way they kept everything covered like in some bakeries in town…

Hawker stall in Sibu 2

…and they had arranged it all nicely, so it looked very neat and presentable. Even the hot dogs and burgers appeared somewhat enticing…

Hawker stall in Sibu 3

Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be good if all the stalls around here do that  as well? Many, I’m afraid, do not bother to cover up the food at all. Of course, we can’t expect everybody to buy such nice plastic display cases like this one but the least they can do is to get a plastic sheet or use cling-wrap to keep any flies that may be flying around at bay.

A number of economical fast food outlets here keep the dishes in glass cabinets with mosquito-netting sliding doors on the inside which is a good thing. But in some of the places in the country that I have visited, I find all the food displayed in the open, totally exposed and imagine if a customer has a cough or a flu and lingers around the food, chances are the food would be contaminated and the germs would surely infect anyone patronising the place if his or her resistance happens to be low at that point in time.

It is usually quite bad in some of the towns that I’ve been to. In one of them, for instance, they have these miserable looking stalls by the roadside and should you happen to drop by there, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are so put off by the multitude of flies that swarm around the food that you would not have the appetite to eat anymore. I really wonder what the town council and the health authorities there are doing. Surely they do not need to wait for some severe disease outbreak before they bother to do anything?

Getting back to this particular hawker stall, I did buy a few items to sample but not the burgers and hot dogs as I am not really into those stuff. I bought the tapioca cake (kuih bingka bandung)…

Kuih bingka bandung

This was 50 sen a piece and I had it cut into quarters. It was not too bad but a bit too sweet and I think they should add a bit more flour as it was too soft and sticky. Other than that, I also bought these…

Sweet potato fritters and pulut in banana leaves

The fritters (top) were nice but the sweet potato slices were a bit thin compared to those sold at the stall at a coffee shop in town (facing Chung Hua Primary School near Universal Stationery Shop/City Book Store). They’re selling them at only RM1.00 for three which is a bit cheaper than some other places, I think. Also in the photo are packets of glutinous rice (pulut) with gula melaka/apong-flavoured grated coconut on top and wrapped in banana leaves, also sold at 3 for RM1.00.

All in all, I found them pretty all right and I would not mind stopping there to buy some more, should I be passing that way again. For one thing, at least, they take the trouble to try and keep everything clean. …And wouldn’t it be good if everyone makes an effort to do the same too?

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be good…”

  1. *raise hands and legs*
    totally agree with STP!
    like in my uni, last time i used to see flies flying atop da dish! 😦
    now, there’s da netting to block off flies 😀

    At least there’s some improvement. The stalls I’m talking about are across the road from the institute where my daughter is studying in the peninsular! No cooking in the hostel, canteen not reliable…and even the “pengarah” encouraged people to eat at the stalls (I attended his taklimat!) and when I went over and saw the flies, I almost fainted! And everybody did not seem to be in the least bothered by them!!!

  2. Why do you want to delete the pictures? They wouldn’t even know it if you have deleted them.

    They did not look happy so I decided not to use them for my post. Now they will not be getting any free advertisement! That should teach them to be nicer and friendlier! LOL!!!

  3. Food at my uni canteen last time was also uncovered, really put me off and I’d rather eat maggi mee in my room because at that time that was the only stall operating.

    I told my daughter to avoid eating those things especially when already cold…so most of the time, she eats fried mihun! So kesian!

  4. Agree wt u 100%..the kuihs should be covered for hygiene purpose.

    They should pass some laws and be very strict in enforcement…but yunno Malaysia lah! Wait till something happens, then a lot of sound and fury…and after a while, all forgotten liao!!!

  5. In uni, I only order meal if they cook it on the spot wan, like mee goreng, tom yam, kueh teow, etc. Very geli want to eat their economical rice, the kids open the cover and never cover them back wan, summore the lalat like those sambal/belacan spiced food.

    Yes, I noticed that the flies attacked some of the dishes only but left the rest alone!!! That’s what my daughter orders most of the time… In fact, the “Malays” at those Malay stalls are Thais, I hear!…Must be something like the Filipinos in KK/Sabah.

  6. the kuih seems to look quite good n yummy.
    i notice most kuih stalls dont cover their kuih

    Yalor! So if not covered, or pre-packed in plastic bags, I will not want to buy! Dunno how many flies already rested on them!

  7. but everytime goreng very heaty one…
    and then they add in oil as if it’s free liddat =.=
    da oil on da plate can fry one egg lo that’s also after telling kurang kurang minyak 😦

    my uni also cannot cook but i curi curi cook la
    no choice lor…

    I know. Some of them do that also over there…but usually just eat biscuits!!! They should provide kitchenettes in the hostels; at least, people will not be curi-curi cooking in their rooms…and that will be much cleaner and safer!

  8. I think you should ignore the people who gave you some cold and unfriendly stares.

    So long didn’t eat kueh edi 😦

    What’s stopping you? Kuching has much nicer ones. The kuih bingka bandung at the coffee shop along Ban Hock Road – across the road opposite the laksa place (Gran Con) really really nice! Available early morning only – very fast sold out! Drool!!! LOL!!!

  9. The kuih muih look nice…

    Not bad…but over here, we get better kuihs in Kuching – nicer than those at any place in West Malaysia that I’ve tasted. Btw, no new post in your blog? Been busy flying around, I guess?

  10. When in Msia n Spore,I bought all the kuihs i liked,covered or no covered. Especially loved the Bengawan solo ones in Spore,esp the angku,talam etc. N the Toast box ones also very nice,esp their Kopi C. Personally won’t mind have a bit of laxative period with all those lemak food I had consumed!LOL! So far not happening so still very bloated!Sigh!

    Eating with a vengeance, I see!!! I’d rather have all those kuihs anytime…instead of the angmoh stuff!!!

  11. I normally avoid those hawker stalls with their food exposed to flies! Don’t want to get food poisoning! This hawker stall is commendable for being hygeinic which is rare nowadays. Feel like eating those kuehs! Yummy!

    Ya, best to avoid buying from those unhygienic hawkers. Seldom see nice kuihs in KL…other than those at hotel buffets which aren’t worth the calories and may stumble upon some roadside stalls selling them e.g. at Jalan Petaling, also nothing great!

  12. I totally agree with you. I think food selling people should make things like presentation, food quality, good and fast service, and cleanliness their top priority. And if they can maintain all four, they’d be laughing to the bank every single day coz people need to eat everyday.

    Yalor…they would have lost those discerning customers who would not buy from them because they do not bother to cover the food.

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