Black is black…

I was watching this Singapore food programme on the Asian Food Channel and the show featured all the best places in the island republic where you can find all kinds of nourishing herbal soup and I thought I could do with some.

Classes have resumed and I will be doing one whole stretch this year, Mondays to Thursdays, so it can be a bit taxing on this poor old man. Last year, I had lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays and then on Saturdays and Sundays which was a bit more relaxing as I had off days in between but I did not like the idea of having to work on weekends when everybody was enjoying themselves and when I had visitors dropping by, I would not be free to spend the whole time with them.

I do not know of any place here that sells herbal soup, so as an alternative, I went to this stall at the coffee shop located at the back portion of the Sibu Medical Centre…


You can see the kompia in the middle, the pieces heaped up high, and the bottles of Foochow red wine to the right. The wine is for the lady’s own use but she said that if I wanted some, she could spare me a bottle or two at RM4.50 each. Well, I still have my own stock, so I just settled for this bowl of the Foochow black chicken mee sua (thread/string noodles)…

Foochow black chicken mee sua 1

Black chicken is believed to be extra nutritious and rejuvenating. I had never touched the meat before as I was put off by the colour but having tried it, I found that it was no different from ordinary chicken, after all – just the colour. It’s just like humankind – whatever the colour, we’re all the same, aren’t we?

Foochow black chicken mee sua 2

I did not quite like it though, but it had nothing to do with the chicken. I just thought that there was way too much ginger (No wonder Gundot loved it so much!) and personally, I would rather go to Kin Coffee Hut at Pusat Tanahwang (opposite Sacred Heart School) for the much nicer mee sua there, minus the black chicken…

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23 thoughts on “Black is black…”

  1. I quite like the “black chicken mee-sua” there. My children do not like chicken to be black! Sure not racist – probably just like I must have my kampua or fried noodles to be as “black” as possible!

    Hey you have been given a task. Read my response to your comment yesterday. Drop me a mail? Thanks, guru!

    OK…will hop over to check. I don’t like kampua black…will no longer taste like kampua, something like what I prepare myself all the time at home.

  2. I also cannot taste the difference between the black and the white chicken even though my mom always say kampung chicken (black one) taste better! Pardon the racist remark on the chicken. Bahahahha!!!

    Oooo…I’ve found one of the best ang jiu mee sua kay (red wine chicken mee sua) in Kuching at Harbour Court, near Sarawak Plaza facing the river. The beef noodle there is also delicious! Thick broth with tender beef. The best so far I’ve eaten.

    That must be the “KTS” place as they call it, Foochows’ regular haunt! I can’t remember what I used to go there for. The kampung jagung chicken is not black but the meat is darker and tougher and not so fat. Tastes different. Ordinary chicken these days VERY fat and if you cook for too long, the meat will disintegrate. I hear they’re worse in Kuching!

  3. The black one looks more scary though…

    I felt that same way at first but now ok liao!!! Still don’t quite like the colour though!

  4. my other sister is in your class this year… maybe you can see some resemblance in us, our mum’s face… haha

    Her tupperware same as mine – the one you, Alvin and the rest gave me. Almost drank from hers! LOL!!!

  5. dont really fancy mi sua….too soft and flacid…heheheh..i like it hard!!! πŸ˜› (damn….i sound like a gay!!)

    Hope Rachel likes it hard too…! Ooi!!! Blog ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Just have it last night at RH plaza. Your one black chicken with mee sua i think i eat before. Yes correct. black chicken ada ummpphhh.. ! got sometimes with gingseng :O)

    Yalor…would be better with ginseng or at least, those sweet red seeds!

  7. Had economical rice from H2O from lunch, eating while reading your reply. Hehe!

    Yupe, it’s right behind KTS. Cooked by Foochow mar. But their zhao chai hung ngang not nice.

    Not into chao chai hung ngang! So how do you find the food at H2O? For one thing, the place is aircon…better than eating at hot stuffy coffee shops! Btw, the hot plate noodles at Tun Jugah food court VERY nice, my daughter loves it very much!

  8. how many hours a session? At home?..Can it be done in your blog?….most importantly I know what day to visit Sibu..but knowing you ..may suddenly have replacment classs When me in town eh??? Apa progromme for CNY???

    Any day you come, I will cancel the lessons…roll out red carpet, hire a brass band to welcome you at the airport!!! The day you come, it will snow in Sibu! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. I used to take a lot of black chicken soup when I was pregnant(cooked in slow cooker) n also during confinement. Hrd it is more nutritious. I do not eat the chicken itself but drink the soup. Now I prefer the normal chicken for my meesua, no need to ‘chiak-poh’since not productive anymore,lol!

    Not even 50 yet!!! Factory still active…must eat more black chicken! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  10. my mother told me that Black Chicken tastes better than the normal chicken. But i never tried it b4..

    They say it’s healthier and more nutritious. It does seem to taste nicer…but the colour can put people off!

  11. O.. yes, the red seeds. :O) Thanks for remind me back :O)

    Wah! You eat all the nutrition…I’m sure you’re full of vitality! Very strong! LOL!!!

  12. what is kompia? Well, I thought the black chicken was always more nutritious and expensive?!! No?!! I think just like humans, there’s white and black. But the black chicken does taste nice with soup!!!

    It’s Foochow unleavened bread – something like bagels! Ask Huai Bin to explain. LOL!!! Yes, black chicken is believed to be very nutritious…and thus, it’s more expensive.

  13. Black chicken usually is kampung chicken and used it for nutritious chicken soup during confinement.

    I long time don’t have chicken soup already!! slurpppp slurpp

    Wah, so kesian! Over there, they do sell the steamed chciken soup with ginseng. I had some once at a coffee shop somewhere around Bukit Bintang! Haven’t seen any around here.

  14. Why is black chicken more nutritious? Are they kampong chicken? Long time I didn’t eat black chicken.

    Not the same. We have kampung chicken that eats organic chicken feed…and ordinary chicken that are fattened with hormones and all those chemical chicken feed. The texture of the meat is different and kampong chicken tends to be “sweeter” and supposedly healthier. Black chicken is a different variety by itself. It’s black!

  15. i know i know. whatever the color, but we all got preference don’t we? i like chinese mata sepet… yums! oh ya, not a tanned one! πŸ˜›

    p/s: don’t blame me for talking nonsense, you start with the color lol.

    Eyew! I like big, big eyes!!!! Hah! See, you do not like them tanned! All the same what! It’s what’s inside that’s more important. Fair, fair ones never been out in the sun, never done any work, lemah lembut….but my daughter is naturally fair, no matter how much time she spends outdoors! Hahahahahahaha!

  16. Cikgu… I never eat black chicken soup before… like you, I was put off by the colour. i thought the chicken would taste bitter and the meat would be hard. Now that you say it taste like normal chicken, maybe I should go and try it. πŸ˜›

    Hmm… black chicken… should go well with Micheal Jackson drink… LMAO.

    Ooi!! Michael Jackson now very fair lah! Got some skin pigmentation illness or something! These days, it may even taste nicer…as normal chicken, it seems, has gone softer and extremely fat! You use to cook curry…can’t cook too long! The meat will come apart…and so much fat timbul!!!

  17. my colleague said i’m big like hulk but honestly tell you i’m not strong.. no exercise LOL:O)

    So young and energetic…so better go and exercise and slim down and build some muscles! Don’t be like me! LOL!!!

  18. no…no plan to slim down. i want to be fat :O) wakakakekekeke…

    Aiyor…then you become like me – not nice lah! Big, fat and ugly…later nobody wants! Hahahahahaha!!!

  19. There is a stall at eden corner selling the red wine or “bak din youk” mee sua wch is quite nice but i think i saw the taukenio at one of the stall at the newly opened coffeeshop near Everwin Supermarket near the bus station there…worth a try though πŸ™‚

    That Tung Lok coffee shop – they were at MAS corner, famous for the “chao chai hung ngang”. I don’t quite fancy “pek ting eyok” and ordinary mee sua – quite a number of nice places in Sibu. The best was at Yum Yum (opposite Everwin), but dunno where the stall has shifted to now.

  20. you think fat nobody want kah. i’m fat got body want lor :O) wakakekekekeke..

    Good for you! “Big is beautiful! There’s more…much more to love!” LOL!!!

  21. In dire need of nourishing herbal soup! But dunno how to cook that … hehehe nor do I know where to find such food here in KK…

    So easy…just put the chicken in a bowl, add ginseng (hairs – available at Chinese medical stores in packets) and the red seeds and steam. Can add salt and msg according to taste…but healthier without. The longer you steam, the nicer the taste. Can double-boil also.

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