Start of something new…

Well, it was the start of a new year yesterday and following the Chinese tradition, we had Foochow mee sua (thread noodles) in ang chiew (red wine) chicken soup for longevity and in the evening, we went for the New Year buffet at Kingwood Hotel.

At RM45 nett per head, there was a lot to choose from, more than what one may get at their usual Saturday and Sunday night buffet dinners (RM30++ per head) and I finally had my turkey…

Kingwood New Year buffet 1

…and lamb…

Kingwood New Year buffet 2

I asked the chef at the station to carve me some, and good grief! I was served one plateful!!!

Kingwood New Year buffet 3

Among the items available, I loved the chilli crabs best…

Kingwood New Year buffet 3

…but it was kind of messy to eat crabs at the pseudo-formal environment, so I only had a little. The roast chicken was nice too…

Kingwood buffet dinner 4

…and the fried snowfish and honey chicken as well. The shish kebabs were a bit dry though…

Kingwood New Year buffet 5

I did not take photographs of the rest of the buffet spread as I was dying to start feasting on the food already…but I did manage to take a few more from the salad counter, including the umai (Melanau-style raw fish)…

Kingwood New Year buffet 6

Kingwood New Year buffet 7

Kingwood New Year buffet 8

…and I could not resist taking snapshots of the very colourful dessert counter with all the cakes and tartlets…

Kingwood New Year buffet 9

Kingwood New Year buffet 10

Kingwood New Year buffet 11

Well, some may feel that it is quite pricey…but what the heck! It’s only once a year…and frozen turkey’s over RM200 a bird at Ta Kiong this year! And besides, my daughter will be going back to Sungai Petani, Kedah today to start her first year for her TESL degree…and you can bet that when she comes home the next holidays, she’ll be skin and bone left! Sigh!!! If only I could just pack up and follow her there to take care of her meals…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Start of something new…”

  1. An eventful New Year you have there – food wise! LOL! That shows you’ll have another eventful year with food this year. Hahahahhaha! Oh by the way, my shepherd’s pie – both beef and chicken – turned out GREAT! Yummy! Will post about it after I get the pictures from chipmunk 😀

    Hopefully!…Looking forward to your post on your shepherd pie! Of course, yummy! Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother to make…and easy too!

  2. Looks like you start the year by piggin out! good for you. You can pack and go to Sungai Petani with your daughter by just applying for a transfer. Right?

    I’m retired…but I’ve to go to my parents’ house in the morning to be with my mother when everybody’s working. That’s why I’ve to stick around here most of the time…

  3. Happy new year situapui! And what better way than makan for a head start! =)

    Chinese believe when you’ve got things to it, you’ve got “chai” or good fortune. I certainly hope that is the case.

  4. The buffet looks not bad. And RM30++ for dinner buffet is actually cheap. In Kuching hotels, it will set u back at least RM45++. Wah… u so traditional one hor… angmo new year also eat mee sua. We only do that for CNY. I wonder if got mee sua in KK. hahah. Probably my mom will pack some in her luggage. lol.

    It’s nice…but normal weekend buffets not so much to choose from. I eat mee sua all the time actually but a must for birthdays, new years…

  5. lol!
    every mami and daddy is da same lo, my mami wish that too! =.=
    but donno why, i put on weight since da 1st sem 😦

    Your body metabolism used to the reduced food intake liao…so you start puttin on weight!

  6. Am off for lunch now! Yummy food photos u posted! Will post the photos on facebook soon!

    More food pics coming your way this year! Keep dropping by! LOL!!

  7. Love mee suah. We had that as well although no ang chiew. XO instead:)For birthdays and of course CNY we also have mee suah!! Sigh. The mee suah here not as nice as the Sibu ones!!!Looks like you have to visit Melissa more often to make sure she is well fed!

    And you’re just one-quarter Foochow! LOL!!! Well, she’ll have to learn to take care of herself. It’s just her studies and exams; she takes them too seriously…but not her meals! The dad’s the opposite! LOL!!!

  8. Your daughter will start feeding herself well when the time comes. Trust me. I’m suffering from the rebound.

    Kanasai betul.

    What rebound? The metabolism thingy…and you’re starting to put on weight? Never mind…become sui-tuapui like papa! Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. I love mee sua too! My mum in law cooked some yesterday. I asked her where she got her ang chiew and she said that she got it from KK! Chricaca asked me to bring over to KL. I didn’t want to – in case caught for bottling wine illegally!

    I hear if you bring for own consumption, it is ok. Say it is for ur sister’s confinement. LOL!!! They have very good ones in Kuching made by some Foochow…but you will have to ask the Banggus where to get it. A bit pricey, if I’m not mistaken – the last time I heard was RM8 a bottle…but very nice!

  10. mmm.. reali looks good. shud haf gone. but.. aih.. needa cut down on my food intake.

    There! Too late to regret now! The next time they’ll have a special buffet like that will be in May – Mother’s Day. They do have on Saturdays and Sundays – cheaper but on a smaller scale.

  11. First lesson I learnt 2009. ” Don’t rely on someone else” I relied on this so call specialist and was told to get 8 inches pipe…confirmation after confirmation…and today I drove 128 kilometres to find out that what I needed is 6 inches pipe… so tulan now liau. Good lesson to start off 2009 I suppose.

    Sometimes no need so long mah! No need 8 inches, 6 inches enough depending on how you use it! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. 128kilo X 2 X 2 actually…what a start to 2009.

    128 kilo? You’re not talking about my weight, are you? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. OMG, food feast u got there. I felt like wanting to go back malaysia now for the food. Me and Hong on the other hand got ourselves waited 3 hours on the bridge overlooking the london eye for the fireworks. Crap! sooo cold…but thankfully the fireworks lasted 10 minutes and awesome. HAPPY NEW YEAR SIR! GOD BLESS U!

    Thanks and the same to you and Yeang Hong. You two not coming home for Chinese New Year, I reckon! (Yeang Hong not coming! Goodie…the coast is clear. Safe to put out all the food!!! Hahahahahaha!!!) Met Andrew last week, back on holiday!

  14. OMG… 😦 3am here and I see food in your blog again… Cikgu, tis is torture la, torture u know?

    Gosh! U certainly keep very odd hours!! 3 a.m. all decent people should be fast asleep…and u’re online? Well, I warned you, didn’t I?….You can expect more food posts in the coming year! LOL!!

  15. All I can say is RM45++ per head for a buffet dinner in a hotel and looking at some of the pictures of the spread from your photos… it’s so darn cheap! Don’t even dream of getting that kind of price in hotels here, that much I can tell you.

    The perks of living in a small town, but not too small – otherwise, will not have such things! I don’t mind paying less…and getting less! After all, one can only eat so much. We have the RM10 nett buffet at one smaller hotel…but have to be there early, no later than 7 – no refill!

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