The lonely goatherd…

Ah well, I do not know of any song about shepherds and I would not think “American Pie” is an appropriate title, but this post is going to be about the shepherd pie that I made on Sunday – my version of it, that is!

Normally, for the pie filling, I will use minced beef, peas and a lot of garlic – fried with whatever sauce that I can find in the fridge e.g. smoked barbecue sauce. But this time, I had neither minced beef nor peas, so I decided to fry some corned beef with thinly-sliced Bombay onions and with that, I lined the bottom of my rectangular-shaped Pyrex casserole and pressed it down gently…

STP's corned beef shepherd pie 1

For the cover, I would need some mashed potatoes. Nope, I will never use those that come in boxes at the supermarts. I saw some KL hotel chef doing that in one of the cooking shows. Actually, it is very easy to make. Just boil some potatoes until soft, peel them and remove the eyes. Then, you mash them with a tablespoon of butter, some grated cheese and milk. I just used fresh milk but somebody told me it would be nicer with powdered milk.

Having made the mashed potatoes, I covered the corned beef in the casserole with it and used a fork to draw ridges on the surface. Then I put it in the oven to bake for around half and hour…

STP's corned beef shepherd pie 2

When it had turned slightly brown at the edges, I removed it from the oven…

STP's corned beef shepherd pie 3

You may keep it in the oven a while longer if you want it darker – just don’t burn it! LOL!!! After I had taken it out, I cut them into squares and served…

STP's corned beed shepherd pie 4

Perhaps I should have pressed down the corned beef harder to make it stick together but there really was not much of it from one can and I only had one in the pantry. Still, it was delicious and at that serving size, there should be enough for eight. Really easy to make, don’t you think?

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19 thoughts on “The lonely goatherd…”

  1. That’s nice. That reminds me much of my own chicken pie which my children said it’s the world’s best. Will try your version one of these days! Thanks for sharing.

    What do you use for pie cover? Shortcrust pastry? I usually use that for my meat pies…but it can be quite tedious especially when I work with the fan blowing onto me and you know how it is when you’re working with flour! It will fly all over the place! Hahahahahaha!

  2. yaya, that’s nice…
    i prefer to have someone making this for me though 😀

    Young lady…the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! You’d better start learning! LOL!!!

  3. wow it looks nice. I love the mashed potatoes. It’s nice when they swirl the mashed potatoes around the pie like a Xmas tree! Yummy…

    Ya, I’ve seen them doing that. They pump the mashed potatoes over the filling but it looks like they will need a whole lot of mashed potatoes to do that.

  4. Presentation wise, cannot go commercial yet lah! 😛 But, I bet it’s tasty huh? I love corned beef.. Used to make my own version of beef stew, with corns haha!

    What you don’t know/see won’t hurt you! In the kitchen, they would probably shove the meat back into place nicely with their hands and decorate with parsley, tomato and stuff for colour and charge you a price that will burn a hole in your pocket!

    I had shepherd pie once at a cafe around Crown Princess in KL…and they just served a slice like that, no garnishing at all, and it cost me some RM6-8, I think (and that was some years ago!)…and it wasn’t even nice. The mashed potatoes were plain – not rich like mine with butter, cheese and milk – must be from the box! Mine would cost around RM1, definitely less than RM2.00!

  5. My mom used to make this quite often last time. Love them! Maybe I’ll try making them one of these days…ya hor, Thursday holiday.

    My aunt used to have mashed potatoes underneath and on top, the corned beef sandwiched in the middle…and hers was harder, maybe she added egg, I won’t know.

  6. For christmas eve dinner, I made Macaroni Shepherd Pie, the ultimate comfort food…a combination of macaroni & cheese as the topping, and minced beef etc at the bottom..rather sinful!

    Well, aren’t we all? Sinners! That explains our shape and size! LOL!!!

  7. My mom’s also got mashed potato as base with corned beef sandwiched in between but she doesn’t put egg so it isn’t hard. I think the only thing she didn’t add into the mashed potato is cheese.

    I dunno what my aunt did, never bothered about cooking those days…just ate, got lots of people to cook for me! LOL!!! Maybe she baked it longer…..

  8. easy for u to make, but not easy for me to make! 😀
    but today i made my very first mashed potatoes using butter, pepper and salt.. it is edible but not too good.. =(

    First time I ate mashed potatoes with cheese was at Mega Hotel in Miri. Came down for breakfast and the whole place filled with the fragrance…and I followed it to the mashed potatoes. Ooo…so nice! Since then, I would add grated cheddar cheese (most easily available here) to mine… You didn’t add a bit of milk as well?

  9. what r u making for the new year?
    liked the shephard pie over at secret recipe but like u said i burnt a big hole in my pocket

    Not making anything! Just see if the old lady does or not, and if she doesn’t, just go out and eat kampua lor…!!! Didn’t know they have that at Secret Recipe…but I love the irish stew! Very nice…but can’t remember expensive or not!

  10. Man, you really know how to make me salivate. I’ve been craving for some good Shepperd’s Pie. Sigh…

    Go Secret Recipe then… LOL!!!

  11. i love shepherd pie – always wonder why
    its called by that name. Great to bring for Potluck dinner.

    First time I had shepherd’s pie…Uncle Paul’s! Quite easy to make and I love mashed potatoes!

  12. Yahoo… this is the recipe I’ve been looking for. Just now search like mad cannot find! Aihh!

    You use the search…on the left top corner. Type shepherd pie…can get liao!

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