On days like these…

It was one of those feel-good days yesterday…for me, at least – very exhausting but still, I wish all days could be something like this. We got up early to go to St Mary’s Church for the Sunday service; we did not want to go to the flood-prone Sacred Heart Cathedral that we usually frequent in case the water came back and we would get stranded there.

After mass, my daughter said she wanted Sarawak laksa for breakfast, so we went to MAS Corner here as it is more conveniently located from where the church is compared to e-cafe. So she and I had this…

Sibu's MAS Corner Sarawak laksa

…but both of us felt that the laksa at e-cafe is much nicer. My missus had their halal kampua special and said that it was good…

Sibu's MAS Corner kampua special

After stopping at my mum’s place on our routine daily visit, we headed home and I decided to make my own version of the shepherd pie. I will  be featuring this on another day though, in a separate post.

Now to move  on,  when the pie was done, I decided to have a brief siesta but that was not meant to be as right then,  my handphone rang. It was David; he and Laura would be leaving today and would like to meet me for tea. So we agreed to meet at Thomson Corner, opposite Sacred Heart Secondary School here for cendol.

I got there first and while I was waiting for them to arrive, Yan and Miri blogger, James, (who happened to be a second cousin of mine) and his wife happened to drop by the same place. We were supposed to meet for dinner the night before but I chickened out at the last minute for fear of being caught in the flood. So I sat with them for a while to chat before David and Laura and also Laura’s brother, Gilbert came and then, I shifted to their table.

Before I forget, thanks so much for the hotel key cards, David. It certainly is so sweet of you to remember that I collect those. Have a safe trip, you and Laura and enjoy yourselves at all the honeymoon destinations that you have lined up. It sure was nice getting together with the happy couple and Gilbert,  catching up on old times and all that, but I had to leave eventually as I had a prior engagement with another group of students – my Literature in English students of 2007. They did outstandingly well in the subject (5 of them – 3 distinctions and 2 credits, if I remember correctly) that had since died a natural death after I retired.

We met, as agreed upon at the recently-opened Fantasy Food Court  for dinner but we were early and they were not ready to start their business for the evening yet. In the end, we decided to go to the Sweet Family Restaurant instead and had the Philippines roast trotter…

Sibu Sweet Family's Philippine pork leg

and the gong pao chicken…

Sibu Sweet Family's gong pao chicken

…the midin (wild jungle fern) fried with belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Sibu SweetFamily's belacan midin

…and sea cucumber soup. It certainly was a delightful meal, and thanks a lot for the dinner treat, Gerard, Chun Fatt, Mike and Elias. Too bad we’ve lost touch with Spencer who’s currently doing his matriculation in Labuan. Like Elias, Gerard’s my godson as well, presently back on holiday from Melbourne and he brought me these macadamian nuts, a koala bear souvenir and a squirrel. A squirrel? Well, probably it’s  a carving on the wood of the eucalyptus gum tree or something…

STP's pressies from Oz

Well, thanks, Gerard and congratulations on successfully attaining your dream and qualifying to do dentistry when you enter university next year. Melbourne U, I reckon? All the best in your undertakings to you and to the rest as well.

If only every day could be as nice as this one with blue skies and everything nice…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “On days like these…”

  1. The pork knuckle looks like the one I had before. Is it crispy on the outside and the meat inside is tender?

    Yes, it is. Very nice but I think will be a lot nicer with sambal belacan.

  2. The koala and the squirrel is so cute. I guess that’s the standard souvenirs that people when in Australia. I’ve got so many kangaroos and koala bears!!! lol… show me the shepherd pie!!!

    Hahahahaha!!! You’ll have to wait till tomorrow’s post. Very easy to make, otherwise you won’t find me doing it, that’s for sure!

  3. Forgotten u collect hotel cards,shld have given u the RH ones or is it not up your standard!LOL!

    I would have liked that. I don’t have any Sibu ones but David gave me the one they got from TanahMas. Oops…hope the hotel people will not come after me to claim it back! LOL!!!

  4. gosh!!! shepherds pie again?? i had those for the past one week.

    Show off! I know you had a feast over Christmas! How many kg you put on? My shepherd pie…my own style one lah!!!

  5. Eh, Cikgu, the gong pao chicken looks very nice… omg, taste nice anot?

    It is nice but not one of the dishes that are SO nice that I would die to go and have it again…

  6. I love the kampua at Mas Corner.. So special compared to others kampua..

    It’s nice, is it? My missus said it was nice…;I didn’t eat it myself. But business much reduced now that the “chao chai hung ngang” people at the back have moved to the bus station area…

  7. The gong pao chicken looks good! Nice souvenirs! : )

    It’s nice but I think I prefer the Philippine pork trotters!

    P.S. Hopped over to ur blog…and what’s this authentication thingy required by some image.com that popped up? I closed all windows right away…won’t wanna click anything I dunno! So I did not post a comment.

  8. I finally have my kolo mee. Weee!!!

    A bit late, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Thanks, and the same to you. You’re back in Kuching, I guess? Coming to Sibu anytime soon?

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