Sweet love…

So how was your Christmas? Had a bash, did you? As for me, it was quite uneventful and just slipped by as quietly as it came…other than the X’mas Eve lunch with my ex-students and the steamboat dinner, the church service on the day itself and the wedding and flood on Boxing Day. No turkey, no leg of lamb, no ham…nothing! Sob! Sob!

But I did get this nice homemade fruit cake from Pollie….

Pollie's homemade fruit cake

and also this Walkers’ Scottish fruit cake from Stella (and shortbread too!)…

Fruit cake from Stella

The old lady cooked some curry chicken and steamed this coffee layer cake…

Mrs STP's coffee layer cake

…and that was it! I came down with a flu, so I did not feel like doing anything…or eating anything for that matter. Looking at it on the bright side, I had survived Christmas without piling on the calories. What about you? Gone back to the gym yet? LOL!!!

Well, New Year’s just a few days away…so what are your plans? More partying in the works? Right now, I’m still pondering on the New Year’s Eve Dinner & Dance at the Sheraton Restaurant (1st Floor) at RM50.oo per head. I must say this is very cheap considering that it is inclusive of  a Chinese sit-down dinner.

They’re getting together some members of the once very popular Sibu band – the Clef 4 Plus, along with a few local singers to form a band that will be entertaining diners that night so obviously, you can expect songs from years gone by, so I’ve been told, from people like the Elvis Presley of Sibu (John Sia), the Tom Jones of Sibu (Sebastian Bong – Stella may remember him from the Spice Bazaar days) and Pei Lei who used to win numerous Chinese singing competitions at divisional and state levels way back then. If you are interested in joining in the fun, you can call one of the organisers (Peter Sia) at DIGI-8884811.

I have not made up my mind yet…but at least that’s one party where you may get to hear Herman’s Hermits’ “Years may come, years may go” and sing the traditional Auld Lang Syne at the stroke of midnight!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Sweet love…”

  1. I got the SMS too about the 50 ringgit new year eve dinner! I don’t like the way the message ends – for older people! So, I deleted that right away. LOL.

    Hey! You didn’t save my contact number in ur hp? I sent you that sms…and I thought that would be a selling point! Can’t imagine counting down into the new year with a crowd of hysterical kids in a wild frenzy (See pic showing X’mas revellers in the streets of Penang in the Star – front page a few days ago!!!). Eyew…..

    P.S.: I can’t access my hotmail address anymore. Kindly take note, tnx.

  2. Christmas was again just a blur of moment for me this year.. but the food was good though! LOL!

    Wishing you a very happy new year 2009! 🙂

    Guess it was blur for me too…intoxicated, high on flu medication! LOL!!! A Happy 2009 to you too!

  3. Christmas is about flood in Sibu 😀

    In my younger days, Chinese New Year was about flood too… I remember going dancing at the SRC (Sibu Recreation Club) and they provided trishaws to ferry people all dressed up to the nines, from the gate to the building as the compound was flooded. It was so exciting! Hahahahahaha!!!! The Sibu Jaycees used to organise the Chinese New Year Eve ball every year then…

  4. Flu???? You sneeze??? I read in the local newspaper sometime before Christmas and it says research shows sneezing is a sign of being sexually aroused!!!! You sneezing away??????

    Ummm…you think I should go and buy pepper then? Lots of it? Hahahahahaha!!!

  5. im having flu too since da day i touch down Bint-ulu (last friday) 😦
    let’s get well soon together 😀

    U think it’s what is claimed in the previous comment…or u’re allergic to dust! U’ve been away so long, your hostel room must be very very dusty. I’m ok already…thank God!

  6. Hope you attend the dinner and dance…a night of your glory days for sure ….and you dare say Peter Cetera is old/// hahahaha..27th feb 2009..wanna attend????

    This one’s only RM50 inclusive of dinner and no need to pay airfare, hotel etc etc etc… Not sure wanna go or not yet! Lindy Sister called and said she wished she were in Sibu, defintely would be there! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Good time to get flu so u can eat more. Aiyo!Pollie did not give me fruit cake leh! So far I still think Mrs. Banggu christmas pudding is still de best!
    Go to the new yr dance,shld be fun,n hope they play real music instead of ‘neeyo’or 50 cents!LOL! M spending new yrs eve in Spore n so more eating rendezvous! How is Pollie’s fruit cake, I’ve tried the walker’s cake but so so only! Happy New Year to u & family!
    M sending u an CNY card from here,card & postage cheaper!LOL!

    Cheapskate! Ah well…it’s the thought that counts. Pollie’s fruit cake is nice. Lindy Sister called to asked about it, said it looked good and the fruits didn’t sink! It certainly looks big in the pic! Hahahahahaha! I have not opened the Walker’s one that you gave me.

  8. yes my cake looked so nice n yummy in the photo.haha
    my tm server was down almost a week. glad to be back online.

    That’s why Lindy Sister cepat2 called me…! Hahahahahaha!!!! Aiyor…my internet access got problem for a few days only that day, already pening my head! Tried to solve problem…macam so clever, can do it myself! LOL!!!

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