A night to remember…

I attended David and Laura’s wedding reception last night at the Rajang Ballroom, TanahMas Hotel here. It was a pretty grand affair with door gifts for everyone in quaint little pouches…

D&L's wedding reception 1

…and here’s a pic of the cutting of the wedding cake and a section of the crowd…

D&L's wedding reception 2

…and in the next one, you can see the couple on their table-to-table rounds to propose a toast to the guests. Laura’s mother is in the photo and you can bet that’s one very happy mum – having singlehandedly (after the untimely demise of her hubby) raised such great kids and now getting a wonderful son-in-law.

D&L's wedding reception 3

The food was good…and definitely better than what one would usually expect from the hotel restaurants here, compared to the more authentic Chinese restaurants. We started off with the 4-seasons platter…

D&L's wedding reception 4

followed by the not-to-be-named dish and hence, there isn’t any photo of that, and this plate of steamed snow fish that I liked a lot…

D&L's wedding reception 5

After that came the roast chicken and duck combination…

D&L's wedding reception 6

and braised sea cucumber…

D&L's wedding reception 7

before they served the lamb that seemed very popular among the other guests at my table. It was just ok by me as I’m not a fan of black pepper sauce…

D&L's wedding reception 8

…but I thought the chilli prawns were delicious…

D&L's wedding reception 9

…except that the serving was somewhat small – just a prawn each, I guess. Lastly, the desserts came – something like bubur pulut hitam (black glutinous rice sweet dessert) and a plate of fruits.

Thanks for the invitation, David and Laura. It was indeed my pleasure to share the joy on your very special day and once again, here’s to a life filled with happiness for the both of you. Yaaaa……..aaaam Seng!

D&L's wedding reception 10

This may be of interest to some of the readers. After the reception last night at around 10 pm, there was a massive traffic jam in the town. The floods are here again…with only one lane left along Jalan Kampung Nyabor in front of McDonald’s while the fire station area was totally submerged and the Ngui Kee building looked like the Ark afloat on the flood waters. I heard Lanang Road was flooded…and needless to say, Jalan Pedada too.

It was the 29th on the Chinese lunar calendar last night and today’s the 1st. Usually, the tide will be the highest on the 3rd and that will be Monday, the 29th of December. I suppose it would be best to stay home…safe and dry until the water subsides. Take care, everyone!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “A night to remember…”

  1. Great dinner you had..but heh..I’m very sure that your lunar observation is wrong. 18th of the Chinese lunar month has the highest tide which you luckily didn’t get last night ctherwise great flood liau lo..in the case of Sibu..the cause was heavy rain up river….just check weather conditions in up Rejang District and forcast the flood from there.
    REALLY miss the Sibu flood la.

    Twice a month lah! 3rd and 18th!!! There were warnings during the last King Tide around 18th Dec…but it didn’t happen then, and this time around, the King Tide’s up till the 31st…and it had poured cats and dogs around Christmas but thankfully, the weather seems to have improved. Pray it stays that way!!!

  2. Did anyone ask you why you kept taking pictures of the food at a wedding?!!

    They seemed quite annoyed that they could not eat once the food was served…but who cares? Hahahahaha!!! When you’re a cranky old man, you can get away with anything! LOL!!!

  3. Merry Christmas STP! Talking about flood, too bad I won’t be posted back to Sarawak in the near future, if not I would have do something to alleviate the flood in Sibu. Take care!

    Gosh…you’re late! LOL!!! It’s a global phenomenon lah! Much worse elsewhere – can see on tv everyday. Btw, I’ve got two of ur phone numbers and I dunno which one I should have deleted – the 014 or the 018 one.

  4. Not late la, busy going out for fun for the past few days mar.

    I’m using 014 cos DiGi is always the smarter choice. I actually have three mobile numbers. Default one is DiGi (014), then Maxis (012) then UMobile (018) which I am going to terminate soon cos it’s too expensive. Keep my 014 will ya? Hehe!

    Not to worry, young people like that lah! LOL!!! Ok…014, it is! (Btw, what’s that greenfame? Dropping anonymous comments in young girls’ blogs kah, stalker? Hahahahaha! I deleted that comment liao!)

  5. Happy belated X’mas ya…

    Same to you. Following ur December schedule, you flew to Kuching yesterday. How’s the January one like? Flying to Sibu? Not now, I hope…flooding! LOL!!!

  6. haha stp … u no skill ba? my frens spamming at my comment box there .. hah .. anyway thx~

    Blogspot can be quite problematic as must log in to link to own blog, must go through blogger.com etc etc etc.

  7. merry (belated) christmas, stp! actually still early la.. cos got 12 days of christmas ma, rite?? hehee..

    Good excuse. Well,the same too you…and all good wishes for 2009 (in case you come late again!!! LOL!!!).

  8. wow.. how cum now got moderation liao??

    Dunno…I’m quite hopeless and helpless when it comes to such things! Maybe because you haven’t dropped by for soooooooo long!! LOL!!!

  9. wah.. the food so geng… it was 7 years since i go to wedding!

    why so weird ur facebook and hotmail not working.. u should go google about ur problem and hopefully find a way to solve it. whenever i got prob with the computer, i ask the computer (google). LOL

    Wah! So long! And the next one you’ll attend may be your own? LOL!!!…I dunno, people say maybe got hacked. Never mind, too much trouble. Just open new accounts – I’ve gmail and yahoo as well and they’re fine.

  10. how come it did not flood when i was there? Would have enjoyed the flood!

    Well…still got one week holiday! Can come over quickly to “play water”. Hahahahaha!

  11. *groan* will someone invite me to their weddding? *whine* I wanna eat those food! But I dunwan gv angpow… *sulk*

    Wait ah! I get married and then I’ll invite you! The one I’m invited to next month states: “Newspaper congratulatory messages and gifts are respectfully declined!” Lagi hebat! Hahahahahaha!!!!! (Normally when hosts do not accept ang paos, guests will publish congratulatory msgs in the local papers!)

  12. Nasib Baik no flooding when was there!Hope yr flu is over now. Have been eating n eating so much these few days that I could share your title STP!LOL! N more eating again the next few days! Can’t wait to get back to my treadmill again.M having a blast watching the ‘P’ DVD’s!

    You’re back in Oz or are you still in Johore? Hope it’s not the latter as they may charge you for excess baggage when you fly back! So heavy liao! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  13. wuhoo….more food 🙂

    And you too! I hopped over to peek on my hp…will go again later to comment. Nobody went to ur photoblog to see kah? Hahahahaha!!!!

  14. Fiq say STP is song title post lah!

    Ah! This must be the second song title that rings the bell in his case…after “Kampung Love”. This is from High School Musical 3! ROTFLMAO!!!

  15. The food look so nice :O) Thanks for sharing.

    It was nice…but we’ve got a number of places in town with even nicer food – but not halal! So for big functions, can’t go to those places.

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