Ride like the wind…

The other day, I did not feel like cooking, so I went to this place to tapao (takeaway) something for dinner…

Sibu's Rafie Cafe

This is one of my favourite Malay eating places in town run by a guy named Rafie and his wife…

Rafie and wife

As you can see from the caricature, the wife’s actually Chinese – Foochow, if I’m not mistaken…and as they say, “Behind every successful man is a woman.” They used to occupy two shoplots at one end of a block of shophouses but now they have taken over another shoplot at the end of the next shophouse block, and they have put up a roof over the space in between so that they can use that space too for their business.

Rafie is a big bike enthusiast, so on one wall, you can see these photographs…

Sibu's Rafie Cafe - big bikes

You noticed the Chinese New Year decor – those mini red lanterns? Now, on the other wall, you will see photos of well-known stars/personalities who have been there. I can see Dafi of Akademi Fantasia in the 1st one at the top…

Sibu's Rafie Cafe - star attraction

You can get a wide variety of food there – noodles like kampua or the fried ones, roti canai and so on but I usually go for the fast food. I went there at 4 in the evening, so there wasn’t that much available compared to the morning or around lunchtime. They have very good daging masak hitam (black-cooked beef), a Sarawak delicacy…and I simply love beef liver….

Sibu's Rafie Cafe - beef liver

…and don’t you think the fried paku (jungle fern) looks absolutely enticing?

Sibu's Rafie Cafe - fried paku

And what have we got here?…

Sibu's Rafie Cafe - Christmas tree

A Christmas tree!!! In a Malay shop! And earlier we have seen the Chinese New Year decor…and there’s even the national flag, the Jalur Gemilang!!! This, I must say, is a TRULY Malaysian shop!!! Two thumbs up for Rafie and his wife!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Ride like the wind…”

  1. Rightfully your photo should be there too.Rafie should read this blog!

    You flatter me!…Not celebrity at all, how to qualify? You ok lah! Famous professional photographer. LOL!!!

  2. Give a salute to this shop! Arousing festive mood at festive season. Oh, I like masak hitam the most! I could never forget to tapao if I came across this delicacy in Malay shop. I was in JB last Chinese New Year, my son requested his colleague to prepare masak hitam but it came out unlike ours.

    I think I will cook one of these days and post. I cooked in England and the West Malaysians laughed…never heard of it, only masak merah and masak kicap and once they tasted, they all wanted the recipe. A lot nicer than masak merah!

  3. Ooohhh, i love the roti canai at this shop. Back when i was working nearby, always went for breakfast here with my colleagues..

    Never tried. Saw it the other day but didn’t look very nice…but a lot of people having it for tea. I like the one at Sg Merah as they give curry gravy, not so much into the dhall stuff.

  4. I always places like that and I hope they are doing well in their business and I hope no individuals or group monopolise the place. We had a great place here a while ago and they went bust cos people shy away as one group acted as if they were part of the place.
    p/s Charice Pempengo. vocal better than Leona Lewis leh.. Amazing stuff at 15years. Check her out. you will like her..no need to go to manila liau..

    So far so good…didn’t see anybody lepaking there. Most people will go there to eat and leave. Ok…will check. Internet slow today…

  5. What about ..”Behind every successful woman.??” … at least Two men…!! hahahahaha.

    No comments…I’m no sexist! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  6. Nice place. Yes, truly Malaysian shop. Maybe because wife is Chinese, so there’s CNY and Christmas decorations : )

    I know of many converts…but they will not celebrate CNY, maybe just go back to the parents’ place and Christmas is definitely out of the question! Gosh! Whole day…so few comments. Everybody’s out Xmas shopping? See my next post…for my grown up Christmas list! LOL!!!

  7. Cikgu, I never eat paku-pakis veggie before…. would like to try it someday. issit bitter? Duzzit taste like kangkung? I mistook the pic for kangkung goreng belacan! 😛

    It’s nice and crunchy, not bitter…and not exactly like kangkung belacan though we may cook it the same way too, as it’s not so leafy. In the hotels over at your side, so far…I only saw them making kerabu with it. Nice also!

  8. =.= eh, my extended family is kinda multi religious… but we do celebrate everything… cny, xmas, all celebrate and still go by tradition. Convert, but still giveaway angpow, presents those…even though now officially celebrate raya well… we celebrate everything… except for Deepavali… ahaha… so far dun hv any Indian family members yet… 😛

    Mine too – Chinese, Melanau, Iban, Bidayuh, Malay, Kiwi, Australian, British etc…and so far, no Indian too!

  9. I never been to Rafie Cafe b4.. Is it nice??

    The fast food is nice but better go in the morning or around lunchtime when the food is still fresh and warm…and you get more to choose from.

  10. I’ve seen the place but not sure where it is. Why you didnt tell me earlier. Would have tapau there. No need to cook! Actually I didnt cook much too.

    Rite across the road from Tom’s office…and I’m sure he wouldn’t want food from there. Must have eaten there a lot…and now so sick of it liao!!!

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