Kampung love…

Hahahaha!!! Some of you may be wondering, “What? Is there such a song?” Well, the answer is yes, there is! It’s a Bidayuh (one of the Sarawak ethnic races) song that was a hit here a few years ago. You can click this link to watch the video clip. It’s really a cute and catchy song and you do not need to know Bidayuh to be able to understand what it is all about.

I’ve chosen that to be the title of this post because it is going to be about the kampung-style (village-style) fried rice that I cooked this morning…or more specifically, fried rice my style with sambal udang kering (dried prawns). Of course, in order to cook that, I would need to prepare the sambal and so I pounded some shallots, garlic and lengkuas (galangal) and chillies together and some udang kering (dried prawns) with a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste)…

STP's kampung fried rice - pounded ingredients

I fried the pounded ingredients in oil till golden brown and fragrant, together with some serai (lemon grass) and adding a bit of serbuk kunyit (tumeric powder) for a bit of yellowish tint and extra flavour. Then I added the pounded udang kering (dried prawns) and fried until it had turned a nice shade of brown and kind of crusty/crunchy before adding salt and msg according to taste.  The sambal udang kering was ready, so those of you who would like to prepare just the sambal to go with your rice, bread or crackers, that is how you can go about it.

After that, I added the rice and mixed it thoroughly with the sambal and as I had used a bit too much oil, I added two eggs as a solution to the problem. Hehehehehe!!! Then, the rice was ready…

STP's kampung fried rice

So there you have it – nasi goreng sambal udang kering (fried rice with dried prawns)! I garnished it with some thinly-sliced chillies, but you can also use chopped spring onions or fried ikan bilis (anchovies). Simple but nice!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Kampung love…”

  1. I WANT TO eat too. hehe..

    Oh God! This was supposed to be Saturday’s post. Must have clicked PUBLISH by mistake…Hahahahahaha!!! Welcome , Chris! Thanks for dropping by. Inflight meals…nicer lah! LOL!!! Will add you to my blogroll!!!

  2. Lao Shi… i am on my knees now, please cook me some of those fried rice and feed me please… 😛

    Come, come to Sibu! I cooked for my daughter’s friends…sure I’ll cook for my own friends too, and can stay at my house some more!

  3. Kekekee…… I love you very bageg.
    Yummy… home cooked belacan fried rice. my favourite.

    Hey! I thought ur office can’t watch youtube? Or maybe you know the song so well – got sentimental value kah? “…ngin my kampung love has got married!” Hahahahahaha!!! When you’re coming to Sibu? Then I’ll cook…like when C4STP was in town…

  4. I’ll definitely try this some day especially the sambal udang.

    Nice! I never eat the fried rice at Chinese restaurants…with peas, sweet corn, carrots…and oyster sauce + lots of msg! Will only eat my own, and I will fry in different ways (see earlier posts)!

  5. i think you can be a chef.. why don’t you just operate a restaurant call “STP Restaurant”.

    No need lah! You let me know when you wanna come…I cook for you free one! LOL!!!

    try this one… dono which one is worse!!

    Ooi…u Bidayuh, yunno? I actually quite like that song!!! Hey! Fiq’s got the karaoke version, right? Can ask him to burn for me and then I’ll learn to sing! LOL!!!

    ROTFLMAO!!! I clicked the link to watch the video already. Very entertaining but I still like “Kampung Love”! Btw, the English is A LOT better than many of the students’ (or for that matter, bloggers’) today!!!

  7. Printed out already! Been waiting for this sambal udang kering receipe. Will attempt to make it when have time!Thanks!STP!Have not tried frying rice this way before, may try it out.

    Lazy people use blender as usually when making, we make a lot…but I do not like as too fine, not the same anymore. Had some leftover from lunch so I just had it for dinner…now still got the sambal hay bee taste in my mouth! Slurpzzzz….!!!! Hahahahaha!!! U lau nua or not? LOL!!!

  8. oh thats what Kampong love song is about – i like the song – very popular among my young colleagues during my working days.

    I like it too – very simple, catchy melody and lyrics quite amusing!

  9. Actually I’m young enuff to be your daughter. Ahahaha… my mom and dad are younger than u too. 😛

    *whine* Sibu so farrrrrr…. sobs… looks like I just have to drool on the piccie… Cikgu, you’re evil lah! Boohooo! (nvm, nvm! I’ll go buy stuff to cook this. *growl*)

    Don’t worry…I’m a man for all seasons – evergreen. I’m older than many of my friends’ parents and many of them are young enough to be my children, yet we’ve no problem mingling with one another! LOL!!!…Use the cheap airline, buy way in advance for the cheapest fares – Sibu…come for one long weekend, enough oredi!

  10. My late father would definitely have that with his kopi-o! To this day, I still don’t get how fried rice drenched in kopi-o is soooo nice.

    That’s what Gundot says – Jackfruit Village fried rice with sambal hay bee…must go with kopi-o. They do go well together…but I definitely don’t drench the rice in the coffee!

  11. That song very popular in dayak pubs. no need to go to youtube la…hehe. Might make a trip to Sibu in early 2009. Not sure yet… will definitely let you know. Haha

    Ah goodie! U gonna spend CNY in KK kah? Better come to Sibu lah…I’m sure it will be a lot more fun! Hehehehehehe!

  12. Good recipe to bring up the appetite. Excellent for skinny people like me who has to eat more. Aiya, I thought this post is about Kampung romance, ha ha. LOL

    Don’t tell me it got u all sexcited!!! Hahahahahaha! Go and get a cold shower! LOL!!!

  13. Had to settle for fried rice with salted fishinstead. The closest thing I could find – at least the fishy taste is there. Hahahah!

    So kesian! Next time, make ur own sambal hay bee and bring along to sprinkle on your char-pui kaim hu!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  14. sorry…should be “fish instead”

    Ok. Actually salted fish fried rice also nice. Ummm…got one piece in the fridge. Think I can cook that one of these days! LOL!!!

  15. Eh, yalah! I still got some ikan kering in my fridge! Can cook nasi goreng ikan masin. Ahahahahaha. 😛

    That’s why they say bloggers are such influential people…and I get blamed when people put of weight. I wonder how…I wonder why…!!! LOL!!!

  16. I,I,I,I love you very bagger.
    I,I,I,I kiss you bayu sade… Love this song.. LOL!

    Hahahaha!!! I remember Gawai open house at ur place…and u sang this song karaoke after ur Bidayuh relatives already sang it at least a dozen times!!! Eyew….. LOL!!!

  17. hey, that looks easy…will try it when i get a new place… btw, the band is called Harry Acid Rain ?? how tacky!! lol

    U should go youtube and check out Ethnic Transmissions! Rock! And very different. Most of them cater to the masses…so u get songs like “Joget to the moon”. Must ikut selera and then cd will sell better mah! LOL!!!

  18. Ai yor…had to attend a wedding just now. Of course they sang Kampung love and Fiq say “call you…call you” Must look for the disc.

    I was driving, only heard a lot of noise…until Fiq started singing. Hey, he can sing much better now than years ago…. LOL!!!

  19. Yumm… i am hungry.. it has been ages since i last tasted a palatable fried rice… doesn’t seem like they have anymore of those nice ones in Sibu.

    P.S. there’s a new restaurant called Kent’s Place at what it used to be Panzer

    I know. Have you been there? Any good?…I didn’t like Panzer.

  20. I’ll be happy if i can blame you for putting on weight, Cikgu. However, I don’t put weight easily, which is pretty annoying for me, because I can eat like bottomless pit and still look very anorexic. People make nasty remarks about me not eating and stuff all the time while the fact is otherwise. Walao, so pissed off ahhh, when I think about it. Write more about more food that can make people put on weight… I know I’ll appreciate it very much. Damn lorr… I’m 24 years old, and yet my weight is under 40kg! 😦 I look like some budak SPM, you know? *vents*

    Then you’re like my daughter. She can eat a lot but will never put on weight…or at least she still looks the same, maybe the cheeks a bit fleshy – that’s all! And already 19, and people think she’s 12. As for me, I just smell…already put on 2 kg! So kesian! Hahahahahaha!!!

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