Gift of love…

I was driving home one evening when I heard Dr James Dobson on the car radio. He had a very short but meaningful story in his “Focus on the family” feature that day. The moment I got back to the house, I sat down and wrote out my version of the story which I had included in one of my SPM English workbooks.

Christmas is just two weeks’ away and in conjunction with this festive season of hope and love, I would like to share this story with everyone. I have cut out a lot though so that it is much shorter and not so tedious to read. Well, the story goes like this:

Christmas was just around the corner. All the shops and complexes were gaily decorated with tinsel and colourful blinking lights on synthetic plastic trees, and cotton wool dangling from every nook and cranny in the bleak hope that it might pass off as snow. Shoppers dashed helter-skelter in search of the ideal gifts for friends and loved ones. Juggling with the boxes and bags in her arms, Mrs. Lim snaked through the crowd to her car, and finally headed for home.

No sooner had she reached the house than she bolted into the kitchen to get dinner ready, dumping everything on the table in the living room. “I’ve to start cooking, otherwise the whole family will have to go to bed hungry tonight.”

After dinner, Mrs. Lim settled down to wrapping the presents. The two older children were studying in their rooms while Janice was lying leisurely on the sofa, her eyes glued to the television screen, totally enthralled by the animated antics of Mickey Mouse

Christmas presents under the tree

Soon the much-awaited Christmas Day arrived. Everyone had gathered around the Christmas tree to open their presents. Donny and Marie ripped open all that had their names on them. In the midst of the excitement, Mrs. Lim spotted a quaint little box wrapped in newspaper.

Picking it up, she remarked aloud, “What is this? Is this from you, Janice” The little girl nodded, her eyes glowing. All eyes were on her as Mrs. Lim removed the wrapper.

“What is the meaning of this?” she shrieked; the anger in her voice was obvious. “It’s empty!” Turning to her daughter, she reprimanded, “Is this your idea of a joke, Janice? Are you trying to make a fool out of me?” At that instant, her palm landed on the little girl’s face, leaving streaks of red across her cheek.

Finally, Janice spoke. Through her incessant sobs, she said, “It’s not empty, Mummy. The box is filled with all my love and kisses for you.”

Mrs. Lim was stunned for a moment, and then, breaking down in tears and taking Janice in her arms, she pleaded, “Forgive me, darling. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s all right, Mummy, it’s all right. Don’t cry.” The little girl brushed her fingers over her mother’s face as the rays of the Christmas morning sun shone in through the window onto the mother and child below, entwined in each other’s arms.

Merry Christmas

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “Gift of love…”

  1. Sometimes as we grow old, we forgot how to be young again. I guess there’s a need for each one of us to see things in children’s perspective.

    P.S. Disappeared to kuching for a week. Finally, back again.

    No wonder I thought I heard buzzing…!!! Hahahahaha!!! Welcome back! The adult world is a material world and they need to see something tangible…appreciating expensive gifts more than kind words and actions or display of love and concern…and they think the kids are like that too, replacing their affection with branded gifts and the like.

  2. Oh dear…last Tuesday, I lost my temper too. Exhausted from the office and reaching home – all in a mess. I scolded my children and not a word came out from them to defend themselves. When they were quiet,I had nothing more to say so.

    Later that night, we had Advent prayer at my parents’ house and during the sign of peace, I asked forgiveness from my children. The ‘burden’ inside me immediately gone!

    Thanks for the nice sharing STP!

    It’s not what we do…but what we don’t do that’s important. Spend quality time with the kids, shower them with love and concern…and when we are angry, they can understand and will appreciate that it’s for their own good. Some people smother and spoil them with so much love that they end up becoming rotten brats – that’s the other extreme.

  3. Thank you for solving my delima…this year I’m givig empty Dunhill boxes all wrapped in newspaper….but all filled with love and kisses and best wishes…sms you one.
    Wish love and kisses can be given like that…. Good story though

    Hahahahahaha!!!! No need…I’ve got lots! Gold boxes some more! LOL!!!

  4. p/s….when you coming..bed big enough for family of three.

    Oh…actually I was thinking of going…until I heard you’re giving out Dunhill boxes filled with love and kisses! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. thanks for sharing this touching story with us…it made me realize that we get so caught up with the materialistic aspects of christmas that we forget about the true meaning of christmas

    True love and affection, loyalty and sincerity…such things are worth more than any gift money can buy…and no greater love is there than He who lay down his life for His friend.

  6. lol..ive always liked james dobson’s stories and advice…but not many ppl seem to like him especially after his criticism of sen.obama… hehe..ppl here despise him and dr.phil :p

    Is that so? Some people may be doing so well…until they get their foot in their mouth! LOL!!! But most, if not all, of the time, these motivators only tell us things we all know…just that sometimes, we need to be reminded (and they make tonnes of money out of doing that!).

  7. and abt the story..goshdarnit!! what kind of mother would do that???? must be “that” time of the month :p

    Hahahahahaha!!! In Dobson’s story, it was the father…but since I was writing the story, I switched roles. LOL!!! Won’t be surprised though in today’s materialistic world with career-driven women with little or no maternal instincts! Money, money money…makes the world go round!

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