In my life, I am thankful that I am truly blessed with the best of friends. One of them will never fail to send me a card every year on my birthday. We go back some twenty years and still keep in touch regularly. Last year, she sent me this card…

Birthday card 1a

…and when you open it a bit, you will see this…

Birthday card 1b

…and the rest of the message that says…

Birthday card 1c

and as you open the card completely, the guy’s pants drop and you get to see this…

Birthday card 1d

LOL!!! And this year, she sent me this…

Birthday card 2a

Birthday card 2b

…and inside, it says…

Birthday card 2c

How very true indeed! Look, Kpenyu! It’s 8.00 p.m. – my bedtime!!! Hahahahaha!!! Thanks, Vivien (& Mary), for the card…and thanks especially for remembering without fail every year.

I also received a birthday greeting via sms from Jerry, a friend from the now-defunct TraxxFm radio show in the afternoon, 2 minutes before midnight…and a couple of minutes later, from Zee, another regular on the show. Zee has a blog of her own and she has posted a touching dedication specially for me on my birthday. That’s really so sweet of her, don’t you think?

Then, the greetings via smses came one by one from ex-students – Adrian, Jimmy, Eddie, Gerard, Andrew, Nicholas (now Dr Ngua, I guess), Housefly, Louis (the lawyer) and friends and family – Jimmy from Bintulu/Serian, Clare (who also included a birthday greeting in the Christmas card I received from her and Alvin), Sophia, Gundot. Melissa’s friend – Gin, Sabrina, my brother Charles in Auckland, Chris of i-anakapai…and Kpenyu called and I also spoke to Kpenyu jr and Fiq of what-the-fiq who is currently on holiday in KK..and Lindy Sister called too. Ah yes! Bongkersz sent his at 20.09.02…well before midnight for fear that he would not be the first to greet me Happy Birthday. LOL!!! Thanks, everybody.

Thank you also to those of you who posted your birthday greetings via the comments in my special birthday post and the one before that and also in Facebook. Of course, the first thing in the morning, in compliance with the Chinese tradition, I had the Foochow longevity noodles – mee sua (string/thread noodles) in ang chiew (red wine) chicken soup with a hard-boiled egg…

STP's longevity noodles 2008

…and I got this cake from my good friends, Lim and family…

STP's birthday cake 2008 1

…and my wife and daughter got me another one…

STP's birthday cake 2008 2

…as well as these presents…

STP's birthday present 2008 1

…and my friend, Jimmy from Bintulu/Serian, bought me this…

STP's birthday present 2008 2

Hmmm…just nice for the key to the safe where I keep my millions? ROTFLMAO!!! My sister gave me an ang-pao; don’t ask me how much as I have not opened it yet!

We did not go out to celebrate as we would end up eating the same ol’ things at the same ol’ places, anyway, and as my missus was working, I just cooked some curry fish head for dinner after which we feasted on the cakes. Don’t worry, we did not finish all that in one sitting, so if there’s anybody who would like some cake, do drop by before they’re all gone!

Once again, thank you very much, everybody, for everything!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Thankful…”

  1. Wah.. so many greetings, cards, cakes and presents. You are one blessed person!

    I am indeed…and thanking God for each and every blessing I receive.

  2. I’m happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday. From your list of thank yous, it’s obvious… you’re loved! Have a great day and enjoy the day after your birthday. Lol.

    Yes, and it certainly makes life a lot more meaningful and worthwhile. I couldn’t ask for more…

  3. Wows…. thats a lot of birthday greetings. Celcom, Maxis and Digi must love u. hehe. How’s the Gucci by Gucci? Was eyeing it the other day.
    Sorry i didnt get u any prezzies. As u know, economy not good la, times are hard. hehehe. Anyways, even if i did, you will be blaming the next Sibu flood on me. lol

    Why blame you for the flood? What you’re gonna send me that’s so heavy? Gold nuggets? Hahahahahahaha!!!…Haven’t opened to use lah…present one not finished yet, Dunhill, I think…or is it Hugo Boss…or Calvin Klien? Gucci will just have to wait! LOL!! Economy no good? Accountant gaji besar…ok, kpenyu! I’m not going to say it, you say it! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Wow so lucky. Everybody must have loved you so much. Wah don’t pray pray, STP is using Gucci by Gucci parfum!!!

    Yalor…including u too, right? Hahahahaha!!! People big, fat and ugly…at least, must smell nice mah! LOL!!!

  5. Happy birthday there good’ol neighbor! Have a good one ya~ ^^

    Thanks. Didn’t have a party, too lazy…otherwise I would have asked you to hop over…! Another time perhaps.

  6. OH-thats a very touching from Zee- sob sob. am in tears.. .
    my old man drool on your angchiew mee sua-have to got to town now to buy kampong chicken to cook for dinner.
    btw he asked did you have hair implant lik Samy V? haha.

    Hahahahahaha!!! He not working kah? Having cravings like pregnant woman? LOL!!!….Samy wears a toupe, I think. I have hair but like my mum’s – very sparse, so in the salon with the spotlight on top over the head, I can actually see through and see my scalp! Chesh! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Wow! Didn’t know STP also ‘cuci’ in gucci! So don’t tell me u also wear Calvin Klein underwear too! Got ‘kelak’! lah!LOL!All branded stuff!

    No lah…made-in-China ones at RM4.00 for 3. Just don’t pull when see any loose string! Hahahahahaha!!! They have my size 3XL to 5XL!!! Koyak, throw away…like disposables and cheaper even!!

  8. I just pop over to read Zee’s dedication to you,STP! To me I think that kind of bday present is just priceless! Isn’t it just wonderful to know that you are so well-thought of!

    I am flattered and deeply-honoured. That’s why I feel that “I’ve lived a life that’s full…” and am happy and contented. I don’t think many enjoy even half as much in their lives.

  9. Happy 1 day belated birthday! My #3 also celebrated her birthday yesterday. I was planning to cook “so mee” also but decided against as there were only three of us. Bought KFC instead. SO… A very happy & blessed Birthday to you and many more to come!

    Thanks and a happy birthday to ur #3 too! I think kids these days would appreciate KFC more than the Foochow “so’ mien”. Otherwise, the ones at Yum2 Cafe very nice…or the one at Kin Coffee Hut at Pusat Tanahwang – next to photostating shop (near Thomson Corner).

  10. the bday card is awesome. all i had for my birthday this year were additional
    “last minute” targets for the month….sobsob. as for your comment yesterday, im practically on overtime every alternate nites, hoping to produce calvin jr…hehehehe. that’s why im burned out. *panting*

    Hahahahahaha!!! Good luck to you! Take tongkat ali….. LOL!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to a friend
    So mellow and fair
    A day so simple yet grand
    You have 1001 reasons to be gay!

    What goes around comes around..

    Thanks…but I think I’d like to change the last line to: “You have 1001 reasons to be joyous today!” Hahahahahahaha!!! Don’t wanna be gay!

  12. Wah, so many pressie 😛 I wanna bug my husband for my bday next year oredi. 😦

    Many meh? Used to get more when I was still teaching. 😦

  13. I love angpau, hehehe. You must be a friendly and good person..

    “We are loved not because we are good, but we are good because we are loved..”

    I prefer giving angpaos too…in case they don’t like what I buy. Friendly and good? Ummm…you’ll have to ask the others about that but I do believe what goes around comes around. Do good, be good…and good will come to you.

  14. The cake looks nice!! Chocolate Flavor??

    One’s tiramisu (from Bread Sense)…dunno the other one (from WeCare), haven’t cut yet. Want some? ;D

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