That’s what friends are for…

Yes, Sophia was right! The A1 Mountain Globe instant curry mix now comes in a new packaging, no longer the old not-very-impressive-looking plastic bag with orange and yellow print. However, there are a lot of other brands that look quite similar and all of them profess to be A1, so now, one will have to be very careful when buying and has to look for the specific brand.

A1 Mountain Globe new packaging

Well, as I have mentioned in my previous post, my friend, Jimmy, was in town and I decided to call a couple of friends to get together for a simple lunch at my place. For the main dish, I thought I would just give the instant rendang mix a try, so I got a packet and cooked some chicken with it…

STP's rendang chicken 1

It was very nice and pretty similar to the curry chicken cooked using the A1 Mountain Globe instant curry mix. Maybe there is a slight difference…and in my opinion, the chicken curry is a teeny-weeny bit nicer. Anyway, to go with that, I also cooked some yellow rice…

STP's saffron rice

I think they call this nasi kunyit (tumeric rice) or nasi minyak (oil/ghee rice) or nasi kuning (yellow rice). If you are interested, I will be posting on how to cook it in my next post. I also fried a simple dish of thinly-sliced cabbage with eggs…

STP's fried cabbage with eggs

They loved it very much and almost finished it all…and I was actually thinking of just cooking half a cabbage. Luckily, I decided against it and cooked the whole thing. My friends said they had never eaten cabbage cut into such thin fine strips before. Gee! That’s how I’ve had my cabbage my whole life through! Actually, it was a bit coarse already as I was running out of time and had to do it quickly. And just in case, they did not have enough to eat, I threw in a bit of this sambal petai from 3Q-Takeaway for good measure…

3Q's sambal petai

Don’t worry, I poured away the oil before serving. And by the way, I heard that 3Q-Takeway will be wrapping up its business at the end of this month…as the Q-in-charge is unable to cope single-handedly. Oh dear! No more kacang-ma !!

So that was the lunch that I had with my friends the other day. Anybody else interested in dropping by? LOL!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “That’s what friends are for…”

  1. God bless msian food.. i mean indian food to be precise.. 🙂

    Not the sambal petai, don’t think that’s Indian and the fried cabbage is most probably Chinese? LOL!!!

  2. hey you r really such a good cook….really are!

    Anything that’s easy to cook and can agak-agak, no measurements needed! LOL!!! Dishes like kacang-ma…shudders! I’ll leave that to my missus. Hehehehehehe!!!

  3. Absolutely!I want the nasi kuning receipe!Pollie taught me once when she was here,but I just like to compare your version. Hey!Do u know eating more tumeric can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?Dr.OZ from Oprah says so! Not that u need it STP!Your memory still as good as the elephant!!!LOL!!! PS Gerrie!Our NY Cheese cake is just so very very nice!No kidding n no bragging!Very true!!Emm..even better than the one we bought!Hehehe!!

    Ya, memory like an elephant’s and look like one too! Hahahahahahaha!!! So make sure you catch tomorrow’s post. I wonder where Pollie got her recipe… See whether same or not.

  4. Maybe the cabbage is JFV style. I cook mine that way as well and over very high heat so it gets a bit burnt!

    I like mine still crunchy…not soft and overcooked. And I thought that’s such a common dish, semadi only post the photo! LOL!!

  5. My frend said fried cabbage with egg when inviting friends for makan — no class-
    wonder what she meant- could be cabbage too cheap..i always cook mixed veg like cauliflower or brocoli to be in the class-haha.
    My nasi kunning recipe from my late mum.

    I suppose that’s what ur friend meant. It’s so cheap…and such a simple dish. But if you make coleslaw for western dinner, then it’s ok. LOL!!! Ok…see mine tomorrow and find out same or not!

  6. lol.. wasnt really reading the whole post…oppss…my bad.haha

    Not the first time I’ve come across “my bad” but gee! What sort of English is that? Then there is this “I heart…” as well. Gosh!!! Hahahahahaha!!! *shakes head in disbelief

  7. Lah.. since my mat. grandma fell sick till now donno how many years already I didn’t taste kacang-ma chicken.

    Used to get very nice kacang ma from this takeaway outlet. Loved it when she spilled the wine…can get drunk from eating. Hahahahaha!!! But they’re closing down their business, so no more in Sibu lah! I think more people in Kuching take that compared to the Sibuians.

  8. Mrs Wee is so fortunate.. i don’t mind a personal chef. no, REALLY ! Haha

    Then you don’t get to eat out here, there and everywhere anymore! LOL!!!

  9. I dun think inside got saffron, saffron is SOOOOOO expensive!

    Here, we just use kunyit or tumeric with all its medicinal benefits. Dunno if it’s the same with saffron or not.

  10. wa. jimmy in town n u invited him 4 food. i’ve been in town all yr round, when u gonna send d invite???

    Anytime…just give me a tinkle and I’ll be on the way! LOL!!!

  11. lol… kids nowadays came up with all that just to sound cool or somthin… like say “word” when u agree to something or “whats poppin”/”whatre u sayin” to ask how ya doing and all..well ure an english teacher so u wont like it ..haha

    Hahahahaha!!! I’m ok with anything…as long as I can understand what is being said!

  12. Wah, sambal petai. I can eat just that with rice…..drooling….

    Hey, one thing I noticed…petai in peninsular not so smelly, ours stronger smell…that’s why I only learnt to eat not too long ago! Started with petais at KL hotels first and then once used to the smell, progressed to Sarawak petai! Nice!!! Even urinate also got smell! Hahahahaha!!!

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