Empty garden…

Noontime on Tuesday, my daughter and I went to the Sibu Esplanade…

Sibu Esplanade

…because we wanted to go to The Ark for lunch. The restaurant is located to the left of this waterfront park, if you are facing the mighty Rejang River, the longest in Malaysia…

Rejang River express boats

Those are the express boats that link Sibu to the towns upriver like Song, Kapit and Belaga. Here, if somebody tells you that he came by express, he is not talking about a bus or a train, but one of those boats instead.

Unfortunately, The Ark is closed on Tuesdays, so the two of us went to the Garden Hotel cafe instead. This is the open air section outside…

Garden Hotel cafe open air section

…and as you can see, it was empty. Inside, it wasn’t much better with around 3-4 tables occupied only, a far cry from those days when the place would be packed by yuppies on their lunch break. I also noticed that it was somewhat dimmer than the last time I had dinner there with a sweet and young birthday girl but I reckoned that they must be trying to cut down the electricity charges.

I had the RM8++ set lunch…

Garden Hotel cafe set lunch

I had the fried lamb with curry sauce and two side dishes – fried ladies fingers and sambal ikan bilis, plus rice and complimentary soup…

Garden Hotel cafe set lunch - complimentary soup

…and a free cold drink…

Garden Hotel cafe set lunch - free drink

My daughter had the iced Milo and this plate of fish and chips from the a la carte menu…

Garden Hotel cafe - fish and chips

I did not check the price but I guess it is still around RM11-12++ but it was a lot less substantial than before, that’s for sure, and I do wish they would serve the tartar sauce in something more presentable than that horrendous melamine bowl. No wonder business seems so poor these days especially when compared to the time with their RM5 nett set lunch – one specific set menu per day for the whole month. Now it is RM9.20 altogether and they give a choice of one out of 4 or 5 set meals everyday in one entire month. They should have maintained the old prices and with the huge turnover, they would be reaping higher profits, I’m sure, even though they may be earning less from each diner.

Compared to what they used to serve before, the set lunch was not really that great and at that price, especially during such difficult times economically, I am sure it will just go on being one pathetic and miserable empty garden….

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Empty garden…”

  1. I suppose that lawyer friend of ours doesnt dine there anymore after they got rid of the band? These people never learn… never change a winning formula. Now business so lauyar after spending all that money renovating.

    I dunno if he still goes there but he also complains of the food and the prices. Yalor…these people! Spent so much to renovate the place and lost the attraction. Blamed the tiger statue across the road with its mouth wide open! Rumour had it that they went at night to remove the teeth, bad feng sui! Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. Good price for a hotel restaurant. Lamb…..I want curry lamb……drooling lorrr! LOL

    Had very delicious lamb curry at a very nice place for lunch yesterday. Will post on it soon.

  3. Not sure about the Esplanade, but I like that song Empty Garden, Elton John’s tribute song to John Lennon.Too bad u did not enjoy your lunch STP but m sure u enjoyed your daughter’s company though!

    Aiyor…the song 1981, only old people like u will know! Hahahahahaha!!!!! Watch out for my post on a very delightful lunch at a very delightful place…coming soon!

  4. Toothless tiger eh? Speaking of tigers, was at the Singapore zoo looking at the White Tigers last weekend. No Sarawakian jumped into the moat this time. hehe

    I could guess you had gone somewhere as it was pretty quiet around here. Hmmm…even if you had jumped over, the tigers would not have bothered. So fat! High cholesterol! Bad for health! LOL!!!

  5. Speaking of which, I still haven’t tried the lamb chop at The Junk yet 😦 (Chipmunk doesn’t eat lamb)

    Aiyor!!! That’s a MUST-HAVE lah!!! Simply out of this world!!!…He can have the fisherman’s basket! Don’t tell me he’s allergic to seafood too?

  6. WTH the fish & chips’ such a small serving!

    The portion of fish not bad…quite substantial, but last time had lots more chips and coleslaw.

  7. wow, what a way for yr last statement! ur full of witty lines (with a dose of sacarsm) haha. that i guess makes yr blog interesting 🙂 have fun!

    Hahahahahaha!!! My students always complain that I’m VERY sacarstic…but they love it!! Funny hor… LOL!!!

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