Ferry across the Mersey…

There used to be a ferry service here, not across the Mersey but instead a tributary of the mighty Rejang, the Batang Igan (if I’m not mistaken) that flows alongside the Malay-dominated Kampung Hilir and the essentially Melanau Kampung Nangka but it has stopped running since the opening of the Igan Bridge. I grew up as a kid in this vicinity (until the early 80s) near the three-point junction known as Simpang Tiga – where the three roads, Race Course Road (now Jalan Ramli Amit), Jalan Kpg Hilir and Jalan Kpg Nengka meet. Today, there is another road leading to the junction – Jalan Ria, so in a way, it should now be called Simpang Empat.

Beside this junction, you can spot this stall that operates from around 4.00 p.m. until 10 or 11 at night selling the very popular Ferry Kebab…

Sibu's Ferry Kebab stall

It has been in business for many years now and the kebabs are still selling like hot cakes. You have a choice of chicken or beef…

Sibu's Ferry Kebab 1

I have mentioned about the scarcity of fresh beef in Sibu a number of times in my previous posts…so you may be able to see in the photo that these days, they have mostly chicken…with that little bit of beef at the bottom. I wanted beef but it was not cooked yet at the time and meanwhile, two other cars stopped to buy the kebabs and they too wanted beef. It certainly seems to be the more popular of the two options.

The guy will toast the bun a bit in the fire in the panel behind the meat…

Sibu's Ferry Kebab 2

…after which, he will stuff the bun with the chopped-up chunks of meat mixed with some cabbage, cucumber and onions and then he will pass it to his female assistant who will squirt mayonnaise and chilli sauce on it before wrapping it up.

Sibu's Ferry Kebab 3

Needless to say, with the escalating prices of everything these days, it has gone up from RM2.00 each in the past to RM2.50. Well, it is still relatively cheap and absolutely delicious, and I would sooner have these than those ultra-expensive elite hotdogs and burgers. We hadn’t had any for a long time and in our hurry to gobble everything up, I forgot to take a photograph of the real thing. But never mind, as I’m sure Huai Bin will not mind my “borrowing” a photo of the kebab from his blog…

Sibu's Ferry Kebab from sixthseal.com

You may want to hop over to read his post on it – “The Quest for Meat” but be forewarned that it may be more than just about kebabs. Right, Huai Bin? Wink! Wink! ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Ferry across the Mersey…”

  1. ugh! I can’t stand those roadside burger (or in this case, kebab) stalls that slather their meats in all that mayo and chilli sauce. Makes the bread so soggy, and the sweetness of the mayo and chilli sauce makes me want to gag.

    By the way, once you’ve had a taste of real kebabs, you won’t want to eat these Malaysianised versions.

    Ya…I can’t stand the soggy buns too so have to eat quickly before the mayo and chilli sauce seep into the bread. My daughter likes it, me not really…;I’d sooner use the RM2.50 and go for Rasa Sayang kampua and still have 30 sen change! LOL!!!

  2. Seriously, how can that last pic be drool-worthy? Am not a fan of dollops of mayo PLUS chilli sauce.

    It does not look that good but tastewise, it is quite nice…but I like the beef better and the ones we bought the other day had a peculiar smell of stale cooking oil or something… If not because my daughter wanted it, I wouldn’t have bothered.

  3. I haven’t tried this one at this place but they used to operate (mobile) at the padang sukan last time, where the Wisma Sanyan stood now, whenever our school had Sports’ Day.

    I prefer beef too!

    Have they been around that long?…I still prefer kampua, laksa and so on!

  4. I love the lamb kebab. Takes too long to roast. Maybe they should change the way that it is roasted. Shortcut. Ha hA

    Give me char kway teow…anytime. I don’t mind such things once in a while…but will be just as happy without it…like pizzas, hot dogs and burgers too!

  5. Never been a fan of kebab, any kebab or souvlaki included. But what I do like is vietnamese rolls where we can get in vietnamese suburb shopping area for A$3.50 per roll. Very yummy n they put in liver pate as well. Real nice!!Eh! I saw Quantum of Solace today, very good n exciting movie, now I am begining to like Daniel Craig as James Bond!!I think this movie better than Casino Royale!Thanks to Clare’s Blog review which prompt us to go in the first place!

    Vietnamese rolls…fried po piah, isn’t it? James Bond? Zzzzzzzzzz!!!!! Fell asleep the last time I watched a Bond movie – Roger Moore, I think!

  6. Not a big fan of these kebabs with all those mayo and chili! But will eat them if hungry! : )

    Then you’re exactly like me! Don’t mind eating when given…but not ready to go out of my way myself to buy and eat! My daughter’s the one who likes it – the beef! She didn’t quite like the chicken either!

  7. aren’t kebabs supposed to come in pita breads instead of those hot dog buns? Well, I used to like kebab – only those with nice roasted meat!

    Yes, I had those franchised kebabs – Kyros or something like that. Much nicer, I thought but my daughter prefers these in hot dog buns.

  8. I long for the kebabs sold by the greeks on their vans in the UK. That was my staple food in uni. The local ones just ain’t quite the same. hehe. Oh… and i actually have been on the ferry across the Mersey. In my quest to the holy land of Anfield.

    A friend who was with me in the UK loved those kebabs there…but I wasn’t that crazy about them. Nasi Lemak at Malaysia Hall anytime! Hahahahaha!!!! Wat’s Anfield? That’s somewhere around Liverpool where the Beatles originated, right?

  9. never touch this stuff again after a bad food poisoning experience..ugh can still remember the smell what I throw out last time when I see the picture….sorry.

    From this stall in Sibu or some other place in Bintulu? I’ve eaten a few times and so far, ok! Touch wood! But good for slimming! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. No!No!Vietnamese rolls not fried popiah. They used the normal bakery bun n put liver pate,bbq meat,chinese ham,sweet soya,celery,chilli,mustard etc,real nice. Next time u come melb,i take u to vietnamese place where u eat everything vietnamese,the famous ‘pho’or beef noodles, cheap n nice n cheap haircuts too!!!!

    The Viet beef noodles not so nice…nothing compared to KK ngui chap! Ooo…like heaven!

  11. Stella, glad that you enjoyed Quantum of Solace as much as I did 😀 Cheers!

    Eyewwwwww……and the guy’s not even good looking or hunky! OK, ladies…shoot away! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. This stall still existing? I tried that before (long long time ago)and it taste soooo good for me.

    Yes, it is…but it did not taste as nice, maybe because I bought the chicken since the beef was not cooked yet…and there was a peculiar smell like stale cooking oil, so I did not like it as much. Probably will never go again unless my daughter wants it.

  13. STP, I don’t like the guy acting as James Bond, I like the action. No one gets as close to James Bond’s character as Sean Connery but I prefer Pierce Brosnan’s look! Hahaha!

    Not for me…zzzzzzzzzz!!! Not into action movies!

  14. waaa i like tis.. got try it once .. very nice @@ muahaha

    But the ones I bought that day were not that great. Maybe beef’s better.

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