You will have to be VERY old to know this song which reminds me of my cha-cha dancing days at the Sibu Recreation Club (SRC). LOL!!! Actually it has nothing to do with what I am going to post about but it is the closest I can get to the name of this food outlet…

Peppino's Pizza 1

Peppino’s Pizza has been around some two or three years now, located next to the Chopsticks’ chicken rice place (at the Delta Commercial Centre, Pedada) that I had featured a few posts back and is run by the sister-in-law of the Chopsticks’ boss. You can see her in the photo below…

Peppino's Pizza 2

You will probably agree with me that people of that shape and size are usually able to cook up some very delicious dishes, yours truly included. Hahahahaha!!! As a matter of fact, when they first started, there was a Austrian guy – a sailor who was actually the chef/cook on board a ship – the husband of that lady or one of the sisters in the family, I’m not too sure now. But he was the one who made the pizzas then and they learnt the tricks of the trade from him. Huai Bin had a post on this same place quite sometime ago, if anyone is interested in hopping over to have a look.

Well, last week I had to send a friend to the airport, so I did not want to cook lunch. Instead, on the way back, I stopped by the place to pick up a pizza for my daughter…

Peppino's Pizza takeaway

Hey! The receipt number is 2120 – 2nd December! That’s my birthday! (So all of you can key in the reminder onto your handphone now, if you have not done so yet! LOL!!!) I got the Hawaiian pizza for her – small @ RM15.00 each…

Peppino's Pizza - Hawaiian

The pizza is bigger than the personal pan ones at Pizza Hut, the crust is thinner and crustier and it was nice, definitely a welcome change from what she used to have at the Pizza Hut outlets in Sungai Petani (Kedah). On my part, however, I feel that for a place such as this, it should be cheaper but unfortunately, it isn’t. Taking that into consideration, I would think that we would not be having that very often…


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Pepito…”

  1. I don’t like them sprinkling Maggi Chicken stock granules on top of the Pizza. Have not been there for ages too!

    And I don’t like to think I am that “old” to know the song, but I really know that song! What a way – to feel old – to begin my Monday!

    They do? I do that all the time – half a teaspoon of chicken stock granules in place of salt and msg. I’d like to believe it contains less of those…and has chicken stock to enhance the taste. Anyway, that’s the 2nd time after all these years I’ve had pizza from there.

    Feeling old, eh? Just click the link and play the video clip of the song, get on your feet and wriggle and sway like the Thai girls in the video… You’ll feel young all over again. Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. this pizza looked yummy– will bake my own pizza for dinner tonite- got all the ingredients..too bad u in Sibu. maybe courier over. haha.

    I don’t really care for much for pizzas but my daughter loves that kind of stuff…and Japanese food. Haven’t taken her to eat that yet.

  3. Your birthday on 2nd Dec????…that is just round the corner…Anything planned?

    Nothing planned…but if you’re coming, I’ll hold something grand! LOL!!!

  4. Can u still chacha like that as in the video clip,STP! Enjoy the song,very catchy,but no idea what it is about!LOL!So bday coming soon,at 1st I thot u r hinting u want pizza as bday present! The lady knew u taking the photo?She seems to be posing!LOL!

    Ooo…now even better! Just jiggle a bit and all my fat will wriggle! Hahahahahaha!!! Pizza for my birthday? With gold nuggets and diamond crust, ok lah! LOL!!!…When I take pics with hp, people dunno wan! They’ll think me longsighted, trying to read sms on the screen.

  5. Never tried their Pizza cos it did not seem very famous. hehe.. Anyway, my mom and me did make some homemade pizza a few months back. Can say not too bad but the hardest part was the dough. If anyone needs toned muscles then they should try kneading the dough.

    I’ll be very sure to remember your birthday cos it’s the same as my youngest daughter.

    P/s Pls don’t go to my blog, have not update. Bengbeng already fuss me about it! hahah
    P/ss Saw you the other day at Kin Tak, with your daughter I think. Sorry I very shy did not dare call you..hehehe.. Celebraty mah!

    Must be the day we bought apam balik – tomorrow’s post! Aiyor! Where got celebrity? Biasa only. Next time, greet lah! Are you Cherry’s daughter…see ur email address got surname “beh”?

  6. I’m drooling over your foodie pics as usual. Tempted to order a pizza now! Haha

    Just pick up the phone. Free home delivery… Hahahahaha!!! My pics solely for illustration lah! Where got can make people drool? I see the floggers’ pics or those in the photo blogs…even some lousy food will also look yummy! So nice the pics! Sigh! LOL!!!

  7. Wow RM15 is not that expensive for a pizza that huge. (it looked huge to me) And don’t worry, I’ll marked 2nd Dec on my calendar!

    8 inches only, I think! Hey! I’m talking about the pizza lah! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Looks quite good but I do agree, maybe they should sell it a bit cheaper.

    Yalor. After all, it’s not an international franchise…and it occupies just a small section of the shop and the lady boss with one helper only. Sure overhead not much, so can sell cheaper!

  9. yukkhh!!…this is definitely not drool worthy… sick that i dont want to even see any of it anymore,….but thats the closest u can get to the pizza here..thin crust and generous amount of toppings..hehe

    I guess you get a lot of that over there, so much so that you wouldn’t care if you never saw another pizza again in ur life!…No place like home, ya! LOL!!!…Tomorrow’s post will be on local delicacies, promise! Hahahaha!

  10. Aiyo! No surprise one lah! Very few people with that type of surname here. Ha ha.. Next time I’ll greet you for sure. I did not know if it was you or not that’s why I kept staring. haha

    Ok…now that I’ve a headstart, I can ask around to get more info about you! Sibu so small, everybody knows everybody! LOL!!!

  11. i cant listen to that song 😦 usm block youtube during weekdays
    btw blog u ni memang blog makanan lah! heheheeh i’m drooling most of d time!

    Ya, most unis blocked…and some govt offices also. Not intended to be blog makanan…but when I post on food, a lot of people minat…and when I post on other things, sambutan dingin aje! Safer oso talk about food, no controversy! LOL!!

  12. The italian restaurant in Shangrila Tj Aru Resort is named “Peppino”. Let’s just say while they share the same name, they’re at extreme opposites. See here:
    I have to confess I’m a snob when it comes to pizzas. Come Wednesday, we’ll be dining at Grazie’s again, for D’s birthday. Let’s see what Senor Marcello will whip up this time.

    Bet it is…and the prices too! But sometimes it’s a matter of taste, like I didn’t like the pizzas at what’s-the-name now…Beccari, the one at Merdeka Palace. Happy birthday to D…sweet sixteen, I guess?

    P.S. Just hopped over to peep…and saw the prices! Pengsan! Nope, I certainly do not belong to that league, thank you. Will just stick to my Ruby, cheap and nice! LOL!!!

  13. Haha! You? Cha-cha? Can’t imagine that.

    I don’t like Pizza Hut. Prefer Dominoes or Italiannies. Unfortunately, can’t get that yet in the East.

    Ooi…used to win cha-cha competitions, you’d better believe that! But of course I wasn’t in this shape then…and much younger. Hahahahahaha!!! Not really into pizzas. There was Domino’s in the complex next to Pearl International Hotel (Jln Klang Lama) and I think also in Ampang Point, next to the what’s-the-name-of-that-hotel. I used to go to these places for the SPM marking meetings every end of the year but I never bothered to try. Dunno the other one…

  14. One of my fav place to have Pizza.. Quite near to my house too!

    Hey! Does that mean you’re staying in my same area? Not right opposite my house, like Stanley Carter??? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. looks good to me – oh, just look at the amount of cheese!!

    btw, there seems to be an increase in sibu bloggers lately! i just realised mylongkang is also from sibu – i know im slow! 😛

    Gosh!!! You ARE slow! He’s been around for donkeys’ years now…LOL!!! Didn’t you meet up with him when you came to Sibu? …Ya, one plus point over Pizza Hut is it has more cheese. My daughter loves that!!!

  16. My phone number?? I don’t think i can give it here.. Later all the girls will crazy with it! wahahaha. -_-”

    I stayed in Cherry road!

    Perasan! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! That’s very near my place then!

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