What’s up…

Well, quite a lot, in fact…but I’ll just go one thing at a time starting with this lunch outing I had with my daughter the other day. The chicken rice at this place has always been her favourite and as it’s all about her, not me, we ended up here…

Chopsticks chicken rice

They used to enjoy brisk business running the coffee shop and an economical fast food stall at a coffee shop in town, next to HSBC, where the menopausal beef noodles lady had her stall. Later I heard that the boss ran into some financial proiblems from meddling with the stock exchange, so the place was closed down. Sometime later, they opened this new place and it was called Johore Chicken Rice…

Chopsticks' roast meat platter 1

They had a guy from Johore but after sometime here, he left…and the wife of the boss took over. She had obviously learnt the ropes pretty well and was able to manage on her own. We love the chicken rice – richly fragrant and tasty. My daughter can finish the whole plate even though it is quite a substantial amount and she is never quite a rice person. She never wants the pek sak (white boiled) chicken though, so I ordered the roast meat platter – roast chicken, roast duck and roast pork…

Chopsticks' roast meat platter 2

That was RM12 a plate, I think and the rice was RM1 each, so it all came to over RM16.00, inclusive of two drinks. I guess that should be pretty reasonable, considering the amount of meat we had and more importantly, we enjoyed the food very much. The crowd there every day certainly is testament to the quality of what one can get at this eating outlet…

Chopsticks' lunchtime crowd

Service is excellent too! You can get what you order in a couple of minutes, faster than the drinks even! For the uninitiated who do not know where this place is, it is in the Delta Commencial Centre, Pedada…right opposite the Methodist Church in the area…

Chopsticks - church opposite

So, if you have never eaten there before, do drop by and give it a try! Who knows, we may just bump into one another one of these days…

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29 thoughts on “What’s up…”

  1. My children love the chicken rice there! I don’t quite fancy probably because the plates look cheap and also because of the crowd. That reminds me that we have not been there for ages!

    Don’t they use the same plastic plates everywhere? Ya, it’s kinda crowded and noise…but the food is served ultra-fast! We do not go very often…only when my daughter is home or sometimes my missus will tapao when she feels too lazy to cook!

  2. Hey, any prize for being the first to read and comment your post? I just realized that for a stretch of two days, I am the “winner”.

    Ah! Let me take you out for dinner one of these days… LOL!!!

  3. The chicken rice looks so good! I personally prefer roasted chicken than the steamed one. Well, don’t mind if the place look cheap but the taste and service are the important. Would like to try out someday…

    Then you’re like my daughter! I like the white ones – but have to be careful as sometimes, may cause food poisoning. (Happened to my missus in high-class Genting Highlands hotel restaurant!) It’s moist and has been hanging there all day…and I saw on AFC, it is only around 90% cooked so the meat will be tastier. Let me know when you’re coming to town and I can take you there.

  4. I used to eat there very often, like several years back, not anymore nowadays. And yeah I have to agree the boss is a very friendly and attentive person. Btw, have you tried the pizzas there?

    Yes. I have a post on that coming up sometime next week. LOL!!!

  5. I was crazy over chicken rice when I was studying in Johor. I remember tapao-ing chicken rice for lunch for one whole week. Johor chicken rice really taste damn good! The price also cheap.

    Probably the one here is something like that…since they got the “expert” to come over initially.

  6. oh i reallt love roasted pork especially the crispy skin with the fat… id owez make it a point to finish the rice with the least amount of meat first and then eat up the the meat for the fun of it in the end… jeez, i can have chicken rice everyday and still not get bored of it!! owez loved them 🙂

    This one is near our houses…so we can always hop over for lunch when you get home! LOL!!!

  7. Healthwise, it’s not a good idea to eat too much chicken rice. I prefer the steamed chicken for obvious reasons.

    Once in a blue moon. Not that great that I would want to eat it everyday. Went for nasi bryani today – my daughter had mutton and I had chicken – RM18.20 including drinks, much more expensive than the chicken rice lunch…for less.

  8. im a meat eater. a glutton really. trying to cut out the bad habit. maybe after luch at the stall, i would head on to the methodist church to confess my sins….hahahah.

    Gluttony! The seven deadly sins! Don’t worry…I’ll join you, we go and confess together. Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. Ya,I like the service there. You get your food within a minute. I used to “Da pou” there everyday when i was still study.

    It certainly is a popular eating place. Most people here would know it.

  10. i used to go there to have breakfast after playing basketball when i was in form 3 and 4..lol..how does the duck taste like?

    Nice and tender. When they first started, it was really tough, now ok. The one at Mei Le Cafe also nice…except that you get plain white rice. You’re not home yet? When go mam-mam?

  11. i’m home now…mam mam ar?hmm…see first..will be quite busy these few days =D

    Shy eh? Big brother not around. Never mind, I’m also pretty busy these days. You can see the posts coming up to find out what’s keeping me occupied.

  12. where got shy!!!lol..i’m busy these few days cleaning up the mess of 2 laptops..my mum’s and my sis’s old laptop..so much to clean

    Wah! U so good at cleaning…come to my house and clean too lah! Lots to clean! Three meals provided! Hahahahaha!!!

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