Stars are blind…

Victor had a post on this place sometime ago – the Twin Star Barbecue Steamboat House near the Sibu bus station, round the corner from the Rasa Sayang Cafe. I went there last week with an ex-student who is now a practising lawyer. (Nope! Don’t worry! I’m not seeking his professional services to write out my will or anything! LOL!!)

Sibu's Twin Star - steamboat and BBQ grill

At this place, adults pay RM19.00 per head for the eat-all-you-can buffet and you can help yourself to a choice of beef, chicken, fish (sliced frozen fish fillet), cuttlefish and prawns…

Sibu's Twin Star - meat and stuff

Ummm…perhaps prawns isn’t exactly the right word as they were tinier than my little pinky finger! Then there’s a section of fish balls, sotong balls, prawn balls and whatever balls, crab sticks and so on and on the other side, they have the vegetables…

Sibu's Twin Star - veg and stuff

For a moment, I thought those light yellow things were Japanese tofu…but then, I saw that they were labelled “Butter”. No, it was not butter, that’s for sure, but margarine instead – Planta or one of the cheaper brands, that is and not one of those mono or poly-unsaturated stuff! They wrap the portions in cling wrap to prevent wastage, and I should think that it is a pretty good idea as it would be cleaner too compared to providing a bowl of it and getting the customers to scoop as they like.

To the right, you can see the sambal belacan sauce…and I must say it was really very very nice. I think if I were to go back there again, it would be because I liked the sauce so much. There were some trays of fried noodles, kway teow and mihun but I did not bother to take those as they would only serve to fill you up so that you would not be able to eat so much. Drinks are also provided and you can help yourself to the variety available – orange, lemon, soya bean, herbal tea etc…etc…etc…but of course, the more you drink, the less you can eat.

For dessert, there is ice cream…

Sibu's Twin Star - free ice cream

Just look at the mess that the customers had made! I did not have any though as I was already very full…after just one round. I would think that it was somewhat expensive at RM38 for two or RM57 for 3 persons. With that kind of money, I would be able to enjoy a much more delicious meal at places like the Ruby Restaurant…unless you are the kind that can eat like a horse and go for 4-5 helpings.

And I wished they would not play such loud music – Chinese canto-pop and to make it worse – Jay Chou all night long! After a few rounds of the “Fearless” theme song, it was already getting on my nerves…and I had to make a quick exit for some peace and quiet. Hey! Wait a minute! Perhaps that was their ploy to make sure that diners do not stick around too long and eat too much???

You can hop over to Victor’s blog to see the much nicer photos that he had posted. (See, Vic! I’m so nice! Doing promo for you! You owe me one there! LOL!!!)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Stars are blind…”

  1. Really not that impressive! That reminds me of the “kiasu” eat-all-you-can steamboat in Singapore. Those younger days when I ate like a horse! Now? No, no, of such indulgence for me!
    Probably, it’s the company that counts more! I just had one nice one at Cafe Cafe with my fellow cell group members!

    I went Cafe2 once in the old place opposite where the present RH Hotel is. Was enjoying the ambience until the lunch crowd came in and it got SO noisy. I haven’t been there since…and I hear it is still as noisy. I don;t eat so much either…just one helping. That’s why I felt it was not worth it.

  2. Is this the lawyer that also claims to be the most handsomest man in Sibu? haahah

    Shhhhh…he may be reading this. He knows about my blog. U all one geng mah – the bujang lapoks!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  3. Ooh I love steamboat. So nice to have it on a rainy day. When you’re in KL, let me know and I’ll take you to eat some awesome steamboat…

    Ooo…wish I could go over right now! Hahahahahaha!!! Cold rainy night…and all steamy! ROTFLMAO!!

  4. Were you the one who told me thatin sibu students come to dine in places like this in uniform and get other students to replace them mid way??? ie two or more diners for the price of one…can only happen in Sibu..the place of the pratical brilliant mind

    That was in one of the hotels…with the not very vigilant employees! This one they haunt you like a hawk. No way anybody can pull that kind of stunt!

  5. ah…it seems that these bbq steamboat places are mushrooming all over the state

    i don really like bbq steamboat bcos we are paying them to cook our own food…u r rite, i rather use the money to eat at a restaurant ..hehe

    Here we have only one like this…but we have two shabu2 places and one korean steamboat…plus those steamboats at coffee shop/restaurants here and there. At that price, it certainly makes more sense to eat at a restaurant.

  6. oohh i love this kind of steamboat buffet where u can fry food at the side of it.. yumm… but after eating, sure smell like smoke!

    Yup! The clothes will stink like one has been barbecued! LOL!!!

  7.’s me again…I thought u r from Sabah hehehe..When u mentioned Sacred Heart Church/School..all I can think of is the Sacred Heart Cathedral here in KK 🙂 Now, I know u r in Sibu, Sarawak..

    Love ur postings about food..I will come again and read you..

    Ya, KK has got SH Cathedral and School too. But I’m in Sibu. Glad you like what you find in my blog. Most welcome to keep dropping by…anytime!

  8. bah!!! malaysians. i wouldnt want to dig in to the ice cream. makes me sick. anyways, i think i had one similar to this in pj ss14 i think. it was good but i had my spectacles full of butter sprayed all over. hehehe. sorry long time didnt check out your blog. very busy lately. cheers….

    Why you put so much butter leh? Kiasu…all inclusive, so very generous lah! Hahahahahaha!!!! I’ve been to the ones in Kuching and KK, first time here and not that keen on going again.

  9. Thanks Suituapui… Thanks for promoting my blog.. Anyways, i will link you one day too!! ^_^

    I love the chocolate ice-cream so much.. I ate 5 of it! haha

    You can eat the whole tub, also no problem. So skinny! Hahahahaha!!! Most welcome, hope we’ll get to meet up one of these days, eh?

  10. Ah TwinStar eh? Like any other buffets, it’ll only be worth it if you have a bigass stomach to fill, LOL!! I went there once with my wife along with a big group of friends, I enjoyed it though. But I won’t be visiting there anytime soon unless I have another big group of friends going over together, it’s always fun to eat steamboat with a group of friends!

    A whole group? Better go restaurant like that…but I guess it’s partly the company and the fun, not just the eating and the food.

  11. Here they also have korean n mongolian steamboat,not bad but still prefers the traditional one my mum used to cook in Sibu. I love steamboats on cold winter days!I hopped over peteinformation blog the other day, very informative esp abt food too. One restaurant m interested in is Tai Thong restaurant. Was checking out Tai Thong Grand KL n Flower Drum fine dining.Hope the restaurants are excellent n wonder what are their signature dishes?

    We’ve a Korean one here and two Shabu2 (Japanese)…but I prefer the Thai one in Kuching – Coca at Riverside Hotel. I think they have an outlet somewhere in KL. U’re going to KL end of year? I won’t know their specialties. I think they have Peking Duck. I only went for dimsum at the one at Melia KL.

  12. unless u can eat, buffet styles are not meant for small portion eaters

    I agree with you there but if they have prawns and other more expensive selections, it may be worth it even though a small-eater.

  13. Hey, is this buffet like the one I ate recently at Yuen Steamboat? Also quite similar price at RM19+ per person.
    How come you don’t like Jay Chou songs? I love his songs! And btw, he’s from Taiwan and he does not do Canto-pop : )

    They’re all the same to me. I don’t mind some of Wang Lee Hom’s songs or Michael Wong’s but Jay Chou? Eeeeeeee!!!! LOL!!! The steamboat buffet you went to was so much nicer…with mussels, white pomfret and stuff. It’s definitely worth it!

  14. Hi I thought if prawns are just smaller than your little pinky (finger) they should be quite big!! (LOL) You have a high standard there.

    Eat all you can is often a sales gimmick. You have it all calculated there and I hope people are as wise as you are. Times are bad…$57 for three persons is rather stiff…and no oysters or salmon…

    I am a simple food oily stuff if possible. In Miri there is a little place called Little China – small portions and you need to be quick in mental arithmetic to get a good deal otherwise you have to take out your credit card.

    But the Ma La soup is worth a try – once if you have never had real Szechuan ma la soup…szechuan peppercorns and other secret ingredients from the Chinese DRUG store!!

    If only they use less plastic….

    LOL!!! I’ve small hands lah! Aristrocratic! Hahahahaha!!! I agree with you there; if they had better stuff in the buffet spread, it might be worth it…and for that money, I can have steamboat at home for a lot more people…with UDANG GALAH! Not so much into the hot and sour szechuan soup.

  15. You should try the ‘la kia mee’ at the coffee shop next to this one. Coffee shop called Tung Lok corner. Cook is from Mas Corner,where you used to have laksa there? all of them moved to that new place

    I know…famous for its chau-chai hung ngang. Went there once around 6 one evening but they haven’t started cooking. Didn’t fancy what they have in the stalls, so I left.

  16. haha..say?where’s rasa sayang?couldn’t find it this morning..thought it’s opposite the twin star bbq steamboat

    Aiyor! Round the corner from Twin star, not opposite. If you are facing Twin Star, it is the block on your RIGHT – facing the main road, Jalan Pahlawan (with the traffic lights), near a big furniture shop. To the LEFT is that chau chai hung ngang/lakia mee shop and Everwin.

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