New kid in town (3)…

On Sunday, we went to the morning mass service at the Sacred Heart Cathedral here…

Sibu's Sacred Heart Cathedral

…after which we went looking for this new dimsum place in town…

Sibu's MF Treatment Dimsum

Don’t ask me why it is named MF Treatment Sdn Bhd because I also do not know. If we did not spot some people eating out of bamboo baskets, we would not have known that was the place. I wanted to sit outside as there would be better light for my photos…

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - outside

…but the old lady wanted to sit inside in air-conditioned comfort, amidst the crowd and the noise…

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - inside

The char siew pao were quite nice but nothing spectacular…

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - char siew pao

…and likewise, the siew mai

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - siew mai

…and the har kau…

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - har kau

They all tasted all right but lacked the finesse of what we can get from an authentic dimsum restaurant. As a matter of fact, I would think it is along the same line as what we can get from dimsum stalls in coffee shops and hawker centres. But I just cannot say the same about the lor ma kai  though..

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - lor ma kai

It was soft and soggy and did not even have the taste to redeem it. I would sooner go for the RM5 pillow dumpling from the five-foot-way stall in Rejang Park. These deep-fried balls were quite all right…

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - fried balls

The skin was chewy or rubbery and there was some meat filling similar to the stuff you can find in a meat pao/dumpling but generous would be the last word I would use to describe it. And they had durian pastry too…

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - durian pastry

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - durian pastry inside

Just one look at it and you can tell that it would come nowhere near the ones we can get at the Mitsu Tea House. Not only do they lose out as far as the skin is concerned but the filling is not as substantial and does not taste as rich and nice. We also had some fried noodles…

Sibu's MFT Dimsum - fried noodles

Goodness gracious! The taste was okay but I could bite into the lumps (not grains, but obviously lumps of grains stuck together) of sugar.

The menu was completely in Mandarin and I did not like the young and cocky Mandarin-speaking kid who waited at our table either. I struggled with the orders in the language and when it was all done, he said something in Hokkien. I had tried using the dialect initially but he acted like I was speaking Greek as if he could not comprehend me! Later he came and asked if we got everything we ordered and I told him that we were still waiting for the fried noodles but he said it was not in the order. So I just let it pass…and after a while, he came with the noodles! I wish they would just push everything around in trolley carts and we could just pick what we wanted from there.

Later, I saw a woman employee with some plastic bags and I asked for one to tapao the remaining lor ma kai that we could not finish…but she refused to give me one and gestured for me to go to the back and get it myself! Gee! What kind of service is that?

The place lacked the sophistication and the ambience of the Mitsu Tea House or to be more precise, it was like a coffee shop! The bill came up to RM34.50 (inclusive of 3 drinks)  which was more or less, what I would have to pay if we had gone to the other place. All things considered, I doubt I would ever go back there again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “New kid in town (3)…”

  1. Probably it belongs to the same guy who operates a few foot massage centres called MF Treatment. One is near Tanahmas Hotel and another near the Rejang Medical Centre.

    Probably. I’m not familiar with those massage centres. Hehehehehehe!!! Maybe he’s using one license for everything. Wonder if you can use a massage centre license for an eatery? Legal kah, kepenyu?

  2. So the yumcha no good. The decor looks ok though!Guess when Sibu already got the original ‘seobee’our own ‘charng’ i think can bet yumcha anytime!.Would be good if we can have a sibu yumcha with sibu goodies like kompia,cendul,jiew huengchai,kasim rojak,every thing in 1 place,then no need to run around to eat all these things esp if u r in a hurry!

    You’re thinking of your next visit in December? Sibu’s so small…not even one song finished, already arrive! This one tastes ok except the lor ma kai, but not halus. NCAA (No class at all) lah! If cheaper, not too bad but for that amount of money, I would rather go to the other place.

  3. Ya, not so impressive – Oop! I mean the food, not your words! I feed more on words than on food! So, I still enjoy that thoroughly!

    I guess it’s smaller inside, all sealed up and air-conditioned…and voices carry…so it was kinda noisy! The other place is bigger and you can yumcha and chat with ur friends comfortably. I wish they would provide something more comfy than those wooden chairs/stools at these places…so when I sit and talk for a long time, it will not be so painful on my backside! Men not so well-padded mah! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. Even though I never went to the place before, I’ve already heard and read tons of bad reviews of it. Some say there has been improvements lately, well I guess they’re wrong though. ^_^

    This was my 1st time, so I don’t know what it was like before this. If it’s like what you said, they still have a lot of room for improvement! Btw, ur first time here? Welcome…and do keep coming, ya! Will link you in my blogroll!

  5. Ya, the menu is in Chinese words. Hate it, coz i don’t know how to read chinese! ~><~ and all the waitress are from China.

    From China? Where got? All the old old ones! The guys look like (not very smart) young school leavers or students working part time over the hols. You don’t read Chinese? Well, with the Mandarin-speaking culture here, I bet you’re very fluent in the language. Seems all young teenagers are…

  6. Looks like you’ve got a bad experience there. If I were you, I wouldn’t return to such a shop again…

    Definitely won’t go again. Not that the food is SO nice that I would endure the abuse! Hahahahahaha!!!

  7. MF, Mati Forever, with food like that and lousy service sure business KO anytime lorr!

    Business seemed ok…but it was a Sunday. Usually more crowded. Maybe people like it cos it’s more substantial e.g the siew mai are bigger! But not me!

  8. now you know what its name stands for…
    mother f**ker treatment and the sdn. bhd. is to cover their asses in case you ask kepenyu to represent you.

    No wonder I got such lousy service…or what they call m-f treatment! Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. Yah… i cant stand eateries that have their menus only in mandarin and the staff only speaks mandarin. Hello….ini Malaysia la, not China. I’m sure there are plenty of non-muslim bumiputra and non mandarin speaking chinese customers who patronise these places.

    It’s the culture here. That’s one reason why I like Ruby. The boss and his wife can speak English and Hokkien. And I guess that’s why they do get a lot of non-Chinese diners. Business is business, patriotism (though misplaced) is another matter. Chinese in Kanowit, Song and Kapit are all very fluently conversant in Iban. Right or not, Pollie?

  10. Speaking of MF, I had a friend in college who frequently wore a sweater with a large MF print in front. God knows what it stands for but I’m sure most of u would know what his nickname was after that. hahah

    You wear B.U.M.? That’s Bloody Useless Motherf**ker! Hahahahahaha!

  11. MF should logically mean My Foot la. Imagine the food are prepared by the same team of foot masseurs…Suppose it’s ok as treatment seemed to be the got ill treatment’ didn’t you hahahahaha. fyi fig is coming in two days..

    Ooo…u certainly seem to be very familiar with these “technical” terms? Hahahahahaha!!!! Hah! Make sure you do not overfeed the poor boy! Already so fat! Ummm…come to think of it, I guess it won’t make a difference! Drool…..ngui chap!! Slurpszzz!!! Hahahahaha!

  12. Ewww…. massage foot and then make char siew pau and siew mai. Must be extra tasty…hahahah.

    Maybe people with foot fetish will love that? Hahahahaha!!! Make the siew mai look like big toe!

  13. argh…menus in chinese…
    they shud at least put the english name for all the dishes at the side lah!…

    hmm … the mitsu tea house in kch also has menu in chinese 😦
    but at least the waitress was kind enough to translate and explain each of the dishes on the menu 😛

    Here, it’s bilingual…and they push everything around in trolleys, so you can just pick and choose. Anything not on the carts, I’ll tell them (in Hokkein-Mandarin rojak)and they will cook for me right away. And everybody’s very pleasant and friendly.

  14. MF Treatment.. referring to muthaf***a treatment? 😛 That explains why..
    A tad too expensive, for the food served. This is another restaurant, trying to be posh but serving sub standard food.
    Wah, if the waiter asks me to get the plastic at the counter on my own.. I wouldn’t be so kind like you.

    Sorry, have to censor one word. Don’t wanna end up in the list of most whatever blogs. I think you’re in, if I remember correctly. Checked mine liao! 100% clean, no use of vulgar language! Well, that was a middle-aged waitress lah! The other place, you just say you wanna tapao the leftovers, they’ll take it all away and pack in nice boxes for you to take away! The service is so much better.

  15. If I were you, if the mandarin-speaking kid is being cocky, I’ll just order (point whatever on the menu) a lot of things and when he was off with your order, I’ll make a disappearance act. Bahahahahaha! 😀 Let him explain to his boss.

    I’m not so mean lah…yunno me, so nice one! Just keep quiet and never come again!

  16. which part of the town is this place? you have to be nice to the waiter..a friend told me u scold them you never know what additional they put in..phew phew..Yes my old man fluent in Iban so are all the brothers.
    Talking of massage- tried once – the sweetChina young lady sat on my buttock when she massage my back-made me so uncomfortable-I asked her u sat on man buttock too kah..she said no lah.. believe or not? RM90 for 90 mins…dont bring the old man. haha.

    Across the road from Rejang Medical Centre. After the roundabout on the left if you’re going to the town. Who knows, the old man can make his way there on his own??? Hahahahaha!!!

  17. wah… Clare soooo mean one kah????? …but I ever did that before..hahahahah..cos the food took ages to be served…in our case we refused to accept the late food ..not disappeared hahahahah.

    Hmmm…all the mean people around. I only made a scene once at Holiday Inn Kuching because of the double-standard treatment…and got breakfast on the house. LOL!! My girl so annoyed with me…didn’t like it at all, so goody-goody!

  18. Kpenyu: Sometimes hor if you are too nice, people tend to take advantage and bully you. These people need to be taught a lesson. If they get it, they’ll learn. If they don’t get it, then, bo pien, they are THAT stupid! LOL!

    Hmmm…maybe that’s why people take advantage of me hor? I’m so nice! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  19. ah food..! good or bad, u blog them all 😀

    Just share with people who may be interested. But then again, some people may have a different opinion…

  20. hello stp.. thanks for popping by! thanks for the wishes too! i have no sexplanation for my absence in your blog. but i do read most of your postings 🙂 oh, nyonya is very happening.. travel here and there hehe.. just managed to catch up with her last Friday!

    anyway, happy blogging stp! have fun with your daughter! dun forget your wife too ohhh.. heee..

    Sure I will, thanks! And a warm welcome back! *sings, “You are my special angel….” That nyonya must be kaya-raya, jetsetting all around the world! Some people have all the luck in the world hor! LOL!!! Do keep coming….ummm…I mean, dropping by my blog, ya! Don’t throw stones (bunag batu) all the time!

  21. getting more and more dimsum themed rests eh ?? sibu like that la .. once the trend picks up everyone follow then the standard pun not up to par.. thnks for the post cause ill give this a pass when i get back lol…. motherf*cker Treatment.. what a tacky name for an eatery.. :p

    Be like me. I’ll just stick to Mitsu Tea House…much nicer on all counts!

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