Tea for two…

Well, my daughter’s home and we spent the morning yesterday watching “Mamma Mia – the movie” together. It was my second time and I found it just as entertaining as when I first watched it. I did mention in my reply to one of the comments in my previous post that I had cooked Foochow ang chiew (red wine) chicken soup and mee sua (string noodles) for my daughter for lunch. She enjoyed that a lot and after that, we went out to roam around the shops and window-shop to spend some quality time together. At around 3.00 pm, it was time for tea, so we headed to…

Sibu Thomson Corner

…at Pusat Tanahwang, opposite Sacred Heart Secondary School. I’ve had a number of posts earlier on this place on its Sarawak laksa, seafood kampua, nasi lemak and nasi ayam pattaya, all of which are pretty good, I must say. I had the ang tau peng (red beans with shaved ice)…

Sibu Thomson Corner's ang tau peng

The red beans were well-cooked, nice and soft and the sweetness is just right. It was rich enough a bit of santan (coconut milk) plus evaporated milk to that and pleasantly sweet with gula melaka (brown palm sugar). Personally I found it very nice and I would not mind going back for that again. My daughter had the ang tau cendol which was something similar except that it had those green jelly-like things in it. You can click on this link to see the photo my daughter took of it. Other than those, we also ordered a plate of jiew hu eng chai (cuttlefish and water cress)…

Sibu Thomson Corner - jiew hu eng chai

…but it was nothing to shout about, I must say because the dip provided tasted like kuah rojak, not what one usually has with the dish so I found that somewhat disappointing. We also had this plate of sotong salad (cuttlefish/calamari salad)…

Sibu Thomson Corner sotong salad

This has always been my daughter’s favourite even before she went for further studies and she still loved it, so much so that she finished most of that herself. We also stopped by the Sibu Central Market as my mother had been asking for buah pakon (wild durian) and luck was on our side! I managed to get 4 for RM18.00…

Sibu's wild durian - buah pakon

We opened two and my mother ate most of that. They are not very substantial actually. They are smaller than durians, not as mushy and sweet and the smell is not so pungent. The flesh is more or less orange in colour. We are saving the remaining two for her to enjoy another day.

My daughter and I were still quite full by dinnertime, so we just stopped by the Soon Hock Cafe that I’ve posted about here and here, and she had the pian sip (kiaw/wanton) dry while I had the kampua with pian sip. Gosh! That certainly was a day well-spent, don’t you think?

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17 thoughts on “Tea for two…”

  1. Yes! I remember the Buah Pakon, oranged coloured flesh isn’t it?Haven’t had those for along time!Have not tried sotong salad m sure is yummy! Your gal lucky to have a dad like u STP!U r the girlfriend(compliment to u!) that every girl would like to have!Someone who can talk movies,walk shop to food!LOL!

    You’ve been away so long I’m sure there are many things you haven;t had for a long time liao!!! My girl and I get along very well, like best of friends. I am truly blessed!

  2. Happy Father & Daughter moment. Hey.. I never try buah pakon before and I heard buah durian burung is nice too.

    I have never tried those. Not very common here but I saw some in Marudi when I went there to give a talk. My mother said they’re not so nice but some of my uncles and aunties liked to eat.

  3. In this post, you said “I’ve had a number of posts earlier on this place on its Sarawak laksa, seafood kampua, nasi lemak and nasi ayam pattaya, all of which are pretty good, I must say.”… Were you reffering to the post or the food???… lol…

    Aiyor! Like dat oso have to ask kah? Both lah!…My posts all pretty good ones wat!!! Bwakakakakakaka!!!!

  4. Looks like the whole day is dedicated to eating! Ooh I love kangkung with cuttlefish and durians!!! Maybe I should have some tonight after reading your post!

    Ah! You’re back in ur home sweet home! Welcome back! Miss me like crazy, I bet! Hahahahahaha!!!

  5. I haven’t spent quality time with my Papa for very long edi 😦 I missed the time when Papa and I went to recreation park to have a walk !!

    I want ang chiew !!! Don’t know where to look for in Kuching 😦

    and bad STP.. I’m so hungry now.. Need to leave office now and hunt for food liao !!

    Got ang chiew in Kuching lah! Good one but dunno where they go to buy. Wah! Sunday also you’re working kah? Workaholic kah u?

  6. Heh…using M as excuse to eat huh? 😀 Since you’re trying to “fatten” her up a little, I hope you don’t benefit from the same.

    Like all good fathers, have to sacrifice mah….my body shape! Hahahaha!!!

  7. I thought Sibu Thomson corner is near to St Rita Primary school?
    Would love to try the sotong salad.

    No more there. Now there’s one opposite Sacred Heart School and a smaller one (aircon) at Medan Mall. The old place is called Eden Corner now but I haven’t heard of anything nice there.

  8. Haven’t tried buah pakon before. The taste as you describe it sounds interesting.

    It’s a very very mild version of durian for those who do not like the strong stench of durian, not so sweet and messy…and they say it’s not “heaty”. Durian lovers will probably feel it lacks the kick.

  9. Hi..
    Blog hopping from Mama Mia’s Page 🙂
    Where exactly this Sibu Thomson Corner? Mcm sedap all the food u ordered hehehe…A must try 🙂

    Welcome. I presume you’re from Sabah. Just email me if you’re coming and I can bring you jalan2 cari makan. Will add u to my blogroll, so do come again, ya!

  10. Jiew Hu Eng Chai – the only place that has been in Sibu for decades is located in Sibu Market, I have forgotten the name of the stall. It is at the very end right side of the market if you go up from the main stairs.
    It used to be at the wet market next to the river in town back in 1980s.

    I heard that all the stalls along Channel Road moved there including the goh-bee therng (5-flavour soup). I wonder if my favourite Ah Leng (fried noodles) is there or not. I parked my car at the multi-storey complex once and walked thru the place…and there were people boozing away and looking quite drunk at 10 in the morning. That’s why I took an instant dislike for the place and never went back…especially when it means having to walk up the stairs. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. Hmm.. suddenly the thoughts of that kompia stall in Tiong Hua Rd. Is the place still open?

    Yup! It’s still open and business still as good. I don’t go there…not so much into kompia…plus fatty meat!

  12. Saw the wild durian before but never tried yet! Maybe I should try on my next trip back~ 🙂

    When will that be? Many years from now? Saw the pic of ur mum opening durians in ur blog. Recent or was that long ago?

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