In the morning…

In the morning yesterday, I did not go out for breakfast so I cooked myself this plate of Mamee Mi Poh Goreng and fried an egg – sunny side up.

STP's Mamee Mi Poh Goreng plus fried egg

I think I prefer Indomie but anyway, this post is not going to be about that. My friend, an ex-colleague, has just given me a pot of fermented durian (tempuyak) the day before but the problem is her hubby has added too much salt to it (He said that the Bidayuhs usually add a lot of salt when making tempuyak) so it is very salty and other than that, it has not really fermented yet, so it tastes something like fresh durian with a whole lot of salt.

In spite of that, I still wanted to cook some fish with fermented durian (ikan masak tempuyak) for my mother. That was why I could not go out for breakfast. The fresh prawns (udang galah) that I cooked with tempuyak when Cooking4stp was here were absolutely delicious but my mother has this allergy for crustaceans, so I had to substitute it with fish instead. These were the ingredients that I prepared… 

STP's fish with fermented durian - ingredients

I pounded two shallots – peeled and sliced, three cloves of garlic – also peeled and sliced, one chilli and a small 1-cm piece of tumeric (kunyit) and I had two stalks of lemon grass (serai), the ends of which had been crushed. I defrosted one piece of fish fillet and cut it into bite-size pieces.

After heating a bit of oil in the wok, I put in the pounded ingredients and the lemon grass and sauteed for a bit before adding half a tablespoon of sugar. After a while, I added two tablespoons of tempuyak and two cups of water and once the gravy started boiling, I put in the fish. Simmer till the fish was cooked, and presto! The dish was ready…

STP's fish with fermented durian 1

For one thing, as the tempuyak was so salty, I could not add the usual anchovies (ikan bilis) stock to enhance the taste and because it had not fermented, the tempuyak taste was just not there. Still, it tasted nice, something like masak kunyit with assam (cooked with tumeric and tamarind) but it could not match what I cooked for dinner when Cooking4stp was here.

STP's fish with tempuyak 2

Never mind! I will try again when I can get my hands on some nicely-fermented tempuyak. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to give it a try and then you can tell me how it goes…

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21 thoughts on “In the morning…”

  1. Some of the bidayuhs I know cook tempoyak with sardines (canned tomato ones) and small slices of three layered pork. Quite nice.
    Oh yeah, dont worry, am not sending u a christmas card so no snow, tsunami or earthquake in Sibu during Christmas. heheh

    What a relief! Hey! I never mentioned earthquakes! Would help if you stop walking around. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. so what difference does it make with the tempuyak? saltier ? more sour ? any hint of durianess ??

    It should not be too salty…and after fermentation, it would have its own nice unique taste. A bit sour but not too sourish either. Some pantang about women not allowed to make when having period…or that’s Foochow red wine!!!

  3. Yet to try yr tempuyak dish STP! Was browsing thru yr previous blog re christmas,yr poor dad the next few weeks will be bringing truckloads of cards for u!LOL! So naughty of u to use his address! Thot I send u one too, we always buy from the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists,so the money going to a good cause!

    Where got? Not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt lah! Hahahahaha!!! You bought, ya? Good! They usually sent one bundle of free samples…but I never ordered. Didn’t want the hassle. If can buy from the shops or church here, I won’t mind chipping in to help.

  4. Never had tempuyak before, heard of it since young, because nobody in my family can/know how to make it! *bawls*

    You probably will not like it if you take it straight as being fermented, it is an acquired taste like blue cheese…but when used for cooking prawns, it is really very nice! Can rival Ruby’s butter scotch, I tell you! Yum! Yum!

  5. I salute you Pacik Sibu for your filial piety. Even tho I don’t think durian, if not eaten fresh, should be eaten in any other form than pengyat! Btw, I see u r allowing yr pix to “overflow” again!

    It depends on the quality of the photos, whether they are sharp enough to be enlarged or not.

  6. I may not like the taste – frozen fish fillet? must have the fishy smell if u dont pan fry it first..tempuyak.i think its strange mixture – any comments from yr mum?

    Frozen fish fillet – quite tasteless lah. Bland…no fishy smell. People usually deep fry first and cook sweet and soure or with fermented beans, or fry coated with bread crumbs. My mum said the fish no taste…and I guess the tempuyak hasn’t fermented yet so can’t really taste that either. My friend’s bringing me more, so hopefully his will be nicer!

  7. i dont take too much maggi mee, too much ajinomoto… hair drop so much already. otherwise, i’ll go botak by this year end… 🙂

    Hahahahaha!!! Go for hair implants! Transfer hair from other part of body! ROTFLMAO!!!

  8. OK, I thought this is going to be Bee Gees’ In the morning..

    Still, it’s very nice of you to cook for your mother! Way to go!

    Least I can do, all our lives she cooked for us…and when I cook her ethnic delicacies, she will have a good appetite and eat more. I don’t cook as well as her though…still learning. Like once I made sambal hay bee, she took a pinch and said, “No lengkuas!” Gee! I could never tell the difference!!!

  9. Your friend cheat you lah…the bidayuh made it salty. Poor excuse. Give me durians and i will make you a batch. Made some last weekend. I only eat the one i make. Clean and drained… I noticed most people dont drain them so it can get very stinky!!!!

    I’ve two bottles coming soon, one made in Bintulu and one made in Serian. He gave me before – VERY nice and white and clean and not sour! Btw, do you think I should add more durian to the salty one? Will it help to make it better?

  10. Oh..if you syill have that tempuyak left..take it out to ferment.. When it gets sour it wont be that salty

    Out as in don’t keep in the fridge? Ok…will do that!

  11. STP!Would really appreciate it if one day when u r free u can post a receipe of the sambal hay bee.We never bothered to learn from our mum,meaning Dimong 1 & 2 too,last time just too lazy now regretting maybe getting ‘tua’ n sentimental too! We were just talking about the sambal on our trip back home n i think Amy also have a vague idea only. So maybe your mum can advise u since she still have the original receipe. Thanks. Always love the sambal with butter n bread. Just yumm!!!I got lots of Rejang haybee in my freezer so must put to good use!

    That’s easy! The only chore is pounding the hay bee! I don’t like to use a blender as it becomes too fine…and not nice like that! Will do it one of these days.

  12. fermented fish??brrr..doesn’t sound good to me..haha

    Durian lah! It’s called tempuyak! Fermented shrimps is cincaluk! Fermented fish is lusip or buduk aur. Foochow red wine is fermented…or any wine for that matter. All nice! LOL!!!

  13. Frozen fish fillet from supermarket? Very likely “creamed dory”, which is really not dory, but very possibly vietnamese catfish which has been specially “bleached” to make it whitish. Here, there are some fish sellers that sell frozen groupers, quite good.

    Dunno the name…seldom buy too except that day, old missus bought two and stuffed in fridge. Yunno lah…me scavenger, have to cook what’s in the freezer! Personally, I’d rather eat kembong.

  14. I like instant noodles too but they must not be overcooked and must be chewy. But very rarely eat them cos they are not healthy. Once in a while is OK when there’s no food around. Tempuyak – never tasted it before!

    Thought that’s a bachelor’s staple food? Hahahahahaha!!!! You’ve never tasted tempuyak before? They even have that at hotel buffets – ulam counter alongside sambal belacan and cincaluk. Funny how we do not get the smell of all these stinky stuff in the restaurant?

  15. The best way to keep your meal time consistent is to visit here 6am once, 1pm once, and 8pm once. Sure hungry.

    Hahahahahaha!!! 8 p.m. so late! I would have starved to death by then! Foochow people – dinner at 6 p.m.

  16. oh yea..durian..what was i thinking..hmm..must be because of my lack of sleep!!i slept at 6am XD

    What? Partying all night long?…Can’t possibly be studying that late, not you! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  17. party?nahhh…im not the party sleep..coz i took a nap at around 5pm+..bored

    No? Thought I’ve seen photos in ur blog before, having a wild time! Hahahahaha!!!

  18. ah..that was my first time going to karaoke mar..friend’s birthday..what to do..if say no will make friend feel

    U choirboy sure can sing so well. Next time I bring you karaoke and we sing Bohemian together. How about that? Hahahahaha!!!!

  19. way!!!!reminds me of she’s pregnant now

    Again? Gee…must be very fertile! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

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