An old Christmas card…

When I was small, like any other child, I would look forward to Christmas as I would be getting new clothes and lots of presents. We had artificial Christmas trees with branches that looked like toilet brushes, or to be more precise, those brushes that people use to clean the inside of their baby’s milk bottles and one thing that I used to do was to stick the cards on the walls to create the shape of a Christmas tree.

Every year, around this time, I would be sending out the cards to relatives and friends, far and near because come December, I would be too busy marking the public examination English Language papers to do that. If, for some reason, I was unable to do so, then everyone would not be getting any for that particular year. I think I heard somebody saying once that whenever they got  a Christmas card in November, they knew it had to be mine.

Sadly though, Christmas cards have gone out of style or so it seems. I would send out a lot but each year, I would probably get less than 10 in return – hardly enough to make a decent-looking tree. Everybody prefers to send their season’s greetings via sms, so much so that the networks would be jammed all through the night on Christmas Eve till Christmas morning.

I don’t know if there are others like me but I would just delete those messages once I have read them but I would cherish nice Christmas cards that have been carefully chosen, with beautiful wordings that reflect the affection and sincerity of the ones who have sent them. Somehow I feel that it is very much more meaningful like this.

And talking about that brings to mind one of my favourite Christmas songs by Jim Reeves. The lyrics go like this:

There’s an Old Christmas Card in an old dusty trunk
And it brings back sweet memories dear to me
‘Though it’s faded and worn, it’s as precious as the morn
When I found it ‘neath our first Christmas tree

I thrill with every word, every line
Guess I’m always sentimental ’round this time
Pardon me if a tear falls among my Christmas cheer
It’s the memory of an Old Christmas Card

You know, I don’t know why I get to feeling sentimental
about this time, every year
But every time I see a Christmas card,
I somehow can’t help reminiscing
About the very first Christmas that you and I spent together
What a beautiful Christmas card you gave me that year
Why I know you must have looked through thousands of cards
To find that wonderful poem that still brings a tear to my eyes

My sentiments exactly! Well, you can click on this link to listen to the song if you have never heard it before…and have you bought your Christmas cards yet?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “An old Christmas card…”

  1. YOu would have to give out your address to get some Christmas cards from your loyal readers. I will definitely send you one, if you provide me your address.

    LOL!!! You can send to your mum-in-law’s address and she can call me to go and collect…together with the poomba! Bwakakakakakaka!!!!!

  2. You remind me of a good friend who actually from Kuching but working elsewhere. She makes it a must to send out Chinese New Year cards almost every year. She thinks that receiving something in her personal writing is more meaningful than a short greeting through email or e-card. Will why don’t you let us know your home address and I will make sure that you receive one from me.

    It definitely is more meaningful especially Xmas cards as you can go looking for those with beautiful, meaningful verses or poems inside. Aiyor! I put up my address, then I’ll get all the hate mail and people start throwing molotov cocktail bombs at my house! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  3. now we only get around 2 or 3 christmas cards…somehow smses and e-cards just don give the kind of thrill christmas cards give huh?

    so we have to make do with past years christmas cards for deco every yr…kekeke

    You do that too!…Sometime I feel so paiseh, like want to let people think I’ve so many friends, get so many X’mas cards! Hahahahahahaha!!! E-cards also going out of style liao! I read somewhere somebody saying that e-mail is so 2006, people now send smses instead…and he gave the figures of the daily volume! Guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank!

  4. am sure you put everybody in Xmas mood today listening to Jim Reeves.
    Xmas card plus postage is more expensive than sending SMS and you dont have everybody mail address.
    when u send your Xmas card make sure you write your mail address too then you will have a card back.
    I know only Dimong1 send cards every year.

    Ya, sometimes I do not get cards from the people that I have sent…but those who send to me do not put their forwarding address at the back so I won’t know where to send. Don’t have the Ozzie Dimong’s addresses (Have misplaced Stella’s liao…or I have the old one or something! LOL!).

  5. Which reminds me, must go and buy some Christmas cards liao…DJ’s sis-in-law is going to get one from me 😛

    Gee! Looks like my blog’s your personal assistant now. Everyday, have to remind you what to eat or buy! LOL!!!

  6. hey! i knw that song..eventho its like a few lightyears older than me!! 😀 anyways, not getting enough cards to make the tree eh ? go get urself ur own card and fake the writings and then stick them on the wall.. thatll make ya feel better 😀

    Bet ur mum loves Jim Reeves. Most old people do! LOL!!!…Aiyor, so pathetic! These days, I do not bother anymore. Just go to church and night time, go for one of those expensive Christmas buffet dinners at one of the hotels.

  7. Hey!STP! I still stick christmas cards on my wall! I also love sending n receiving cards,more personal,but lately too lazy to send now got emails,so received less too. But u shld see my oldest sis,like u,nov can get hers already! She also very excited abt christmas!1 yr she told me she wants to decorate even the garden with lites,to compete with her grandchild’s garden!LOL!When we r at home for christmas,i will decorate the hse with fairylites,tinsels,n 1 time go crazy have 2 trees,one in family room,1formal room. My whole family loves christmas. If i host party,made my guests dress green n red,so far no party poopers,everyone participated,n organise kriskringle! Christmas will always be special for me n made me go down memory lane to JFV days!Remember during our neighbour days we used to compete who will put up the tree first! All so Kiasu!LOL! N midnite eve I still had brandy coke!Cheers! Sorry for being long winded again,christmases just keep me going on n on….!!LOL!

    My friend in Kuching used to have a theme for her tree every year. Dunno if she still does it or not. Her open houses always had the nicest homecooked food from the best in town. Drool! Christmas is usually a quiet affair these days unlike those days when everybody was around…and Chinese New Year, I would fly off somewhere to get away from the noise and fumes of fireworks and firecrackers!

  8. See what I mean STP! Just checked my actual mailbox,(not virtual!)Dimong 1’s daughter even earlier this yr,just got her christmas card. Thanks S!N Thks STP for saving me some phone calls/stamps!Just kidding,will reply card soon!LOL!

    Gosh! Looks like I’m a soothsayer…with very accurate oracles! My colleagues used to ask me the sex of their unborn babies and 9 out of 10 times, I would be correct! I kept telling them no need to waste money go for scanning, just ask me! LOL!!!

  9. Hope you do not mind me linking this story of mine about Christmas card here! Not selling my blog, but sharing – the Christmas Spirit anyway.

    Here you are –

    Aha! Just hopped over to have a look! U also posted the same song! Wise men think alike. Yes, we can buy the cards from the church with the nativity scene or other significant pictures, instead of those commercial ones with Santa and snowmen and what not. And choose the wordings too – not the insignificant “Season’s Greetings” but a Blessed or Holy Christmas. As they say, put the CHRIST back into CHRISTmas.

  10. I’ll send u an e-card. Just print it out and u can still hang it on the wall…hahahha.
    Ok… now go ahead and say I am kiam siap….lol

    Please do NOT send me a Christmas card! It will snow in Malaysia, with thunder, lightning and rain. Never got one from you ALL my life…but every year, ur dad would send without fail and even after his stroke, he would still insist on writing his cards by hand. This will be the first Christmas that I will not be getting one from him, God bless his soul.

  11. My sentiments exactly. Why people can’t just spend sometime to write me Xmas cards?!! Why?!! Maybe you should post your address and you might just receive a truckload of cards this Xmas. One will definitely be from me.

    Tenkiu! Tenkiu! As they say, it’s the thought that counts. I’ve very low self-esteem. If I post my address and do not get any, I will be devastated. My Christmas will be ruined! Hahahahahaha!!! Never mind! Just drop by and wish me via comments when the time comes, that will suffice. LOL!!! But if anyone wants to send me chocs or a Christmas pudding or fruit cake or a turkey or a rack of lamb, I’ll email my address to him/her right away. ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. yeahh.. cant do anything for christmas in sibu.. just go for the christmas dinner in hotels and stuff apart frm the ridiculously lame events held by municipal council or some whatever sh*t organization lol… but one thing i owez look forward to are the reruns of christmas shows on the tv!!! hehe…

    Never mind, if I’m not mistaken, that’s the only one there is in the whole country. When we were young, we had open houses like Chinese New Year and we would visit one another. These days, I guess people feel it’s too much of a hassle especially with Chinese New Year a couple of weeks away. Only the Catholic Melanaus and some Ibans will hold open houses now.

  13. Huh??? When is Christmas this year??hahahahah. mno no no fun if you have a Limited Edition family leh..Carolling is the best part of Christmas

    Eating! LOL!!!

  14. …your Christmas ggoooodies..will be reaching you via e-mail this year…blogger.

    Very kind of you!…Let’s see any uni students coming home for hols! I’ll ask them to contact you and they can bring back ur giant prawns for me! Hehehehehehe!!!

  15. Ha Ha, you got me in Christmas mood. Now,I am looking for my Christmas songs CDs.

    LOL!!! So what’s your favourite Christmas song? I love John Lennon’s Happy X’mas (war is over).

  16. i only send e-cards. much faster. Xmas cards are not that sellable anymore. the hassle to paste stamps and drive to the post office….i’ll be celebrating xmas with my family in singapore this year. it has been years since my last visit there. visit other relatives too..:)

    Ooo…u certainly get to go everywhere! They’ll be lighting up soon- Orchard Road! Humph! So like that, I won’t be getting a card from you lah! LOL!!!

  17. Sometimes Gilbert got open house during Christmas, I went when the sister was there. We ordered a turkey from RH Hotel once, it was okay (not that nice but okay) but those Cina folks in my extended family cannot appreciate the taste.

    Ursula would probably be too busy this year with the daughter’s wedding to hold an open house. Turkey’s ok…like breast meat…but many don’t like lamb (or duck).

  18. Ohh…so you want a christmas card. I’ll go choose a nice one for you!

    Hahahahaha!!! From Hallmark no less? That will cost a bomb! LOL!!!

  19. Yeah post your address and I will send you a card.
    I am a nostalgic and sentimental card sender even if I don’t get one in return…you don’t have to send one back to me….LOL
    Remember Christmas is a time for giving…????? I think I have just selected a suitable card for you.

    You can use my father’s postal address – P.O. Box 100, 96000 Sibu Sarawak Malaysia…but you have to use my real name. He wouldn’t know who the hell suituapui is! Hahahahahaha! And do put ur address at the back.

  20. hoho.. that’s nice. well, too bad physical cards are not so much the in thing now huh. anyway, here’s to an early christmas 🙂

    I intend to have a few more posts…up till Christmas Day.

  21. I don’t send Christmas cards anymore, nowadays send e-cards and sms. Faster and cheaper and get very quick response too : )
    But strangely, I love Christmas cards and just buy them to keep. Now I have a collection of unused Christmas cards!

    I would think the used ones have more sentimental value?

  22. same goes with me about idulfitri, you are so lucky to still have Christmas in return, but I think..its been 5 or 6 years I didn’t get any eidulfitri card, maybe because I also had stop send any to my

    I guess it’s a dying practice…or should I say, it has died out already.

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