Everybody knows…

I would think that this place needs no introduction, judging from the crowd there every morning from 8 to 10 a.m.

Sibu's Chip Chung Cafe 1

Everybody knows about the beef noodles here, it seems, at the Chip Chung Cafe. It is right behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation building (You can see the back portion in the photo) – the blue and white corner shop. Formerly, the lady had a stall at Chopsticks (that has since moved to the Delta Commercial Centre, also near my house), a coffee shop in the town centre next to HSBC. I used to bring my daughter there when she was small as she liked the soup – just beef and soup, nothing else. On one of my recent visits, the lady asked where my daughter had gone too and I told her that she had gone for further studies. “How fast time flies by!” she remarked.

Sibu's Chip Chung Cafe 2

The lady runs the stall in the front portion of the shop, and the main attraction is the kampua kosong (plain kampua noodles) with beef soup…

Sibu's kampua with beef soup

Actually, I have featured this before in an earlier post. Now, an alternative would be the beef noodles soup…

Sibu's beef noodles soup

…but personally, I would opt for the former as there are nicer ones of the latter elsewhere. She has other things to offer as well like pian sip aka kiaw or wanton and the usual kampua. I have never tried these, but this little girl seemed to be enjoying the kampua and stuffing her face with it…

Eating kampua in Sibu

But do avoid the peak hours though, as the lady might be in a pretty foul mood and could just snap at you. Other than that, be forewarned that everything will be sold out by around 10.00 a.m. Anyway, you may also choose to eat the fried stuff from the back portion of the shop. People say that the only-in-Sibu egg-wrapped fried kway teow is the nicest around, nicer than what you can get here or here. I wouldn’t know, of course, as I would stick loyally to the kampua kosong with beef soup…all the time.

In comparison, probably fewer people would know of this place – the Sibu Coffee Shop at Pusat Tanahwang. Acey lived close by and would be familiar with this place and the Star World Cybercafe right next door (So at certain times in the day, you will hear the two world wars plus a third one thrown in for good measure, raging inside!)….

Sibu's Kedai Kopi Sibu

I used to come here quite frequently when I was teaching at SMK Sacred Heart across the road on the other end. If you’re looking for more original/authentic kampua, what you can get here is not bad at all, I would say…

Sibu Cafe's kampua

This certainly looks and tastes more like the Ah Kow kampua at Kiaw Siong Restaurant that some of us grew up eating. Nope, it isn’t 50 sen a plate like during my childhood days but at RM2.20 a plate, it is the same as at Rasa Sayang and cheaper than at some other places, and so is the pian sip (kiaw/wanton)…

Sibu Cafe's kampua & pian sip

Personally, I would prefer the kampua-kolo mee fusion at Rasa Sayang or that at Soon Hock Coffee Shop (despite what they say about the lady’s long hair) but whenever I am in this vicinity, I may just drop in to have something different for a change.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Everybody knows…”

  1. I never know that there is a coffee shop rite behind to the kidney foundation. I used to servicing my car there quite a times but i didn’t notice the coffee shop. Hehe.. Thanks for the info.. I will go there for lunch later!

    Ooi! By then already closed lah…or cleaning up and closing. They usually wrap up for the day after 10 a.m. plus! You can tell from there that they’re not Foochows! Got money to earn, don’t want! LOL!!!

  2. gosh..ure making me really hungry!!kampua!!haha..just finish my last exam

    U should be home in a week or two! Very fast liao! LOL!!!

  3. I really do not know where is these cafes u posted. Where is Delta Commercial? But the kampua n beef noodles sure looks good!

    I keep telling you that when you come home, you must stay longer! Lots of places still that you don’t know of…and lots of things to eat!

  4. Never been there since my dad got pissed because we waited very very long for our kampua to arrive and yet the table next to us got to eat first even though they came in later.
    Will try to go there again some other time, early.

    Ya, that’s why the lady gets into a foul mood! I got scolded before but never mind…still go back cos I like the kampua and beef soup. If you go early, not so many people, she’ll be in a good mood and will talk to you happily! Old people like that lah…a bit cranky! LOL!!!

  5. I don’t like it when the seller is in bad mood and snaps at you. I noticed some food sellers who think that their food is so good, you either take it or leave it. Well, I’ll leave it. Or ask someone else to buy for me. LOL

    I prefer places where the people are nice too…but sometimes when I really feel like eating something, never mind lah! Thick skin a bit! LOL!!!

  6. I wanna go try next time when I’m in Sibu liao !!! Looks so yummilicious !!!

    Come! Come! Sibu so near! Can just hop over for the weekend even! Cheap airline no more fuel surcharge now. So if you can get the free or cheap days, it will be cheaper than taking a bus, I’m sure!

  7. I know this shop – its near to Cherry lane..the food esp the egg fried kuay teow is good..am not happy with the service – got scolded when we asked about our order after waiting for so long.

    Hahahahaha!!! U got scolded too! To avoid that, go early. Around 7-8 a.m. before the crowd, then it will be ok. They say the kway teow is the best around. But I thought the fried stuff people are ok, only the beef noodle lady’s grumpy when under stress?

  8. You’re rite.. The shop was still open but the kampua and beef noodles stall was closed. But i tried the Char Kuew Tiew with egg on top and eggs soup, Damn nice!! Next time should go early..

    Ya, it’s nice, right? I’m ALWAYS right! Hahahahaha!!! Ok…good luck to you! Hope you don’t get scolded! LOL!!

  9. Haiyah. Your blog today was so enticing that I had no choice but to have a plate of kampua mee at Expert Food Court 4th Mile for breakfast! Taste good too for RM2.50

    Adoi! U got cravings too kah? Hahahahaha!!!! RM2.50 is reasonable. Kuching’s a city mah! But here too, some places charging that price…not that they’re any good! But in my previous post, somebody mentioned that in KL, Sarawak laksa’s selling at RM7.90 a bowl! Goodness! That’s daylight robbery!!!

  10. Gosh, 6 slivers of meat against all that mee! Definitely not a complete meal..at least you have some kiaw to go with it, balancing it up a little. I normally ask for a RM4 plate with extra meat. One time, the kampua lady retorted,”..RM3.50 enough ” …errr okaaaayy.. 😳

    Kampua’s typically Foochow. All the carbs, so they would have energy to work till lunch. Last time 30 sen…no meat, lots of noodles. The kiaw hasn’t got much meat also lah! Some people order fried egg (bull’s eye) for the protein…or mixed soup with liver, intestines and what not.

  11. man, that kampua looks really good!

    It’s quite nice…but not top on my personal list. Maybe people who insist on the authentic Foochow kampua taste would love it more.

  12. aiyoh the kampua mee looks good. i’m drooling and missing the wantan mee…..

    LOL! Getting sick of nasi bryani? Never mind! U’ll be home in a couple of days. Got buy souvenir for me or not? A belly dancer! Hehehehehehe!!!

  13. wahhh. looking at all these makes me miss all the warm, fatty, filling breakfast we get in malaysia than healthy, boring, cereal with milk, or ham sandwich here.

    Ya, that gets boring after a while. I only spent 3 months in the UK with other representatives – 1 from each state in Malaysia and on the flight back, we fought for the not-so-nice nasi lemak in the plane!

  14. The best flat type kampua used to be Teo Chew Kam Pua in Sibu Market. Prior to moving to the market, it is used to be in the small lane next to Standard Chartered Bank. It used to cause traffic jams at night, as ppl just parked on side street.

    Yes, I used to love it when I was younger. Kampua Talk featured it at its new place recently but she said the old man starts only at 8.30 p.m. by which time, my slow boat would have started its journey to China liao! Must have my beauty sleep mah! LOL!!!

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