Change of heart…

I have posted about this place before here and also about its kampua special here. Yes, I’m talking about the e-Cafe at the Delta Commercial Centre here in Sibu…

Sibu's e-Cafe 1

As you can see in the photographs, the interior decor in this coffee shop is different from what you normally see elsewhere. Some of the furniture and even the flooring look out of the ordinary. The reason for this is that it was formerly a music cafe that has now shrunk to just the first floor only.

Sibu's e-Cafe 2

Well, I heard that the Sarawak laksa was good and even Gilbert who lived somewhere there testified to that. So I decided to give it a try. I did not like the beef noodles from this particular stall very much, so I was hoping the laksa would be better. And it most certainly was! I was impressed even before my order came. The sambal belacan looked red and nice unlike at other places where it would come out in a tiny chunk, blackish in colour and looking miserably dry.

Sibu's e-Cafe Sarawak laksa - sambal belacan

A normal bowl would cost RM3.50 but I ordered the RM5.00 special…

Sibu's e-Cafe Sarawak laksa 1

Ooo…it was certainly substantial and there were so many prawns. But never judge a book by its cover, so I tried it first before passing my verdict. I must say that it was really very nice, much nicer than what I had had in Kuching. I think I would give it a score of 8 out of 10. If they had used bigger prawns even if it meant giving fewer with each serving and more of the egg omelette strips and perhaps a little less mihun, I would give it a perfect score of 10.

Sibu's e-Cafe Sarawak laksa 2

I have posted the photo below sometime ago showing the laksa at Chong Choon Coffee Shop in Kuching. If I’m not mistaken, it costs RM4.50 a bowl.

Kuching laksa

Some say it is better than the one at Choon Hui along Ban Hock Road…

Choon Hui laksa Kuching

And a certain Kuching blogger (fat and owns a supermarket! LOL!!!) proclaimed this Golden Arch one to be the best in the city.

Sarawak laksa at Golden Arch, Kuching

Well, just by looking at the photos, which one do you think will win hands down?

Anyway, previously here in Sibu, I liked the laksa at Thomson Corner at Pusat Tanahwang best and I was spellbound at the sight of the big prawns they served with the laksa special at MAS Corner but having tried this one, I have had a change of heart now. This one is definitely the best and rest assured I WILL be going back there again. Care to join me, anyone?

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33 thoughts on “Change of heart…”

  1. The laksa is definitely very good, tried it when I was back in Sibu in August. I was actually brought there by Gilbert’s sister.

    Ah! Another vote in favour of e-Cafe’s laksa! Ur wife-to be, say so lah! LOL!!!

    P.S. Heard u’re very slim now…not like during ur school days? Ooo…!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  2. Honestly speaking,n no m not bragging, since i knew how to cook laksa, i prefer my own bcos u can put anything u like in them,sometimes I put luncheon meat/charsiew/mussels etc.N with Pollie’s belachan to accompany,just yumm! But will try yr Rasa Sayang kampua next time in town!.Kampua still something I have not manage to cook it right yet. Someone says ‘xavier’s’kampua do not exist anymore, true or not?

    I also know how to cook laksa…and gundot’s sambal laksa best lah! Still got one packet, haven’t used yet! Luncheon meat with laksa? Eyew!!! That’s like having sausage in Foochow fried noodles! Not compatible! Mussels would be fine! Dunno about Dr Xavier’s kampua… Haven’t been there for a long time liao! Traffic jam in the morning because of the primary school!

  3. when i was in sibu many months ago, i loved the kampua near the market. i had it at 3.00am though.. and after lots of beers so my perception might be screwed.

    the laksa sure does look good. i still love my kuching laksa thanks. 😛 lol!

    Wah! You certainly drink a lot for someone who’s going to be a doctor! LOL!!! U haven’t tried this one yet! Coming to Sibu again???

  4. I still prefer laksa from Kuching though. For reasons unknown, I find laksa in Sibu still not-quite-there-yet. I have yet to try the laksa awarded by the fat Kuching blogger who owns a supermarket chain lar (so far, 3rd mile ler).
    But hor, I kinda miss the laksa my mom cooked a long long time ago. It was like a laksa buffet when I get to put as much prawns and omelette strips as I want. Hahaha!
    I haven’t had breakfast yet…hmmm…hungry lar. Oh! I got chipmunk’s car! Hehehehe! Going to Fat Cat for laksa now, can’t help it!

    I’ve tried all three in Kuching that I featured in the post – all nice but not something to die for! I had at one place in Tabuan Laru near Choice…also ok, and one at 7th Mile. Now, Sibu laksa catching up lah! Not like last time…when the Foochows did not know how to eat pedas and the food so bland! Last time I would not bother to eat the laksa here.

  5. You should try the Laksa at 88 Cafe at Jln Ling Kai Cheng behind the comfort Furniture..

    Comfort? That Selemo kampua place? I think it was in droolteam’s blog. Never heard anybody say that it’s nice. They just go for the kampua there which I don’t quite care for.

  6. The Golden Arch Laksa is not so good anymore. It used to finish selling around 11+ but nowadays you will find the laksa still on sale during lunch hour. Don’t know if this is due to bad economy or bad food. hahaa… But I like the Fat Cat’s laksa at Stutong. Though my parents still prefer the laksa at Lao Ya Keng at Carpenter Street. My sister like the laksa with clam at Thompson Corner of Tabuan Jaya. Hey.. Nicholas, the Malaysian singer’s parents own that Thompson Corner.

    Like MAS corner here. On Sundays after church at around 10 am, no more liao! Now, lunch time still got…maybe because it is no longer the only place in town with good laksa. Ooo…must go and eat the Thompson Corner laksa often and then can sing like Nicholas! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  7. Very hard to find good Sarawak Laksa in KL lorr. With so many varieties over your place, I am sure to enjoy myself if I were to visit there.

    So when are you coming? Can squat at my place and I’ll be your food guide! Best around, I assure you! LOL!!!

  8. Fat Cat laksa not open today, so I went two blocks down for Foody Goody laksa and some yew zha kueh. Yumm!

    Can’t remember whether I ate at Fat Cat. I think it was Foody Goody as the name sounds familiar. Not bad also. Wah! See my post terus go and eat! Don’t tell me you’ve got cravings liao…??? Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. Sometimes, I find that Foody Goody laksa is very ‘lemak’. But nevertheless, that is one good place for laksa too. The Fat Cat laksa is just nice. I used to hang out at the new cafe near the stutong-bdc roundabout. The laksa there is not bad too. My mum says the lui-char is very nice. I trust her cos her taste buds is very good. Well.. if next time you are in Kuching, I can bring you to either Fat Cat or the cafe I mentioned. Sorry, I dun know the name of that cafe. Never check it out. I wonder why. hahaha…

    I like it more lemak than usual. Last time old Kuching airport cafeteria, the laksa VERY lemak. People said not like laksa, more like curry but I loved it! Must eat when on transit to Spore or KL…and bought sandwiches somemore so I could dip the bread in the laksa gravy. That’s why so fat hor! Hahahahahaha!!!! I never bothered about shop names until I started blogging… Eyew! No lui char for me, TQ!!!

  10. Hei… no lui char for me too although it is one good healthy food. Too many laksa and kolo mee plus kampua is not good for me. I am hook with kampua mee from the Lee Cafe lately. The kampua mee with pork liver soup. Very nice…

    A friend of mine brought me once to try but I was put off by the sight of it. I did not touch it at all! LOL!! Where’s Lee Cafe? Somebody from Sibu? Sure you’re not Foochow? They love pork liver. My college days the fellow-trainees from Sibu used to buy home as very cheap in Kuching. The health-conscious Kuching people didn’t want to eat.

  11. He is from Bintulu. The cafe named after his late FIL. A good friend of hubby. You will know sooner or later whether I am a foochow or not.

    Then I won’t know him. Hah! I can guess ur hubby’s a Foochow lor… LOL!!!

  12. All of the laksa looks pretty good in the photo!!! Never had enuf of them everytime i go back! HMPH!

    You should stay longer the next time you come home…and maybe we can meet-up and go mam-mam.

  13. I love – so many prawns.
    what Gundot laksa? her secret recipe?

    Can go the next time you’re in town…and the nes supermarket is right across the road. Gundot used to buy homemade laksa sambal from a colleague – very nice, very pedas…and then there was the Pineappple Brand. Very fragrant, nicer than the Swallow Brand.

  14. When I come back you need to take me go all those places you mentioned lol. Here nothing even taste like anything in Sibu. I can even gel my hair for 3 days with the oil under the so-called “Sarawak Mee” @ kolomee that they serve here.

    Of course, my pleasure. Gee! Ain’t that nice? Get to eat…and have oil for the hair for 3 days! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  15. oh. somebody mentioned Lui-char- its a very healthy food.I go for lui-char every have to try getting use to the bitter taste then you will love it.

    Eyew…it does not even look nice enough to entice people to eat!

  16. The Golden Arch one is too salty for my taste. I think the first one is the best, even if I never ate it there before. It LOOKS good. Crap you’re making me craving for it.

    The only place in PJ that serves it is so far from my place, and so far the best (and MOST expensive) among all others. RM 7.90!! Thankfully made by a Teochew Kuchingite lady.

    Hahahahahahaha!!! I love tormenting people. Gosh! RM7.90? Double the price here. Looks like the Sibu people go to Kuching and the Kuching people go elsewhere. I read in one of the related posts that they have Sarawak laksa somwehere in Spore – the guy’s from Batu Kawa.

  17. I tried Sin Chong Choon’s months ago.. Very nice wor !!

    It is nice. But I wouldn’t say that it is so nice I’d be dying to eat it again, reach Kuching first thing must rush there to eat…

  18. No wonder it is always so crowded at Fat Cat. Seems we all go there. I like the bread there. Only problem there is dont bother to order drinks. You’ll never get them!!!

    Workers all Indons? From the name, it sounds like a place for fat Kuching people! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  19. e-cafe ? is that the one which is sharing the same block with Mei Leh cafe ?

    Nope! This one’s right behind Delta Mall – go out the left back exit, cross the road (and parking lots) – 1st coffee shop… Same block as Soon Hock, opposite ends…and formerly Yes Music Cafe.

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