Change of heart…

I have posted about this place before here and also about its kampua special here. Yes, I’m talking about the e-Cafe at the Delta Commercial Centre here in Sibu…

Sibu's e-Cafe 1

As you can see in the photographs, the interior decor in this coffee shop is different from what you normally see elsewhere. Some of the furniture and even the flooring look out of the ordinary. The reason for this is that it was formerly a music cafe that has now shrunk to just the first floor only.

Sibu's e-Cafe 2

Well, I heard that the Sarawak laksa was good and even Gilbert who lived somewhere there testified to that. So I decided to give it a try. I did not like the beef noodles from this particular stall very much, so I was hoping the laksa would be better. And it most certainly was! I was impressed even before my order came. The sambal belacan looked red and nice unlike at other places where it would come out in a tiny chunk, blackish in colour and looking miserably dry.

Sibu's e-Cafe Sarawak laksa - sambal belacan

A normal bowl would cost RM3.50 but I ordered the RM5.00 special…

Sibu's e-Cafe Sarawak laksa 1

Ooo…it was certainly substantial and there were so many prawns. But never judge a book by its cover, so I tried it first before passing my verdict. I must say that it was really very nice, much nicer than what I had had in Kuching. I think I would give it a score of 8 out of 10. If they had used bigger prawns even if it meant giving fewer with each serving and more of the egg omelette strips and perhaps a little less mihun, I would give it a perfect score of 10.

Sibu's e-Cafe Sarawak laksa 2

I have posted the photo below sometime ago showing the laksa at Chong Choon Coffee Shop in Kuching. If I’m not mistaken, it costs RM4.50 a bowl.

Kuching laksa

Some say it is better than the one at Choon Hui along Ban Hock Road…

Choon Hui laksa Kuching

And a certain Kuching blogger (fat and owns a supermarket! LOL!!!) proclaimed this Golden Arch one to be the best in the city.

Sarawak laksa at Golden Arch, Kuching

Well, just by looking at the photos, which one do you think will win hands down?

Anyway, previously here in Sibu, I liked the laksa at Thomson Corner at Pusat Tanahwang best and I was spellbound at the sight of the big prawns they served with the laksa special at MAS Corner but having tried this one, I have had a change of heart now. This one is definitely the best and rest assured I WILL be going back there again. Care to join me, anyone?