Same old brand new you…

Well, this is the same old recipe actually and nothing brand new at all as I have cooked pineapple prawns this way before but this time, I tried it with chicken for a change…

STP's ayam masak kunyit

I pounded these ingredients together: 2-3 shallots, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 2 cm3 of tumeric (kunyit), 3-4 thing slices of galangal (lengkuas), 1-2 cm3 of dried prawn paste (belacan) and chillies (according to taste). I also got 2-3 stalks of lemon grass (serai) and crushed the ends.

After heating a bit of oil in the wok, I fried the pounded ingredients and the lemon grass until fragrant and then I added a tablespoon of sugar. Then I added the chicken, cut into bite sizes, and stirred till the meat was well-coated with the ingredients. When the oil had come out of the chicken, I added water, threw in two pieces of assam keping (dried tamarind) and a teaspoon of salt and left it to simmer till there was very little gravy left. Then it was ready to serve…

STP's ayam masak kunyit 2

It was nice, and a welcome change from the usual curry, rendang or masak merah. By the way, just ignore the carrots! It so happened that there was one left in the fridge from God knows when my old lady bought it and it was already  sprouting roots. Thinking that it would be such a waste to throw it away, I decided to cut it up and put it in for some roughage.

I also had corned beef a day or two earlier. I used to love the red and yellow tin corned beef from China, Great Wall brand, but like the Ma Ling luncheon meat, the quality has deteriorated so badly that it has become inedible. I have not bought that brand for a long time now. At one time, we had the Palm brand from New Zealand but when the price exceeded RM10 a tin, I did not think it was worth it anymore. We have brands like Highwayman, Libby’s and I think there is also Agromas but these are quite expensive too. These days, I would settle for Mili or Linkz, both of them around RM5 something a tin.

STP's corned beef with potatoes

I love my corned beef with boiled potatoes and sliced Bombay onions. What about you?

This next dish is nothing new either. I had cooked it before and featured it in this earlier post except that I pounded the tapioca leaves and they did not…

3Q's tapioca leaves with chicken

I think I also had lemon grass (serai) but even without that, it still tasted nice – something like manok/ayam pansoh (chicken cooked the traditional ethnic way in bamboo)…and I got it from 3Q Takeaway for only RM4.00. That’s pretty cheap, don’t you think?

Well, the weekend’s here again. Cooking anything special, anyone?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Same old brand new you…”

  1. I’m gonna cook Tom Yam maggie mee. It has been a while since I had a bowl of noodle. Lol. I’m back with a vengeance, pa.

    Welcome back, son. I read in somebody’s blog that instant noodles got wax. Boil and get rid of the water. Boil some more water for the ingredients to make the soup…or go for the mee goreng instead.

  2. anything exceed RM10 a tin not worth it–wah u must have lots of cash in the bank n some stuffed in the pillows.. haha vv stingy foochow.
    I like the chicken -must try the recipe.

    So expensive mah! Canned food only. Go for the cheaper stuff, also nice mah!…Let me know how ur chicken turns out!

  3. wahhh yummmyy…
    eh today is friday le…and yet u tempt us with all these meaty goodness 😛

    ya ya i love corned beef with onions and sometimes fry it with egg…canned food taste so good sometimes 😛

    Hahahahaha!!! I’m cooking fish curry today. Will post if turns out nice. Corned beef with egg? Never tried that. Must be something like ham or bacon omelette…

  4. My way to do corned beef. Ask son to peel potatoes and cook together with rice. I come back from school, fish out the potatoes, fried the corned beef. Of course must add bombay onions.

    That’s a good idea! Kill two birds with one stone…no need to boil the potatoes, can save gas! LOL!!!

  5. wanna ask u about celcom broadband?
    how do u find it so far?
    any frequent disconnections or extreme slow speed?

    Almost a year now…so far once only, that day they had technical problem and restored after around 36 hrs. Slower a bit at times but ok… Very fast! Just click…click…click…

  6. Oh gosh, I love cornbeef cooked with eggs!! Been years since I last had that … maybe that something I can have over the weekend …

    Another one corned beef with eggs! Must try that one of these days! I’ve cooked soup before…just dump in water, dump in sliced Bombay onions and potatoes cut in strips like french fries, and add salt and msg according to taste. Nice soup…but the corned beef itself not much taste left.

  7. SnW corned Beef RM8 349g Product from Brazil is recommended to make potatoe/corned beef patties,,,,fry CB with chopped big onions. mix in to mashed potatoe.. add in egg yolk. some flour to bind..seasoning. shape into balls. coat with beaten egg n bread crumbs..deep fried. yummy. yummy

    Aiyor…you said fry CB, I thought what you’re talking about! Hahahahahahaah!!!! Corned beef potato patties, nice! But haven’t tried making… Sounds like a lot of work! LOL!!!

  8. Oh dear….”calculative” and “stingy” all in just half a day! STP owns a bank!!

    Going to try to cook vegetable curry, the short cut way. Actually I just want to cook the fresh soy bean stalks which I bought a couple of days ago, and I doubt it will last a few more days without going bad. I hardly eat any soya products so this hopefully will be a nice change.

    Piggy bank got lah! But that one also kosong! LOL!!! I’m cooking fish curry today…use the special curry mix Pollie gave me long ago – all the way frim Bintulu!

  9. Oh I was also recommended the “Celebrity” brand of corned beef, which is available from Ta Kiong. I haven’t tried it. Guess that will have to be next week now, since my quota of canned foods consumption used up after my tuna pasta salad. haha.

    Haven’t seen that brand here…but then I seldom go to town. Haven’t been to Ta Kiong for ages now…

  10. May give your chicken a try. Today am cooking STP’s char kuih teow again, lately family’s favourite. I cooked chicken once with gelanggal,serai,chili,ginger n shallots with dark soya sauce n sugar,nice too. Nowadays am switching to plumrose brand instead of spam for luncheon meat.

    I don’t like SPAM; plumrose is definitely nicer! The frankfurters and cocktail sausages too! Aiyor…all that and then you add soy sauce? You should add chopped raisins, chillies and a bit of santan…will become masak hitam. Haven’t cooked that for ages… Prefer with beef, but fresh beef’s so rare here!

  11. Wah STP can cook so many dishes. I haven’t had corned beef before but I have certainly seen those Libby’s tins. Maybe I should try it one day like how you did it with boiled potatoes.

    You haven’t? Hmmm….must be like that Mrs Jiggs in the “Bringing up father” cartoon strip. Her hubby loves corned beef and cabbage…but she thinks it’s low class. Fit for the poor!…But the prices of canned corned beef here, I certainly wouldn’t think so!

  12. Used to love the yellow and red corn beef too. My grandma would add some stuff, rolled them and deep fried them into corn beef balls, Hakka-style, she said. Very nice! But she can hardly do any cooking nowadays and no one jiap chiu her kungfu. Hahaha!

    I tried that once in the 70s – corned beef-potato balls but the balls exploded during frying! Still green then…didn’t know how to cook! LOL!!!

  13. bombay onions?do they make u shake ur head like indians after eating?hahahaahahha

    Gee! Have you been studying too hard? Not even started ur degree already PhD- permanent head damage kah? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Here the butcher also made fresh corned beef n pickled pork,where u go home n boil yourself.Have u try before? I like the p.pork but prefer canned corned beef. Too bad i don’t fly direct to Sibu this time or else can give u some. However they also sell powder to do pickled pork yrself,they say it is all natural ingredients,u like some?

    No, thanks. You probably would have noticed that all my cooking – easy and quick ones. I’ve seen the corned beef in supermarts in KL but I’ve never tried. I just guess it isn’t as nice as those in the cans.

  15. wah… must be a seasoned pro cook.. gotta drop by and learn once i get my own on takeaways 🙂

    Yes, it is very much cheaper overseas if you can cook your own meals. I suppose labour costs/salaries and other overhead charges are high. Just follow the instructions in my posts and adapt according to what’s available. I never had any lessons…just trial and error and once you know what goes well with what, you can’t go wrong. Just finished cooking my fish curry but I’ll save that for another day. Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  16. yeah!! trial and error… actually i wont mind if i mess up the dish or whatever..especially if its prepared by myself 😛 as long as can stuff my stomach enuf liao hehe

    Somehow in the cold temperate climate, anything one cooks tastes nice…especially when served piping hot.

  17. i have my corned beef with belacan….hehehe. tastes a lil bit funny, but i love it. for those with weak stomachs, dont try it at home. you’ll end up lausai…. 🙂 cheers and have a jolly good weekend.

    Haven’t tried that but I know roast pork belly goes well with belacan… U have a good time this weekend too, and do have mercy on the horses!!! LOL!!!

  18. i like plumrose brand too. Difficult to get in kuching. Choice deli had them but not recently. Expensive i guess. Tried the A1 curry paste. Really good. Btw, have change packaging? Wanted to buy from a shop today. Lady said new packaging. Thought i should check with you first.

    I haven’t been buying any so I wouldn’t know. I think we have Plumrose at Ta Kiong here most of the time like those short cocktail sausages. I just cooked fish curry using Pollie’s curry mix from Bintulu. Will be posting on that soon.

  19. u just finished my 3rd(accounting) paper when i commented on this post..hahahhha…3 down..1 more to go..ah..i’m having permanent phd now btw XB

    …and you’ve only just begun! LOL!!! Never mind! When you come back, we go mam-mam! Hehehehehehe!!!

  20. just bought A1 INSTANT CURRY PASTE-its still in the old packaging-the one STP posted in his blog- see thru plastic with words A1 BEST ONE n A1 mountain globe brand. I know there is another A1 curry paste in nice colourful packaging.from a different food industry. for Sophia info.. correct me if am wrong.

    Ya, I think that is the case. Mountain Globe’s the brand and A1 INSTANT CURRY PASTE is the product. Everyone claims their product to be A1, even sardines!

  21. Wah, more than RM10/tin! *faint* When I go back Msia next time I’ll get some for you ya. 🙂

    Well, it’s a good timing to travel in NZ now especially when the exchange rate is so low. Perhaps you can open a foreign currency saving account if you’re planning to change into NZ$. In that case, you can still earn interest. Interest rate in NZ$ is also higher than RM. 🙂

    The cheaper ones are RM5.80 a tin. I guess in NZ, they would be around that price in NZ$…so after conversion, they would be more expensive. I think here, only Public Bank has that facility. Will go and find out when free. Rite now, NZ$1 = RM2.10 plus. Was RM2.80-2.90 that time when I went.

  22. And i thought this is a post about the used-to-be-famous pop group A1! Now i regretted as i am salivating and drolling like Pavlov’s experimental dogs!!! Hope i would have the chance to taste them :p

    Hahahahaha!!!! From ur time, ya?…Sure I’ll cook them when you’re here. After one year of practice, I think my cooking skills have improved! You can be the judge of that! LOL!!!

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