Same old brand new you…

Well, this is the same old recipe actually and nothing brand new at all as I have cooked pineapple prawns this way before but this time, I tried it with chicken for a change…

STP's ayam masak kunyit

I pounded these ingredients together: 2-3 shallots, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 2 cm3 of tumeric (kunyit), 3-4 thing slices of galangal (lengkuas), 1-2 cm3 of dried prawn paste (belacan) and chillies (according to taste). I also got 2-3 stalks of lemon grass (serai) and crushed the ends.

After heating a bit of oil in the wok, I fried the pounded ingredients and the lemon grass until fragrant and then I added a tablespoon of sugar. Then I added the chicken, cut into bite sizes, and stirred till the meat was well-coated with the ingredients. When the oil had come out of the chicken, I added water, threw in two pieces of assam keping (dried tamarind) and a teaspoon of salt and left it to simmer till there was very little gravy left. Then it was ready to serve…

STP's ayam masak kunyit 2

It was nice, and a welcome change from the usual curry, rendang or masak merah. By the way, just ignore the carrots! It so happened that there was one left in the fridge from God knows when my old lady bought it and it was already  sprouting roots. Thinking that it would be such a waste to throw it away, I decided to cut it up and put it in for some roughage.

I also had corned beef a day or two earlier. I used to love the red and yellow tin corned beef from China, Great Wall brand, but like the Ma Ling luncheon meat, the quality has deteriorated so badly that it has become inedible. I have not bought that brand for a long time now. At one time, we had the Palm brand from New Zealand but when the price exceeded RM10 a tin, I did not think it was worth it anymore. We have brands like Highwayman, Libby’s and I think there is also Agromas but these are quite expensive too. These days, I would settle for Mili or Linkz, both of them around RM5 something a tin.

STP's corned beef with potatoes

I love my corned beef with boiled potatoes and sliced Bombay onions. What about you?

This next dish is nothing new either. I had cooked it before and featured it in this earlier post except that I pounded the tapioca leaves and they did not…

3Q's tapioca leaves with chicken

I think I also had lemon grass (serai) but even without that, it still tasted nice – something like manok/ayam pansoh (chicken cooked the traditional ethnic way in bamboo)…and I got it from 3Q Takeaway for only RM4.00. That’s pretty cheap, don’t you think?

Well, the weekend’s here again. Cooking anything special, anyone?