Gettin’ jiggy wit it…

Truth be told, I did not know what the heck that title of Will Smith’s song meant, so I googled to check it up in one of the online dictionaries. I found that it means “getting excited about or involved in something”. Hmmm…I just thought it sounds suitable for something that I will talk about later.

Well, Clare came back to Sibu over the weekend for All Souls’ Day…with Alvin and that definitely didn’t sound too exciting, don’t you think? LOL!!! I did not hear from them the whole day and only got an sms from Clare asking me to join them for dinner at the Ruby Restaurant after the All Saints’ Day mass that night (Saturday). But it was already 8 something and I was already in bed! Yes, KNB, like I have said before, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man wealthy healthy and wise!” Later, I got another sms from her telling me that the restaurant towkay (boss) gave her a discount because she was my friend but when he found out that the article in the Sunday Star was derived from her Glutton Queen blog, he refunded her the money and said it was on the house. Still, that was nothing to get excited about…not to me, at least!

Then came the bit of news that I can get excited about! The towkay asked her to ask me to drop by for dinner one of these days as he wanted to chia me (give me a treat) too. Now isn’t that great?  Anybody keen on going with me? LOL!!! But still, the best is yet to come…

The next day, before Clare and Alvin started their journey back to Kuching, they dropped by my place so Alvin could pay his respect to THE one and only Suituapui! Hahahahaha!!! And look at what Clare gave to me!!! Ooooo…her paos (buns)!!!

Clare's paos

Ooi! Char boh (girl)!!! Why your pao kaymek (squashed/out of shape) one? Now, now! What have you been doing, Alvin? Hahahahaha!!! But never mind! Beggars can’t be choosers…so I tried to get her them steamed in the hope that I might restore them to their normal voluptuous shape. I got the fire going and pretty soon, it got steaming hot…but unfortunately, it did not seem to help very much. LOL!!!

Clare's pao 1

Clare’s pao was still in that same distorted shape…so that did not leave me with much choice. I just took one giant bite at it…and yum…yum!!! It was soft and meaty and tasted really good…

Clare's pao 2

Now, if anybody’s interested in gettin’ jiggy with Clare’s paos, you can get them at this shop called Xiao Pao Wang (My Chinese is hopeless, but does that mean “small bun king”?), the first few shops on the left in Padungan, Kuching if you’re coming from the fire station end. I have been there a few times to buy the very delicious buns/rolls with a generous slice of ham and nice sweet-sourish cream. Somebody told me before that the steamed char siew buns are nice too but so far I never got round to buying them for myself. Well, thanks a lot for your paos, Clare…and next time, you come home, get me some of those buns/rolls too! ROTFLMAO!!!

So, did you enjoy your brief stay in Sibu, Alvin? I know you went to try the Rasa Sayang kampua that I had posted about a couple of times before, and I hope you had the chance to try the other Foochow delicacies like kompia and ma-nging (which some people call lam pha kuey, owing to their uncanny resemblance to scrotums)…

Sibu's ma-nging

Do come again and stay longer next time!

As a return gesture (Typical Chinese mah!), I gave Clare my rambutans…and she said they were sweet and juicy. Hahahahahaha!!!!