It sure took a long long time…

Sometime ago, on 1st August to be exact, I posted something on my rambutan tree behind my house. At the time, it had flowered and tiny green fruits were starting to appear. I was thinking that they might ripen the following month in time for Stella to enjoy when she came home from Down Under but unfortunately, no. Finally, some two months later, they are ready for the plucking…

STP's rambutans 1

It sure took a long long time, I must say…but despite the fact that I never bother about the tree, it will bear a lot of fruits each time and what’s special about it is its thick, crunchy and juicy flesh…

STP's rambutans 2

Personally, I am not that crazy over rambutans; I would very much prefer dabai, provided they’re good ones. So most of the time, I would go and pluck and battle with the ants in the process, and give to friends and family.

Now, since we’re talking about time, this will not take long to prepare – steamed meat with cincaluk (fermented shrimps).

STP's steamed meat with cincaluk

It is best with pork belly or chicken but I had neither, so I just used the pork bones in the fridge that my wife had bought for cooking the stock for soups. So what you do is to cut the meat into bite-size pieces, put in 4-6 slices of ginger (You can cut them into thin strips if you do not mind eating the ginger), two tablespoons of cincaluk, half a teaspoon of msg and half a cup of water. Mix thoroughly and steam for 20-30 minutes.

STP's steamed meat with cincaluk 2

There you have it, a delicious dish for the family with hardly any hassle at all! As for those who have this adversion for the “stench” of cincaluk, you can add two tablespoons of Chinese/Foochow red wine and that will drown out the cincaluk smell. I did it the other day but I think I would prefer to do without the wine. Love that “stench”!

And still on the topic of food, a popular Foochow dish is pek ting eyok duck or chicken. This pek ting eyok is a combination of herbs (Don’t ask me what they comprise!) available in packets at all Chinese drug stores here. My missus doesn’t take duck so I had to cook that with chicken…and since I had some leftover, I cooked this pek ting eyok chicken mee sua for myself yesterday morning for breakfast…

STP's pek ting eyok chicken mee sua

Care to join me, anyone? ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “It sure took a long long time…”

  1. Pa, what time do you wake up normally? Why every morning I can see fresh post from the oven? You write your post at night or right after you wake up?

    I write the afternoon or night before and post 1st thing in the morning. Usually will get up after six…

  2. first time i see cincalok done this way… always eat it raw.
    dan, if you don’t know his routine, he’s not your pa… this guy sms ppl at ungodly hours- way before morning prayers.

    I also use it to fry pounded tapioca (bandung) leaves. Nice!…Hahahahaha! Since my girl’s not I home, I keep my hp on…and should I wake up (not all the time) in the middle of the night, I’ll check to see whether I’ve got any missed call or message…and will reply to any messages sent at ungodly hours (after 10 p.m.! Hahahahaha!!!). Don’t expect anybody to be awake at that time to reply… LOL!!!

  3. Old people normally wake up early. hehehe

    As they say, early to bed, early to rise makes a man wealthy healthy and wise. LOL!!! No comments on my rambutans??? No pesticides, no chemicals, no preservatives!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Cincaluk omelette. Add bombay onions as well. Easy cooking.
    KNB, it is true what they say about old people. Just you wait.

    Never tried that…but I’m already out of cincaluk. Anybody got nice cincaluk to spare? Hehehehehehehe!!! Nothing wrong with old people lah! Young people over-pampered and lazy. Can sleep till noon, some of them!

  5. Wah that’s a lot of food! Yummy but I don’t like cincaluk. It’s another acquired taste. Rambutans are welcomed to be delivered to my house if you don’t want them!

    Yes, an acquired taste indeed. I didn’t know how to eat it until quite recently…at KL hotel buffets – ulam section. Goes well with papadums… U send me ur mailing address and I poslaju the rambutans to u? Hahahahaha!

  6. Wah, got rambutan for me to bring back to Kuching or not? 😛

    You can come to my house and pluck yourself…and don’t say I didn’t warn u about the ants…!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. OOOOHHHHHHH… cincaluk and Pek tin yok!! now my to-eat list when i go back is getting longer and longer !! 😀

    Hope you’ll be home long enough! Not like Stella, here for two days and wanted to eat so many things! LOL!!! Hiaz!…So far, no news from ur mum about poomba!!! Drool!

  8. Just bought 1kilo rambutan RM4 and Buah Dabai RM13 from the Tamu today..will call you if I go to Sibu over weekend n pluck the rambutans..hahaha.

    Dabai RM13 a kg? So expensive! Here, a week ago RM10 a kg very very good ones liao! Ok…come over and enjoy my rambutans! Hahahahahaha!!! Somehow that sounds not quite right! LOL!!!

  9. i used to freeze the rambutans before eatin em.
    but somehow my body can’t withstand ‘heaty’ fruits now. must be because of age lol
    no more rambutans, no more durians.
    i wonder the rambutan trees at my orchard still flowerin. the mango used to be good, but i think the mango trees are gone now.

    That is why I eat those fruits sparingly…but gee! You’re not even half my age! I must be really ancient then! LOL!!! I like unripe mangoes…can make Thai-style mango salad with that.

  10. wwaaah…your pixs sooo big today..but your Lambutan soooo small hahahahah…Peter Sia went to Sibu today for All Souls Day …but the Prawns came too late….seriously was meant for you and I ended up with two kilos now…

    Sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes short, sometimes long…normal lah like that! LOL!!! Haiz! I thought you were sending me my birthday present in advance….. Melbie!!! Melbie!!! Kpenyu has got two kilos of prawns…..Call him now! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. I don’t like rambutans, especially those that stick to your teeth when you bite into the them. Prefer durians anytime : )

    I don’t really like both…but my rambutans came from a special hybrid that my grandfather got from Singapore and he had no less than 10 trees in his garden and then my father planted more trees in our own garden…and now, the 3rd generation – this is the sole surviving tree….in my garden. Thick crunchy flesh…definitely will not stick to your teeth!

  12. Thats why STP’s rambutans got long bulus. After eating the flesh, can use the bulu to floss ur teeth.

    Looks like my rambutans’ long bulu can come in handy in times of need, eh? Very imaginative, KNB! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. I love cincaluk so much la..hehehe…will try this recipe…btw, how big is the portion that you used for this recipe?
    going for the school lunch tomorrow at RH…

    See the big Chinese soup bowl that I used? Can fill it up…but only the two of us at home so I did not cook so much. Eeee…RH food is ewek…ewek…lah! Better sneak off to Ruby. Get my hp number from Madam J and text me and we can elope together? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. my mum used to make cencaluk at home. learned it from my grandma. we’re a pure baba nyonya family….so i guess having cencaluk for dinner is a norm. *gasp* and since ive not had any for a very long time, im gonna request my mum to do some for next week 🙂

    So I triggered this craving in you…and now you’re like a pregnant woman lah? Hahahahahaha!!! Thought that bubuk used for making cincaluk is seasonal?…If ur mum makes nice nice one, courier to me a bottle or two, can or not? LOL!!!!

  15. Nice juicy rambutan, love the taste but always give me sore throat. Normally I will fry the cincaluk with pork belly, the fishy smell too strong for me if steamed. LOL

    Thought only fat people like me have that problem from “heaty” fruits like rambutans, durians, quinie, cempedak, nangka etc etc etc…??? Steaming is healthier…and the ginger will balance the fishy taste (I thought the “stench” is the attraction to cincaluk lovers???)…and that day, I added Chinese red wine and in the end, no cincaluk taste liao! I shouldn’t have done that!

    P.S. Cincaluk also may vary in quality. I look for homemade ones – cleaner and not too salty and NICE smell! LOL!!!

  16. yes… i would love to join you…. too bad it will cost me more than RM50 to join you because I’m in Kuching…

    Get a loan from Tom…and while you’re here, you can clean the house top to bottom, and when you’re thru there, you can come and do mine. Standard rate is RM50 each time – satisfaction guaranteed! Now how much does gundot owe u? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. ok lar.. see by the time i get back.. early january.. if there are anymore mangoes or rambutans left at the orchard, i’d pass you my the key. hahaha.
    i’m sure u’d strip everything to the ground. the coconuts shud still be around.

    hey show me some exotic fruits yea when i get back to sibu. hahaha

    Hey! What exotic fruits do you want me to show you? Wink! Wink! Hahahahahahahahaha!!! You won;t be around for X’mas. Haiz! Good thing I haven’t bought your X’mas present yet! LOL!!!

  18. I was told that cincaluk are the 2nd food chain of the sea. You can get them in the beach in front of my house. they look like red tides when they come.Mum went to catch the once and went berserk when the tiny shrimps were all inside her clothings.Lots in Kuala Penyu when in season

    Then you can learn how to make cincaluk! They also used that bubuk to make belacan…or they dry it in the sun. The dried bubuk is a cheaper version of dried hay bee/prawns…and goes well with fried rice kampung style.

  19. Wah! Your rambutans look very juicy!, n i MEAN Rambutan not the ones KNB is thinking about! I hrd there is a lot of haze in msia at the moment, so maybe that is why KNB a bit hazy!LOL! Yr rambutan still around in mid Dec? Just make sure Pollie don’t pluck all of them!LOL! Put lots of red ants on the trees!You’ve been using quite a bit of Lobo lyrics lately, do u get to see him in Genting last time! Been waiting for him to perform here, but so far he hasn’t!

    Pollie didn’t come lah! I plucked some, gave to somebody else (See tomorrow’s post! LOL!!). Got bitten half dead by the ants, dunno how…can even crawl into underwear one! Don’t think the fruits will last that long, Very ripe liao…but I’m saving a bit for my girl…coming home end of next week. Lobo? 1st time leh? Eyew….dun like! So mushy…

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