This is why I’m hot…

…hot as in angry or mad, that is! And so is Clare, if you care to go and read a recent post in her blog.

I have explained again and again but it seems that the message does not get through to some individuals. Some nuts are pretty hard to crack, I guess. Or maybe they did not bother to read my replies to other people’s comments or perhaps they just drop by once in a blue moon, so they must have missed those.

The perennial complaint – that my photos are so small – will crop up again and again. Now, let us take a look at what it is like on MY monitor…

STP's blog page 1

The person, whoever it was, who set up the blog for me, chose this 3-column theme and when I post the medium-sized photos, everything falls into the columns nicely. I hope all of you can see that! And on my monitor, they are big enough…or at least, that is what I would think!

Now, if I were to use the large-sized photos, they would stretch into TWO columns. The other two on the right would be pushed out of the screen but in the meantime, the text would remain in its one-column size. So if you take a look at the photo below, you will see that there are a lot of white blank spaces and in MY point of view, that would upset the balance in the layout.

STP's blog page 2

I think I’m slightly autistic in nature and I prefer everything to be neatly aligned. Anyway, do YOU go to people’s houses and say, “Aiyor…why is your TV so small?” or “Humph! Queen-size only kah! How to sleep like that? Why don’t you get a king-size one?” I certainly hope your mothers taught you that it is ill-mannered to do something like that!!!

Then there are people who will drop in once in a while and complain that I always post on food. Not really! The last one wasn’t about food! This one isn’t about food! Like everything else, I will only post about food when I have things to share which, I must admit, is somewhat frequent but looking at my shape and size, you should expect that! Now let me show you what happens when I do NOT post about food…  

STP's blog stats

That’s not the stock market, my dear! That’s the graph showing my blog statistics. See the plunge yesterday when I posted on my dancing days? The two days before that were quite high – for the posts on my sambal kway teow and that SHS annual dinner and before that, I had a post on life and another one on Quachee’s book…and that would explain the drop in the graph for those two days.

Well, whatever it is, it’s MY blog and I do what I want! If you do not like what you see, get lost! Go back to your own blog and get your own things in order! After all, your page ranking is A LOT LOWER than mine! Hahahahahaha!!!! (*evil laugh in your face)

Omigawd! What has blogging done to me? Now who was it who told me that it is therapeutic, good for relieving stress and depression? I never used to be like this. I’ve always been so nice and charming, calm and controlled, pleasant to one and all…..ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “This is why I’m hot…”

  1. cool down man…
    if u say u don’t care why rage, then?

    Not rage lah! Just grumble a bit only. Usually I’ll go to a lot of blogs and those I do not like, I just leave. Frankly I do not fancy photo blogs with lots of big, beautiful photos but little substance…but I’m sure those who share the same interest will appreciate those a lot. I would not go and criticise this and that. Dunno why some people do that.

  2. we can’t really control what others think write speak…

    I know. When I was teaching, a lot of people (women especially, I’m sorry to say) bitched behind my back saying, “That chau-kang (smelly work) that nobody wants to do, he goes and does them all and thinks he’s so smart!” I just let them be. Not worth wasting my time and effort talking to this kind of people.

  3. Calm down… I know you are frustrated but since your blog is for public viewing, you can’t control what others might comment. You just have to ignore them because after all this is your blog and you can do whatever you like! P/s: Blogging made people start b*tching! Haha..

    Huh? Me bitching too? Where got?…Umm…a bit maybe about the page ranking. If you have it, must flaunt it mah! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. stp, just ignore them. as for me, our blog is cool….damn cool, its freezing. brrrrr!!!!

    LOL!! Thanks for ur support. Cooler than Bukit Tinggi eh? Hahahahaha!!

  5. 70 days ago I thought it would be nice for every reader to contribute towards a better camera for your Birthday on Dec 2nd…(saw yours really lawyaer one)..and save for knb and gundot..nobody care …I gave up and I will like them I will most probably send you a 2009 calender from supermarket for your birthday.
    yes yes they are all Buah Dabai nuts..very hard to crack P/s wher got some one in bikini O??? where where..hope the photo not small one hahahaha..Don’t Worry ..Be Happy

    I don’t want the calendar…but I don’t mind the things you buy to get the calendar e.g. RM250 worth of John Masters products…or Hush Puppies? Hahahahahahaha!!!! What someone in bikini? You want, I post pic of hunky Filipino guy in bikini briefs? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. lol…. i think everyone’s taking this too seriously.. its just a freakin blog… they need to get a life!!! teacher, do whatever u like and let them say whatever they like its not that theyre paying u to write… =.=’ BEGGARS CANT BE CHOOSERS!

    That’s right! And still they want to come and criticise… Maybe got psychological problem, have to go and see a shrink liao! LOL!!!

  7. Be still, my friend…

    Then you can hear the still small voice of those who are amused by your words. They are many silent readers out there – who knows your “traces” could have brought back many sweet memories, not the bad ones; let them see the blooming roses, not the withering leaf…

    Way to go…

    Thank you, thank you…but I wish my loyal silent readers are not so silent! Some moral support’s good for ego-boosting! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. *evil laugh together gether* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    You started all this! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    P.S.: I read somewhere got restaurant in Sarikei, gives complimentary meals to bloggers. When are we going? LOL!!!

  9. a soft answer turns away wrath. But harsh word stirs up anger. The Tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly. But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness. PROVERBS 15.1-2
    you cannot please calm n controlled..BE HAPPY.

    I am happy!…Some people are not, and who cares!

  10. Calm down…dont let these idiots get to you. Just ignore them, delete them or ban them. haha. Some people just like to complain… nothing better to do and nothing is ever good enough. If your pics too small they complain, too big also they complain cos it takes longer to download. U cant please everyone. Cheer up and stay Sui Sui pui pui.

    I know. I log on, post and comment and log out…the photos have not all appeared…or just halfway. And those blogs with a lot of rojak on the sides, even worse! Will take ages to open! Sometimes, I do not even bother to comment, just log out. Yes, I’ll always be sui sui pui pui, that’s for sure.

  11. hmmmmmm … wats going on .. lol sir why so hot ?~~ long time din visit ur blog .. aha me still blur~

    Very hot here! Over there? Raining and flooding. My girl’s coming home mid-November till January. You leh?

  12. Critics are a dime a dozen! As long as your blog statistics are high, it shows the majority enjoy it.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Even though I have to peer sometimes at small pictures! 😉

    You use a laptop?…When I use my daughter’s laptop, smaller…but I would not need to peer. My 56-year-old pair of eyes better than your 4!!! But I must say that I am amazed that some people actually take the trouble to study the finer details…like one pic with a dog sniffing at some fat lady’s butt. Gee!!! I wonder why? Hahahahahahaha!!!

  13. Way to go STP! It is your blog so yeah, you can damn well do whatever the hell you want. Like the Tracy Ullman song goes…”It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…” I admit that I’m one of those who may pop in like once in a while (not once in a blue moon lah) but so far, I’ve go no problems with how you space things in your blog, or whether the pics are too small, or that food seem to be your fav topic. I enjoy reading your postings so don’t stress yourself out over petty comments. Keep on doing what you feel is right for YOU!

    Trust good ol’ Zee to come in and render some moral support! Thanks, gal…and I’m glad you’re sticking around. Cheers!

    P.S. Tracy Ullman? You’re young!…My version is by Leslie Gore! LOL!!!

  14. suituapui: Are u the Kelvin and his brother Melvin from SHS? Still studying after all this time?

    Nope.. That’s not me! =)

    Yup! I saw that later in ur blog…but ur friend, Raymond – what’s his blogger nic now – Acey or sumthing, is from SHS. Anyway, welcome and do drop by again, ya? 🙂

  15. Couldn’t be me!Haven’t been complaining! I would be worried if u stop blogging then i won’t have all these STP’s lightbulb moment on what to cook,for eg. that charkuihteow when sometimes total loss on food ideas!… People like that lah! Some people just enjoy being negative. Next time give them some magnets as presents!Just do some Punjabi’s dance tonite,believe me u would feel much much better! LOL!

    Well, tomorrow’s post will be about food…and one easy-to-prepare recipe coming up…but I don’t think you can cook it there as you will not have an essential ingredient. Anyway, come back tomorrow and ahve a look. LOL!!

  16. Btw cooked your char bee hoon with corned beef today. Also made tempura prawns. Bought the tempura batter mix from coles A$2.60 per packet,only can use twice!U know any economical receipe on tempura batter? Share Share lah ok!

    You can have tempura fish fillet…or tempura veg – I love tempura brinjal/eggplant or tempura ladies’ fingers. The mihun would be nice with the Ma Ling stewed pork or Narcissus stewed pork chops or Amoy clams in soy sauce…but the way things are going with Chinese products, it’s probably best just to stick to corned beef.

  17. Which restaurant??? *eyes wide wide*

    Haven’t been blog-hopping, have u? Having your hands full, eh? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!…It’s some place called Hung Kiew Kee Air-con Restaurant.

  18. Well, your blog still worth to read. Just ignore that smart**s that are always complaining… I love your blog but seldom leaving my trace in it.

    Thanks. Glad to have u around.

  19. I would love to come back tomorrow but am having a few days away from blogging. Taking a break! Be back soon!In the meantime keep on blogging,will check on your foodpost!

    Ooo…lady of leisure flying off somewhere for the weekend? Some people have all the luck in the world! LOL!!!

  20. me now on deepavali holiday for a week .. hmm coming back next cny lo .. lol i mean why sir get so angry.. who don like your blog? i din see any bad comments?

    Wah! That’s a long way to go. No lah! Just a bit of drama…can get lots of comments. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. Walao.. STP, the nice man can also blow up! LOL
    I read about the restaurant offering free food to bloggers too. I met the writer too. hahaha… He told me that ois the advantage of being a blogger. I think he will blog about the meeting up soon.

    Not really lah!…Just stating my point of view. I wonder how the restaurant owner knows he’s a blogger or which blog his is as he always insists on hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. Probably his friend, the Sarikei blogger, was with him that day. Have you put up a post on that?

  22. Exactly…!! What blogging has done to you??? LOL! I wonder who complains to you, I sure have missed out a lot lately 😛 I don’t even know what’s the latest gossips between bloggers nowadays *roll eyes* Just kidding..

    Just rambling here, from the office .. I need to get a life again.. soon! Kpenyu.. eating giant prawns session, please? LOL

    Yes…I miss that too. Would love to hop over to KK for a quickie! Hehehehehehe!!! See lah! My girl comes home in two weeks’ time…and we have no immediate plans to go anywhere. We may just drop by for a couple of days…and stay with Pop Kpenyu! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  23. Yup, using a Dell notebook. Of course, must look carefully at details especially when there’s a delightful picture of the young you with a pretty girl. When looking at the 1 1/2 by 2 inch photo, just like spying from afar! Bigger picture, bigger impact! Hahaha!

    1/2 by 2??? Omigawd!!! Yours must be very very small. Hahahahahaha!!!! It’s at least 2.75 by 3 on my monitor. So blame your own inadequate equipment! Mine’s big enough to provide all the satisfaction I desire. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  24. Nope… I din write anything on that. Wait till he blogs about it. Oh yes.. he claimed that he keeps on taking pics of every food that make the son owner thinks that he might be a blogger. That’s how he earns his free food.

    Why not? Would like to see it from ur point of view. Hahahahahaha!!!! Holidays coming. Coming to Sibu by any chance? The markets FLOODED…with dabai! LOL!!!

  25. Tiu… Actually my colleagues are talking about driving to Sibu this coming holiday. I am still thinking. It must be fun to meet up with you guys but if I am really coming, please keep my blogging a secret.

    Another Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde? I’m sure they would know u’re a blogger from the things that you post…the same way I got to know where you work, your post and what not unless they all do not read blogs or are computer illiterate.

  26. Hi Uncle STP! Your medium size pix look just fine. Because the template u r using is 3-col fixed size, u shouldn’t go for the large pix, as they overflow and cover the other column.
    If you want bigger pix, just choose another template.

    Ah…auntie! Long time no see! Well, that’s what I’ve been telling people but they do not seem to understand. Been thinking of changing…but I still haven’t got round to it. Yunno old people lah! Very long life! LOL!!!

  27. Aiyo, I thought the stock market drop to zero when I saw the statistics, nearly got heart attack lorr. LOL.
    STP, your blog is nice and interesting. Don’t bother abt those people giving negative comments. Cheers, Bro!

    Hahahahahaha!!! U’re a big player in the share market kah? Aiyor…these are bad times hor?…..Yeah, thanks. I love ur blog too…even though I do not get to go and eat all that yummy food! LOL!!!

  28. Haha! Yeah, it happens, I used to check my stats compulsively too, but hardly ever bother nowadays.

    …and I like your food reviews.

    Don’t forget, eating is the Malaysia national past time. 🙂

    Thanks…and do keep dropping by even though you’ll be so far away. All the best, take care and do not do things I wouldn’t do! Cheers!

  29. Well, that goes to show you can’t please everybody at the same time then. Life’s too short to be spend worrying about others, i guess


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