This is why I’m hot…

…hot as in angry or mad, that is! And so is Clare, if you care to go and read a recent post in her blog.

I have explained again and again but it seems that the message does not get through to some individuals. Some nuts are pretty hard to crack, I guess. Or maybe they did not bother to read my replies to other people’s comments or perhaps they just drop by once in a blue moon, so they must have missed those.

The perennial complaint – that my photos are so small – will crop up again and again. Now, let us take a look at what it is like on MY monitor…

STP's blog page 1

The person, whoever it was, who set up the blog for me, chose this 3-column theme and when I post the medium-sized photos, everything falls into the columns nicely. I hope all of you can see that! And on my monitor, they are big enough…or at least, that is what I would think!

Now, if I were to use the large-sized photos, they would stretch into TWO columns. The other two on the right would be pushed out of the screen but in the meantime, the text would remain in its one-column size. So if you take a look at the photo below, you will see that there are a lot of white blank spaces and in MY point of view, that would upset the balance in the layout.

STP's blog page 2

I think I’m slightly autistic in nature and I prefer everything to be neatly aligned. Anyway, do YOU go to people’s houses and say, “Aiyor…why is your TV so small?” or “Humph! Queen-size only kah! How to sleep like that? Why don’t you get a king-size one?” I certainly hope your mothers taught you that it is ill-mannered to do something like that!!!

Then there are people who will drop in once in a while and complain that I always post on food. Not really! The last one wasn’t about food! This one isn’t about food! Like everything else, I will only post about food when I have things to share which, I must admit, is somewhat frequent but looking at my shape and size, you should expect that! Now let me show you what happens when I do NOT post about food…  

STP's blog stats

That’s not the stock market, my dear! That’s the graph showing my blog statistics. See the plunge yesterday when I posted on my dancing days? The two days before that were quite high – for the posts on my sambal kway teow and that SHS annual dinner and before that, I had a post on life and another one on Quachee’s book…and that would explain the drop in the graph for those two days.

Well, whatever it is, it’s MY blog and I do what I want! If you do not like what you see, get lost! Go back to your own blog and get your own things in order! After all, your page ranking is A LOT LOWER than mine! Hahahahahaha!!!! (*evil laugh in your face)

Omigawd! What has blogging done to me? Now who was it who told me that it is therapeutic, good for relieving stress and depression? I never used to be like this. I’ve always been so nice and charming, calm and controlled, pleasant to one and all…..ROTFLMAO!!!