This has been one of my favourite songs for a long time now, and the lyrics go something like this, “Faded photographs, covered now with lines and creases…memories in bits and pieces…”

Old photographs

…and indeed, some days, I would browse through my photo albums and look at the old photographs and the memories would come flooding back to my mind. There are those, for example, that would remind me of my dancing days at the Sibu Recreation Club…

Sibu Recreation Club 1

There was a dance hall on the upper floor and on Saturday nights, clubs and societies like the Jaycees, the Medical Club and others would organise fund-raising balls. My friends and I loved dancing but with my meagre pocket money of 20 sen a day, I had to scrimp and save to buy the ticket – usually ranging from RM2.00 to RM5.00, and we would have to buy the drinks coupons as well on the night concerned. Ladies could go in free and at times, my friends would chip in to make up the amount needed for my ticket and we would not drink the whole night through. We just wanted to go and dance… 

Sibu Recreation Club 2

Well, the Sibu Recreation Club or SRC as it was called, is no more. They have demolished the whole building and today, the towering Wisma Sanyan stands where it once stood.

The first photograph shows a dinner cum dance at the Sarawak Club in Kuching. This would be the original Sarawak Club before it got burnt down not too long ago in a fire that razed it to the ground…

Kuching Sarawak Club 1

I cannot remember the occasion now but it probably was New Year’s Eve. Sophia’s parents invited me to join them together with the three daughters (I think they were there but not the youngest one who was still a toddler at the time) and also Gerrie’s parents and Lindy Sister…

Kuching Sarawak Club 2

It is kind of sad that those dances or balls are now things of the past. I drop by clubs and discos sometimes but it is all so different now. Once, I went to Hard Rock Cafe KL to check out the scene there. No, I did not have to queue; I had privileged entry (plus no cover charge) as I was staying at the hotel. Gosh! It was so crowded and the people were like sardines in a can, with hardly any space to move…and when the band played Nirvana’s “The man who sold the world”, everybody started moving vertically (not that they had a choice) like they were jumping on imaginary pogo sticks. I just sighed, and I turned and left. It just wasn’t the same…anymore.

Could it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time rewritten every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again,
tell me…would we?…Could we?
(The way we were)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Traces…”

  1. There were less people back then and space was cheaper, so no need to be packed like Sardines. heheh. I also doubt if anyone can dance the old way with a Nirvana song. hehe.Those dance hall pictures reminds me of LAT cartoons.

    That should be earlier…those P. Ramlee days when the ladies wore horn-rimmed glasses and had beehive hairstyles. LOL!!!

  2. wow…nowaday cannot find places to have proper real dancing like that

    everywhre u go its disco

    Yalor! It was so nice when we had to learn the steps and dance in time to the music… Now anything goes!!! Brings us back to those stone age days…

  3. Is that you in the 3rd picture? Well, space is money so the more people you have in a club, the more money you’ll earn. Nowadays people very shy.. they can only dance when it’s crowded. if no crowd, then they’ll say the club is lousy.

    I wonder what pulls the crowd. A place to see and be seen? Now that dancing is out of the question, real dancing that is, I look for places with entertaining live bands. Love the Filipino bands at Crossroads (Concorde KL), and I’m not so much into Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood or the Ship. Saw Fredo & the Flintstones once at Holiday Villa Subang. That guy’s a real riot! So hilarious!

    P.S. Yes, that’s me…in my flower-power hippie era guru outfit! LOL!!!

  4. Ballroom dancing is kinda relaxing lorr. I love it. Hard Rock is too noisy and the drinks damm expensive. After 11pm it will be very crowded.

    The party starts at 11. Before that, it’s a diner…and I quite like the food there. HUGE American portions!

  5. ..those were the days my friend..I wish it never end…But it does leh.Honestly which would you prefer..occasional dance then or everyday blogging now. ??? You are lucky you move on and adapt with most its only memories are made of these!!!

    Yes, I wish they’d never end…I would love to dance again…and again. I must say it’s more relaxing, more enjoyable and less frustrating than blogging! LOL!!!

  6. i actually likey to see those old couples…i mean matured citizens 😛 do ballroom dancing like cha cha, waltz…very sweeeet la 🙂

    Yes, it’s so romantic…don’t you think?

  7. Who’s the girl you’re with? *wink* Hmm…speaking of dancing, I was told that you have your share of chicks when you were young *wink wink* And hor last time, the place for paktor is at the padang next to jail there. True bor?

    Which girl? Actually I’m in EVERY photo…but don’t bother squinting and straining your eyes to look for me. Hahahahahaha!!!! And who has been spreading rumours about me hah? I’ve always been such a sweet and charming gentleman that girls would love to go out with…and even now also! LOL!!!…Dunno about the padang! Had more class than that! Hahahahaha!

  8. About the Sarawak club NY’s eve party, I can only remember waking up to lots of balloons, party hats, whistles, and other novelties from the party, on January 1st. Early January was always an unpleasant time for me then, as it meant end of the holidays, getting over my Sibu trip, and start of the new school year.

    Well at least you have the memories….

    Aiyor…kesian! So deprived! Hahahahahaha!!! We had joy, we had fun… Even in Kuching, we went to the dances at Jubilee Hall, Rumah Dayak (opposite RTM where Sugar Bun is), Dewan Masyarakat (the old one…I think where Hopoh is) and they had live bands and dancing at Longhouse Hotel coffee house on Saturday nights…and then Holiday Inn and the disco era came into the scene… Memories! Memories!

  9. Thank goodness when you say you are at SRC now it does not mean you are there for dancing!!!! Imagine Tom is always at SRC.

    I dunno what they do now at the new premises ( I think it’s near Ah Lek’s house)…other than going there to play tennis. Whew! Thank God I typed the spelling right! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. yes…things have really…including the SEX of someone we knew ya..hahahahah

    Ya…Clare knows about Jasmine and her uncle actually thought it was me (We were all around the same year in school!)! Duh!…Pollie’s daughter was renting a room at Jasmine’s sister’s house in Adelaide…and Jasmine’s helping out at the sister’s restaurant, I understand. He (at that time) used to win all the a-go-go competitions back then. Grrrr!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  11. Is that really u, STP ,dancing away with the lovely chick? Truly I have never seen u looking like that before, maybe I wasn’t born then!LOL! My! U actually look pretty slick then in a good way,not that u r not now,ok have to be very diplomatic in what i say next, let us say you look more distinguished now,then more like a hot Jalapeno Pepper,now, capsicum? Right term to use?! Maxis r everywhere again for spring n summer n maybe u can dig out yr bell-bottoms again n start dancing!U would never be too old to dance,so go on!Even if it is only in your bathroom or kitchen. Btw cooked yr Kuih Teow receipe just now,very yummy! Saw ‘The Women’ today,excellent movie,must see tho have to admit more a girlfriends’ movie!

    Didn’t realise I was THAT slim hor! Well, I’m in all the other photos too. Can u spot Lindy sister in her batik evening gown? Look for someone half the present size! Gee! How we’ve grown! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. oh ya.. I saw Lindy sister.. will her 2 chd. recognise her..hahaha. cant wait to see their comments.
    I have met Jasmine-its was good to see her and we laughed n talked about old times n the friends he party with..ur name was mentioned many times.

    Ur eyesight still good, I see! Hahahahaha!!! You met Jasmine? Sexy or not? Now what on earth did u two say about me hah??? LOL!!!

  13. walaue… dancing like today’s hiphop couture…hehehe. my mum and dad was the champion in waltz before in kuantan, so i was told. won any before? *wink*

    Just a few… So, do you take after your parents? They taught u a step or two or not?

  14. I recalled Aunt Getrude and Dr Spadi..pollie’s late brother Lip and even pollie sister Sa..enjoying that place earlier than you leh… My hats off to Jasmine. Someone who really dare to be different…got balls man..until no balls hahahahaha. Good on him J DOT Com????

    LOL!!!…Chesh! I don’t think you mean it the way you said it. Pollie’s sister there also around my time and auntie too…she used to sing with the band, and they nicknamed her Skeeter Davis.

  15. those pictures so old.. missing the good old days, i suppose 🙂
    most often we look back at our lives, and reflect.. wondering how much different our lives would have been, if we took the other road..
    reminds me of Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken… one decision leads to another, i suppose we’ll never return to where we first started…
    STP, i think if you had the chance to do it all over again, you would ! 🙂

    I most certainly would…and here I am, telling this with a sigh, knowing how way leads on to way, I doubt if I should ever come back. Sob!!!

  16. I saw the Fredo & the Flintstones too in Holiday Villa once. Well, people really wanted to be seen nowadays. Not too much of dancing but they just want to drink. the live band at Zeta Bar in KL Hilton is not too bad but drinks are expensive.

    Believe it or not, the last time I went to KL Hilton, it was to the Tin Mine – the disco in those long gone days! Hey! I am old…I never deny that! Hahahahaha!!!! You went to see Fredo at HV too! Gee! For all we know, we could be sitting next to each other! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. I tot it was Lindy….Bdq, Tintin can spot her???

    It is Lindy! Hahahahahaha!!!!….Just don’t blame me for deterioration of eyesight, ya! Never asked u people to strain your eyes to see! LOL!!!

  18. The photos remind me of the local Chinese drama that just concluded on TV called “Age Of Glory”. I guess you will always have fond memories and sometimes listening to certain songs will trigger that nostalgic feelings in you : )

    Yes, comes with old age, I guess…just sitting back and recalling the way it used to be! So sad hor! LOL!!!

  19. You know K K there are many couples doing ball room dancing and the couple are married people ..but not to each other leh. Remind me to bring you to Samba next time you are here…you can see them there

    They have that there? Well, the last few (very few) times I danced with ladies I was not married to either! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  20. …some of them even terang terang have philippinnooo handsome boys as their partners..

    Oh? You have one too?…Now that I would wanna see! LOL!!!

  21. Jasmine sexy – normal lah . at this age – grow old gracefully. boasted u n him always have lots of girls..esp. the sisters group to party with…haha korek. korek.. n the most famous radio request fan….even now eh cikgu.

    Oooo…all my dirty linen exposed liao! Better run and hide. Hahahahaha!!!

  22. It’s hard to make a change because I’m not dare devil enough.hahaha..btw, I will support activity like this one in future..hehe 😛

    Not difficult to learn a few basic simple steps…that will enable you to have a whole lotta fun!

  23. Haha yeah… nostalgias are sweet, aren’t they ? Hmm… i wonder where all the school proms disappear to

    I thought the “other school” has a prom every year…though I do not know what they do at those proms. Don’t think it’s the conventional ball kind of thing.


    What? Baru sekarang u see pics of Lindy sister. izzit? Hahahahahaha!!!!

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