Anything you can do…

…I can do as well, or perhaps even better!

My daughter loved the sambal kway teow at Lok Ming Yuen, the coffee shop across the road from Mitsu Tea House, and I used to go there for the beef noodles, but the other day, I decided to have the kway teow for a change. When it was served, I had the shock of my life! The portion was so small that they actually served it in a saucer.

Sibu's sambal kway teow

And it did not come cheap either. I cannot remember exactly but I think it was around RM3.00. Feeling disgusted, I decided to buy some kway teow (RM1.60 a kilo) and fry my own.

STP's samba; kway teow

I did not go to the market so I did not have any ku chai (Chinese chives) or taugeh (bean sprouts) but what I cooked up in the end could make up at least 10 plates. Even with the prawns, the eggs, the udang kering (dried prawns) and other ingredients, it would not possibly come up to RM30-35.00. These business people are really having a field day jacking up the prices of everything and reducing the amount drastically. And mine was much more fragrant and much more delicious…

STP's sambal kway teow 2

The way things are going, you can bet that from now on, I would just cook my own…and see how long those cut-throats, those daylight robbers would last!

Anyway, to move on from that, I dropped by faisaladmar’s blog and he had a post on a function that he attended wearing a green Indian outfit with a matching sash. Well, in his reply to one of my comments, he asked whether I had an Indian outfit. After all, it was Deepavali yesterday.

The answer, Faisal, is YES!!!

@ SHS Annual Dinner 2007 1

I have TWO black ones and this one has brown trimmings…

@ SHS Annual Dinner 2007 2

…while the other one has cylindrical bamboo-like buttons. No, I do not have a sash to go with them, thank you!

Coincidentally, Clare was also into the mood of the festive season and she posted a photo of herself in a blue saree. You can hop over to have a look. Nope! Sorry, nothing peeking out from under her mid-riff blouse! Hahahahaha!!! Well, Deepavali’s over. Those of you across the South China Sea will be back in the office today (to go blog-hopping). Next stop – Christmas!!! Planning anything yet?

By the way, anybody recognises the couple in front? Huai Bin? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Anything you can do…”

  1. that’s no indian outfit… that’s some left-over from your hippie days!

    Hahahahahahaha!!! I wish I could still fit into those!…I bought the two present ones at one of those Indian shops along Penang Road on the island. Just discovered that they HAVE my size! Didn’t buy the white ones though…can see thru and see my sa-chan bak! Shy lah! LOL!!!

  2. Wah STP looks good in the outfit. Anyways you’re right. We should never succumb to unscrupulous business man. We should boycott them. Petrol prices have gone down so there’s no reason for them to short change the customers.

    Ooo…thank you! You are very kind. Yup! I’m definitely not eating there anymore…and it was not even nice.

  3. That’s one of my fav place to have sambal Kuew tiew too! besides that sambal kuew tiew, the salad chicken rice at lo ming yuan also not bad..

    Then you must try mine one day! A lot nicer! LOL!!! The roti canai is nice too but it is served with dhall. I prefer the one in Sg Merah that serves it with curry gravy. The beef mee special isn’t too bad either.

  4. Oh, the sambal kueh tiaw has been in very small portion since eons ago, the last time I had it was RM2.50 when the rest of Sibu was still selling at RM2 (not to mention, more). The guy who owned and cooked the kueh tiaw is a part time ambulance driver too. He’s also the brother of the beef noodle auntie in the same shop.

    The couple in front: Mdm Ngae and Mr Poh (why is he digging his nose?) Bahahahaha! Nice folks 😀 I have new-found respect for them 😛

    I know the family – brother of Ah Hock of Ah Hock Kia (bus station area). My eyes almost popped out when the kway teow came…in a saucer!!! And where got RM2.50 anymore?…Ummm…regarding the last bit, no comments! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. …and the lady is doing the same gesture. I think the couple are gesturing that STP is number one.

    Dunno…I only look at myself. Hahahahahaha!!!! So kay see! ROTFLMAO!

  6. So STP,if you boycott all the food cafes, ‘cham-lo’ all the food business going to recession! Hey! Surprisingly u do look good in your punjabi shirt. Makes u look slimmer n if you grow a moustache then u can even auditioned in the hindu movie maybe playing the role of that bad guy, remember him?Param or something?No!No! You can’t play Dev Anand or Amitha Bacham!Hope I got all the spellings right! U can even make this shirt your signature ones from now onwards!LOL!Your Mrs.STP can play the role of ‘Shamila Tagore’!

    What do you mean “surprisingly”? Hahahahahaha!!!! Omigawd! U are old! People now talk about bollywood stars like Datuk Shah Beruk Khan…! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. nice, shs has its own website.

    how about smk metho? must be so outdated, still using geocities. lol

    Quite sometime liao! Last year already full swing. I wish they would include some write-ups though…not just photos. And I think my not-so-good photos on the dinner more interesting than those in the website. Dunno about your former school. LOL!!!

  8. Aiyoh… from Suituapui to Sui Thambi. hahaa
    Yeah, the Indian outfit does suit u well.
    Didnt know Stella was such a big Bollywood fan. Aussie TV also got indian movies kah? Ur chah kueh tiaw got hei bee one arh? the shop will probably charge RM1 extra for that..haha. Anyways, CKT just isnt the same without taugeh….i like mine with lots of taugeh.

    Who knows I may get datuk also? Hahahahaha!!!…Last time in the 70s, one stall at Padungan (round the corner from Longhouse Hotel – nite only), we would go and tapao char kway teow 50 sen only…”kway teow chay-chay, taugeh chay-chay, nui chay-chay…” and the guy would scold us. LOL!!! That time, buy 50 sen enough for 2-3 people!

  9. drool worthy post as always.. nice top btw.. did u get it tailor made or what ?
    oh yeah, is it just me or do i see u losing a couple of (and no! im not trying to angkat balls :p)

    Nope! Off the rack! Indian shop in Penang…I think some of them even bigger than me! LOL!!!…It must be the optical illusion. Wear black, look slimmer.

  10. KNB at least you like your taugey. I’ve heard of people ordering taugey kueh tiaw mai pang taugey!

    Now I take it sparingly…since that time I feasted on it and ended up with gout! Of course, I had other things in the days preceding eg. Min Kong prawn mee, and that was the last straw. LOL!!!

  11. You should wear more punjabi shirts, rather becoming. The sash…not so good an idea!
    I think the char kway teow person at Lok Ming Yuen, is trying to introduce “portion” control, and bring down costs, thereby killing two birds with one stone. While the skeptics would say the reason for the small portion is due to the latter, it’s nice to know that there are smaller portions of char kway teow around! I have to request for “half kway teow, additional taugeh, extra egg” whenever I order.

    Definitely no sash for me. I think it’s the black colour…and I do not have to tuck in, so the perut buncit will not be prominent…but I don’t like black – so hot! End up with heat stroke!

    Some reduce the amount but retain the price, some same amount but increase the price…but this one trying to kill two birds with one stone!…I liked the fried mee lady near my former school – her portions according to the sizes of the people eating! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Ha Ha, kueh teow served in a saucer. The last time I ate any kueh teow served this way, probably in primary school. Wah,STP, you look like a tycoon in the Indian outfit, lorr.

    Yalor…and how much did it cost? 20 sen?…Ooo…must remember to buy more such outfits the next time I go to Penang! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  13. dont cook your own – u tend to eat more. Maybe you can set up at home a small stall at night for takeaway only…I saw its good business..wait till my old man retired ..we set up a stall infront of my house..hahaha

    Aiyor! Retire liao…relax and enjoy life. Wanna work and earn money summore. I wouldn’t wanna do that. Just cook for pleasure…and give to friends and family to show off! Hahahahahahahahaha!

  14. lol, i thought so… i was like.. “what?? couldnt be… all he does is eat and blog and sing! how could he possibly be losing weight ??” 😀 😀

    Sometimes the perut not so buncit…as I do not have noodles and stuff for morning break (unlike when in school) and I skip lunch or just have a light one. But when I go out for dinners so frequently, it will be back to normal. So kesian!

  15. Suddenly feel like eating fried kway teow !!!

    For one thing, our kway teow not as nice as in West Malaysia. I bought a packet of dried ones from either TESCO or The Store last trip…but I wanna wait till my daughter comes back next month before I try my home-cooked Penang char-kway teow!!!

  16. lok ming to go there for breakfast..almost every morning the tea

    The towkay’s son was working at ur dad’s office… Alex would know.

  17. did the sambal kway teow taste good?
    thanks for stopping by to my blog 🙂

    My own? Most certainly! I had two helpings, Heaven forgive me! Hahahaha!!!…And a warm welcome to u! Do drop by often. Will link u in my blogroll.

  18. yeah..i heard bout that before..some years back

    Wasn’t it last year?…Or was it the year before? Gee! Time does fly!

  19. STP,next time get green PJB shirt,nice 2! Re:KNB,haven’t watch hindis for ages, last time young used to follow mum evry friday afternoon to see Dev,Shashi,Rajesh…even in my dreams can spk hindi to them!LOL! My 2nd daughter,very cosmo,got vry good PJB friends,once the only chinese invited to pure PJB bday party,PJBfood,music,DJ etc,she danced the PJB’s so well like one of them,the grandmas & aunties stopped eating n stared. Probably wondering where she got the PJB blood from! Maybe the mum watching too much hindi movies in the past!LOL!Then also become so ‘long-winded’so STP watch out,u & your shirt!Haha!

    Faisal had a green one, knee length!…..I like the Bhangra! Very lively and exciting dance…but of course, with my present shape and size (plus age), I can’t do it lah! LOL!!!

  20. boss satu fried kueh teow! kurang kurang minyak 😛

    Kurang minyak…nanti lekat kuali!…In the past, e.g. in Singapore,they would melt pig fat in the wok and then fry the kway teow in the lard with the crusts. Mighty unhealthy, don’t u think?

  21. Wah looks slimmer in that outfit lah STP 🙂 As nice as those char kuew teow you cooked! LOL

    Don’t be deceive lah! Black colour! Hahahahahaha!!!

  22. wakakaka… i see mr p! that’s hb’s mom?

    Aiyor! Be more discrete when mentioning names lah. Some people may prefer not to be explicitly mentioned. You ask hb urself lah!

  23. I love char kueh tiaw. The sambal one sounds appetising. May not look that good in your pic. Anyone know of any nice char kueh tiaw stall in Kuching? I go to the one at kereta api. Not too bad!

    It’s nice if you use Rajang hay bee and good belacan. I think the ones in the town usually use cheap hay bee and cheap belacan with a strong stench, not nice…not like mine. LOL!!!

  24. Sophia, if you like Penang cha kueh tiaw – with prawns, lap cheong and “ham” not ham ok. Coffee shop below Central Inn. Very near your house.Open 7 til late.Can stil go after school but close on Tuesday

    Hahahahaha!!! Now my blog’s a food directory/reference. I still think the texture of our kway teow is different.

  25. i remember i was still in secondary school that time

    That long ago? He’s been there so long already?…But then again, two years ago, you were still in secondary school, I guess. Like I said, time flies…

  26. You know a place for good kueh tiaw? Sungai Merah, at the place where they serve good pork rib noodles. I forgot the name of the coffee shop, but it’s right beside the wet market. They serve seafood kueh tiaw too for RM 5 – two prawns, two large fish slices, and other assorted seafood with kueh tiaw in tomato sauce. Gem of a find, that one.

    Somebody told me that place is good for something else as well, but I have never gone to try. The Foochow fried mee at one of the stalls at the back portion of the market is very nice too…but you will have to put up with the stench of the chicken droppings from the market side. That’s why I only went once and never again. LOL!!!

  27. luckily youre fairer than the bangadeshis, otherwise….hahaha. but seriously, you bergaya like taiko lar… 🙂

    Hahahahaha!!! Didn’t I mention in my previous post? I am…the Godfather! LOL!!!

  28. Mr Chieng still there eh. Is that Pn. Toh in the turqoise skirt?

    Nope…not Pn Toh, the afternoon supervisor. She retired a few years ago. That’s Pn Ngae, probably after your time.

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