Anything you can do…

…I can do as well, or perhaps even better!

My daughter loved the sambal kway teow at Lok Ming Yuen, the coffee shop across the road from Mitsu Tea House, and I used to go there for the beef noodles, but the other day, I decided to have the kway teow for a change. When it was served, I had the shock of my life! The portion was so small that they actually served it in a saucer.

Sibu's sambal kway teow

And it did not come cheap either. I cannot remember exactly but I think it was around RM3.00. Feeling disgusted, I decided to buy some kway teow (RM1.60 a kilo) and fry my own.

STP's samba; kway teow

I did not go to the market so I did not have any ku chai (Chinese chives) or taugeh (bean sprouts) but what I cooked up in the end could make up at least 10 plates. Even with the prawns, the eggs, the udang kering (dried prawns) and other ingredients, it would not possibly come up to RM30-35.00. These business people are really having a field day jacking up the prices of everything and reducing the amount drastically. And mine was much more fragrant and much more delicious…

STP's sambal kway teow 2

The way things are going, you can bet that from now on, I would just cook my own…and see how long those cut-throats, those daylight robbers would last!

Anyway, to move on from that, I dropped by faisaladmar’s blog and he had a post on a function that he attended wearing a green Indian outfit with a matching sash. Well, in his reply to one of my comments, he asked whether I had an Indian outfit. After all, it was Deepavali yesterday.

The answer, Faisal, is YES!!!

@ SHS Annual Dinner 2007 1

I have TWO black ones and this one has brown trimmings…

@ SHS Annual Dinner 2007 2

…while the other one has cylindrical bamboo-like buttons. No, I do not have a sash to go with them, thank you!

Coincidentally, Clare was also into the mood of the festive season and she posted a photo of herself in a blue saree. You can hop over to have a look. Nope! Sorry, nothing peeking out from under her mid-riff blouse! Hahahahaha!!! Well, Deepavali’s over. Those of you across the South China Sea will be back in the office today (to go blog-hopping). Next stop – Christmas!!! Planning anything yet?

By the way, anybody recognises the couple in front? Huai Bin? LOL!!!