Together again…

Gee! How time flies! Last year around this time, I attended the annual dinner of my school, SMK Sacred Heart here in Sibu, during which I was a guest-of-honour as I was retiring. In a blink of an eye, a year has come and gone so fast.

I am indeed glad that though I have left the school for a year, I have not been forgotten. They have graciously invited me to this year’s event which was a grand affair as it was a combined effort with the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association), with around 40 tables (including the invited guests, parents and students) compared to the usual 10 tables  or so (guests and staff only). The function was held at the Phoenix Court at the Paramount Hotel here…

Paramount Hotel, Sibu

Here, you can see a section of the crowd…

SHS Annual Dinner 2008

which included my two godsons, Elias (also my ex-student) and his brother, Kevin…

STP's godsons

Those days, I often had students asking me to be their godfather for their sacrament of Confirmation though personally, I would think I make a rather poor spiritual role model. LOL!!! The food was quite nice, starting with the assorted dish – the Four Seasons…

SHS Annual Dinner 1

followed by the soup dish…

SHS Annual Dinner 2

Hold your horses, Daniel Thong! It looked like sharks’ fins soup, it tasted like sharks’ fins soup but it wasn’t sharks’ fins soup! LOL!!! They had fish maw in the soup instead. Then there was the fish head curry…

SHS Annual Dinner 3

It was quite well done compared to the time when I was here with Huai Bin. The gravy was very nice but I did not like the strong fishy smell of the fish. I guess they used a better type of fish the other day when I had it at Sheraton. Next came the honey fried chicken…

SHS Annual Dinner 4

…and the vegetable/mushroom dish…

SHS Annual Dinner 5

After that, I had to go off somewhere (Again…ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies!) and in the meantime, they served this black pepper lamb dish…

SHS Annual Dinner 6

Nobody waited for me to come back to take the photo; they just dug in! Anyway, I do not quite care for black pepper, so I just had a bit of that. It wasn’t that great but then I might be biased! The sweet yam dessert followed…

SHS Annual Dinner 7

and along with it came the agar-agar (jelly) and fruits…

SHS Annual Dinner 8

Come to think of it, I don’t know why they call it an 8-course dinner when the last two dishes should be counted as one – dessert! On the whole, it was pretty nice…not great, just pretty nice. I did not find out how much it was per table but considering the rising prices of things, that should be around RM300-350. We used to have something like that for RM250…but those were the days.

There were speeches and lots and lots of lucky draws – table and individual. For the table draws, they would pull out a number and everybody at that table would get a prize. I was asked to sit at the SHOSA (Sacred Heart Old Students’ Association, Sibu) table but I went and sat with my ex-colleagues instead…and the SHOSA table won! What rotten luck! LOL!!!

SHOSA - lucky draw winners

I did not get the individual prizes either. My number was 4343 and they drew 4342 instead. Drats! LOL!!! Neither did I get to sing as there wasn’t much time left for that but I would say that was a blessing in disguise especially with Allan around, an ex-student who was formerly attached to a publishing firm and now to a bookstore here. He had won a number of singing competitions even at state-level and those at the Malay kampung here. He did Search’s “Isabella” flawlessly, hitting all the high notes with perfect pitching…

Allan rendering

I remember my karaoke days at the Spice Bazaar here when this song was a hit and how I suffered, with all the agonising screeching like dicekik hantu (strangled by a ghost) by all the Amy-wannabes. With singing like Allan’s, my half-past-six effort would surely pale in comparison. Whew!

Then, to keep to the mood of the recent festive season, they ended the evening with a Hari Raya song by a group of sweet and young Malay lady-teachers who invited the very dynamic, very sporting and very handsome principal, Mr. Vincent Liong to join them…

SHS principal in action

Ok, Mr. Liong, since I did not get the chance to sing this year, you will have to invite me again next year. LOL!!!

And just when I thought that would be the last of the dinners for the year, I received this…

Jude's wedding invitation

Jude (blogger Clement’s brother) passed me an invitation to his wedding next month, so it certainly looks like “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings” or in this case, the fat guy! ROTFLMAO!!!

Happy Deepavali to anyone celebrating the Festival of Lights today.

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27 thoughts on “Together again…”

  1. jude invited u? ha ha ha ha, what happened to u mac and him the other day?

    Yes, he has. Why?…And what do u mean what happened? We went to Ruby for dinner and I did not get to see them again after that. I posted on it then; you can click the link on Jude’s name to get to that post.

  2. before the makan i heard something about some bar? u didnt manage to join them?

    Nope! I went straight to the dinner after my tuition class. I don’t drink anymore….gout!!!

  3. So nice! I’m thinking and drooling over the huge prawns and the deep fried bun…

    Maybe that’s why the fish head curry seemed nice this time. We did not have together with the prawns!

  4. Wah… the food looks awesome. I would really like to try the soup that taste like shark’s fin.

    Thought they all taste the same, regardless whether they put sharks’ fins or sea cucumber or fish maw or fish lips inside???

  5. The food looks good. Yeah, I agree the last two desserts should be bundled as one. So it’s actually a 7 course dinner.
    Eh, you can sing ah? Next time post it on YouTube lah : )

    Hahahahaha!!! Dunno how to post video. Bongkersz taught me once, forgot liao! And besides, don;t wanna drive all my readers away. LOL!!!

  6. haha if me i ‘d invite you again. i love to see people eating. how about that? haha

    Ooo…I should have known that! Never mind! When I go to Penang again, you can take me out and you can watch me eat! LOL!!!

  7. Nice to be remembered for your contribution to the school. Happy Deepavali and enjoy your holidays.

    Yes, it was nice. Same to you. Thought you went to Malacca or something? Back already? Will check your posts later…

  8. Aiyoh….too bad it wasnt the other Jude Wong. Though i was told some of the JFV people thought it was him that’s getting married. hahah

    They must have seen the notice in the church and jump to conclusion, not knowing that they have to wait till the cows come home. All these “sau dimong”…*shakes head! Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. KpgNangka Boy, don’t you laugh at Jude Wong! What about yourself? High time you tie the knot? So many girls slip through your fingers already.

    Then at his wedding reception, he can sing “To all the girls I’ve loved before”! Hahahahahaha!!! Laugh not the pot at the kettle black!

  10. ‘Keman’ again! Memang ‘Kusung’lah! How does that rhyme go again? Pok-Pok-Pok,Bujang Lapuk??!!Can’t remember what comes next!

    What to do? People keep inviting me! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  11. Too many lar… donno how to choose. Hahaha

    Hahahahahahahaha!!!! This has got to be the greatest joke of the year! Ewek!…Ewek!

  12. Finally!!! FOOD!!! Kasian you didn’t get to sing…

    I see you prefer food posts! LOL!!!…Yalor! Was waiting and waiting for the day, hoping to sing. So very kesian!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  13. Wahhh.. The food all nampak sedappp !!

    Why your pics so small geh?

    U go and buy bigger monitor lor! ROTFLMAO!!!…Nite photos, lighting not enough so if posted large size, not sharp. On my monitor, the small ones = 2.75 X 3 inches, big enough liao…even for old man’s eyes like mine. The large one VERY big – 5R photo size! So gross!

    P.S. Long time liao cannot access ur blog AT ALL. Clicked, waited….40 seconds…and then, THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED. Other people’s blogs all ok, some fast and some slow…but ok!

  14. Nice! Was it comparable to Sheraton’s curry fish head this time?

    P/S – I know why you had to go off for a while. 😉

    Just as nice…except that I did not like the fish.

    P/S – I know you know…as we used to go off together. Wink! Wink! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. The soup you were discribing is called LINGAM’s soup ya???? You had to go somewhere …and ask no question and tell no lies stuff….Do I GUESS RIGHT????? you naughty naughtyman hahahahahah

    Here only got Lingham chilli sauce lah!…What did that Lingam do? Never really bothered to follow the story. All I know is he has his pics taken with some important judge or something in NZ or some place.

  16. fyi..the Bands in Angeles not much choice..Manila’s much much better..When we go???

    Angeles? Where’s Angeles? LA? Los Angeles? Go with u kah? No lah! Dun wan! U law-eya and later we take photo together, become like the Lingam fella. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. ..the October fest street party was good..when I called you the singer was doing Bleeding Love and doing it well too..when we go ha???

    See reply to previous comment…

  18. RM750=Peso10,000.00… One San Miguel Lights=Peso40 only. When we go ha????

    So cheap kah? OK…I buy my own Sibu-KK-Sibu ticket (which is extremely expensive) and you pay for the rest – air ticket, hotel, meals etc etc etc…. Deal? If you agree, then I will go anytime. Hahahahahaha!!!

  19. suddenly, i’m hungry..
    that soup looks yummy!!

    damn,it’s 4 in the morning,where i can get good soup..

    Gosh! What on earth are you doing, awake at 4 in the morning? Oops! Maybe I shouldn’t have asked! Hahahahahaha!!!…Aren’t you in KL? The city that never sleeps? Sure you can get soup some place…or you can cook that Maggi instant soup that I posted about sometime ago. Just like sharks’ fins.

  20. thanx for uploading my and my bother pic..we look so handsome ye..hahaha…

    Good photographer mah! Hahahahaha!!! How come u’re not in school?

  21. *LOL* My monitor big enough liao 😀

    Owhhh.. I just fixed that prob. Deleted all the izearank thingy liao. Friends said it’s faster now. No wonder my bro said I blocked him from viewing my blog 😀

    Same lah! Still cannot. Some blogs got problems like I log in, no pictures…or they come out VERY slowly…or I have to go and unblock or click “show picture”…but at least I can log in, read text and comment. Yours, cannot completely. Dunno why.

  22. which jude wong are the commentor talking about? p jude?

    Watch those direct references to people’s names!! Some people may not like it! Don’t ask me…I don’t know!

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