FINALLY…after over 36 hours, Celcom’s Broadband connection has been restored…

Every morning, should I drop by the Delta Commercial Centre near my house for breakfast or to buy something, I would meet three ex-colleagues of mine – retirees like me and all three are ladies, so I call them the “First Wives’ Club”. According to them, they have been meeting like this for breakfast for the last 19 years. Gee! I wonder what they talk about in their daily conversations.

They were also invited to Huai Bin’s sister’s wedding  banquet and we sat at the same table. In our conversation that night, I asked them what they thought was nice to eat in the vicinity and they said that I should try the kampua at e-cafe, located directly opposite the back portion of Delta Mall…

Delta Mall - back portion

From the coffee shop, on the other side, you can see this supermarket that belongs to that famous Kuching blogger…

Everrise - Pedada branch

Well, actually I have been to that place before and I had the kampua special which wasn’t too bad but I did not think it was that great. They also told me that at this same place, I could get nice Sarawak laksa or beef noodles from another stall inside. So I went to try the latter…

Sibu's e-cafe beef noodles

Again, I found that it was just so-so. I would much sooner go to that menopausal lady at the coffee shop behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation. Her beef noodles or kampua kosong (plain noodles) with beef soup are definitely nicer…and back to the topic of kampua, I told the ladies that I would prefer the one at Soon Hock Cafe, also in that same area. However, they had never gone to that one as according to them, the kampua lady had such long hair and they were sure a strand or two would drop into the noodles…

Sibu's Soon Hock Cafe kampua stall

There, you can see the lady in black in the photo. That’s the one. Well, I’ve eaten there quite often but never once had I encountered any hair in the kampua. In fact, it is so popular that every morning, it will be quite crowded with people dropping by for breakfast before heading to their offices to work. Of course, if you ask me for my personal opinion, the best is the kampua at the Rasa Sayang Cafe. Period.

Checked my Google Page Rank the other day…and hey! I’ve gone up from 3/10 to 5/10, same as (So far I have only found one that’s higher – a 6…!) while many who had a page rank of 5 have dropped to 4 or even 3. Hehehehehehehehe (*evil laugh)!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Conversations…”

  1. is that dish kueh chap?
    i bought something from Everise before 😀 a mini skirt jumpsuit 😛

    They call that ngui chap mian in KK, here we just call it gu-bak-mee. Of course the ones in KK are so much nicer that the ones we have in Sibu no longer satisfy me.

  2. Although I also live nearby that area, I’ve never tried any of the kampua or food stuff there. Dunno why. Maybe it’s because whenever I pass there I don’t see many people and my thoughts were that the food probably not nice. HA HA! Wah! Nowadays people also become very “how lian” hor! So famous now lah ranking jump. Good for you. Next target : Beat Malaysiakini’s ranking. LOL!

    Oh? That means ur house is near my house then. Hahahahaha!!! Must show off mah! Don’t really care about the ranking. I just post and reply to comments. Dunno how it shot up suddenly. Malaysiakini, everybody reads lah! I think visits by the million each day!!!…And only 6/10!

  3. oh that, id definitely give an enthusiastic two thumbs up for the swak laksa, u shud try if u havent. wow!! frm 3rd to 5th ??? thats like a giant leap!!! HAHAHHAHA!! 😀 give urself 1 more year and ud be the next perezhilton or bryanboy..lmao!

    OK. Will try one of these days…What? You read bryanboy too??? Hmmm…! Interesting! Now you’re making me wonder! Hahahahahaha!!!! I stumbled upon his blog once but that was the first and the last. I’m not homophobic…but that one’s too extreme.

  4. wow!! PR5 … time to write paid posts..LOL

    yumm kampua..the last time i went to sibu, my fren brought us to Deshon Road kampua saying its the best…hv u tried that? i better come to u for kampua reviews b4 my sibu trip in the future…hahaha

    No lah! No need to be so money-oriented. I’m just doing this for fun….That kampua a bit too bland and soft; not too my liking…and the serving’s very small unless you pay extra. They make their own noodles. Very popular though, lots of people go there. Was featured in KK blogger’s post – She went there when she came to Sibu recently.

  5. Congrats on your Google ranking going up! Keep up the good work Bro! The kampua lady had such long hair, lucky the ones you find in the noodles are not curly lorrr! Ha Ha ha.LOL

    Tenkiu! Tenkiu! Hehehehehehe!!!!…..Now, now! What hair are you talking about? Naughty! Naughty! LOL!!!

  6. ^ if i might add.. lucky its not crooked,uneven and curly…hhmm, i wonder where that might have come from… HAHAHAHHA

    Hah! Another one with a crooked mind! LOL!!!

  7. ^that is if she goes commando! 😛

    What?…Actually I go for her kampua quite frequently and I never came across any hair in the noodles. I guess it’s the same with the other customers, otherwise there won’t be so many there every morning…especially compared to the other shops in the area.

  8. Delta Mall????

    Opened Chinese New Year this year, near my house. Sugar Bun/Taman Selera Muhibbah area. Popular Bookstore is there.

  9. u’re back… was wondering what happened. The person responsible for rating ur blog must be a food lover. Haha.

    Suffering from withdrawal symptoms? Hehehehehehe!!! Dunno how they rate. If it’s the food, I should be getting 10/10! LOL!!!

  10. Hello Sir,

    Where is Soon Hock located? Is it the corner shop directly behind Everise? I personally think the kampua at the central market is the best, if i may add. 🙂

    It’s in that same block. e-cafe is on this end directly behind Delta Mall/Everise and Soon Hock’s at the other end facing the Methodist Church. Now, your name doesn’t sound very familiar. Ex-SHS student? Which year?

  11. Congratulations on your high ranking in the Google Page. Well done! Was wondering why u took so long to comment,for a moment thot u also have gone ‘menopausal’!Just joking!LOL! Abt the kampua lady with the long hair,I can see in the photo that is really long hair, I would be worried too if her hair dropped into my kampua!Yucks! Maybe u can suggest to her to wear some kind of netted cap,a bit like shower cap, but not the actual one,I saw some takeaway/fastfood shops,the staff here wears. More hygienic too n also will draw in more customers.Btw I also ‘keipo’ HuaiBin’s site n saw his singing of The Wedding. Don’t mean to be critical here, he can be potential Wedding Singer but I don’t think Idol candidate though!Sorry!(Simon’s Cowell favourite word)LOL!

    Maybe you ladies are more particular about such things. Don’t go into the kitchen when you’re dining out. You’ll have fits!…Ask Gerrie what we saw that time we went for Peking Duck! I’ve never seen any kitchen here that is as bad as that! LOL!!!…..Why do you call Huai Bin ‘keipo’? He’s really a very nice guy, probably just over-anxious, too eager to impress the girlfriend. As for his singing, you are very kind…! ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. I see, thanks. It doesn’t sound familiar because i graduated more than 10 years ago, class of 97. I was in your tuition class back in the days, and i live within walking distance to delta mall.

    1997? I don’t remember which centre I was attached to at the time. Anyway, nice of you to drop in…and do come often! 🙂

  13. the last picture..i used to have kampua there when i was in form before going for tuition!HA

    You did? You must be going for Add Maths or Physics tuition then!

  14. Yeah rite, Kampua at Soon Hock Cafe is really nice, should go there again…
    PR5, wow~ can sell your blog oledy! 😛

    Ah! Finally…someone agrees with me. For one thing, according to my dad, if you tapao home, the kampua here tastes better than Rasa Sayang. He liked it very much even though it was cold, compared to the time when I tapao-ed the kampua from Rasa Sayang for him…..Sell kah? U wanna buy? LOL!!!

  15. HEY!I did not call Huai Bin ‘keipo’ lah! Better clear this before it becomes controversial. If u do not mind reading my previous comment again, I meant I ‘keipo’ his site, (singlish lah!) meaning being a stickybeak to his site,so that is why the expression ‘keipo’meaning me not him, I do not even know him,so y i called him ‘keipo’ for. And someone professed he do not even need bifocals YET!LOL!

    Ok! Ok! I get ur point!…Nothing wrong with my eyesight just my attention span…especially when it comes to extra-lengthy comments. Hey! Isn’t becoming long-winded a sign of old age? Bwakakakakakaka!!!!

  16. Good ratings means good and interesting writing right? Thanks for the an enjoyable blog.

    Thank you, thank you. That’s very sweet of you.

  17. OK! Got your point! Short n simple!How many words r we allowed in yr comment box from now onwards?LOL!

    Ouch! The sacarsm! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Btw, come to think of it, I’ve never heard you sing. Do you? Gundot and Kpenyu (when he’s not coughing his lungs out from all that smoking) can sing VERY well.

  18. physics..hahah

    That should be that Mr. Kong…or the Mr. Wong from your school. Did it help? Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  19. and the coffee shop next to kidney like the beef soup…but noodles portion is small

    Can order two plates lor! Hahahahaha!!! We can go when you come back. Round the corner from my house.

  20. Wow, congratulations on your page ranking! I met Philip today and he brought me some Dabai. Hehe…so I was checking how i should cook it and I remembered your post. So how long must I soak the dabai in the warm water?!!

    Thanks…..Gee! The guy does get around! (Green with envy liao! LOL!!)…OK, to cook the dabai,
    (1) rinse the fruits (12-15) and place in a container e.g. a saucepan
    (2) pour in water (around 3/4 full) and then add hot water bit by bit – it should not be too cold, nor should it be too hot (hot enough for you to put in your hand)
    (3) let it stand for 15-20 minutes, then check by pressing gently to see if it has softened. Some dabais cook faster than others. If it is still hard and the water has turned cold, add a bit more hot water and wait a while longer.
    (4) when most have softened, add a tablespoon of soysauce and a sprinkling of suger. Toss by shaking the saucepan gently.
    Best eaten as soon as it is cooked…and no longer nice if left to stand for too long.

  21. Haha.. Congratz for your ranking ya. Is the photo in your post showing the one right next to Metropolitan English Tuition school ? I’ve been there for breakfast every morning with my friends while i was in my lower forms. In the end, got so fed up and never go there since. Haha

    Don’t think so. This place is near ur house, you can always go and check it out. Duh!!!…Kids these days. My time, we would go cycling around in the evenings and explore on our own.

  22. it’s ok lar..haha..go there?hmmm

    Ya…I know him. He was at another centre where I was before he opened his own. Ex-SHS student. Dunno if I taught him or not.

  23. Oh yes, i know now ! It’s beneath Ideal Tuition school, quite near to Chopstick. Right ?

    Yup…across the road from the photocopying shop!

  24. Gundot sing well???? Now where did that come from? I never hear kpenyu sing. I know KNB can sing very well. I guess if we inherit a bit of aunty g we cant be doing too badly. My Sher can sing but shy.

    Quite a number can sing pretty well….So sad lah u! Never heard kpenyu sing! Too bad he’s “overaged”, otherwise the American Idols wouldn’t stand a chance!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  25. Croak can lah!But sing? expert in off-keyranos!LOL!Never hrd Gundot or K.Penyu sings tho? Remember u sang a bit during our neighbourdays,but have to say u played guitar better. KNB? Can sing too? I know Uncle PB sings quite well,a bit of Elvis. OK less than 100 words.LOL!

    KNB sings very well. Used to do Ronan Keating but has progressed from there. I think now I sing better than those days…just starting out lah! Kpenyu can sing Neil Diamond better than Neil Diamond, dunno about Uncle PB. LOL!!!

  26. Try to modify my comment. Hrd u sang over 20 over yrs ago, so over all these yrs your vocal chord must have imrovised by a lot judging by the karaokeing that u mentioned u had!

    Improved lah…from all the nights at Spice Bazaar! Must thank you for forcing me to go there and sing my first song and make a fool of myself!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  27. Improvised I mean!

    Improved…but lately haven’t been singing, so dunno lah! Maybe vioce box conk out liao! LOL!!!

    P.S. I like short comments like these…and they contribute to the total number summore. Makes it look like I’ve got lots of people visiting and commenting. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  28. Sir,

    Is the last picture Morris Lau?
    Maybe you don’t know who he is, as he was in
    Kiwi Land after PMR.

    I dunno the guy. Just so happened that he was sitting there. I think I vaguely remember somebody by that name in your gang…

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