On and on and on…

Oh dear! They say I am putting on weight…and my perut buncit (protruding belly) is getting very prominent. Sigh! It must have been all those dinners with Cooking4stp and on Saturday night, I was at Huai Bin’s sister’s wedding banquet at the RH Hotel here. It was a grand affair at the very posh venue but the place was somewhat dim, so I could not take nice photographs. That is why I will not put up anything on it but you can always hop over to Huai Bin’s blog to see his post. Be forewarned though! Do NOT click on the video clip of him singing, if you know what’s good for you. ROTFLMAO!!

Then, on Sunday night, I went for the annual dinner hosted by the centre where I am presently teaching, at…

Sheraton Restaurant, Sibu

The dinner started with the usual assorted first dish…

Sheraton 1

Everything was delicious but I did not think there was anything really sensational. The not-to-be-mentioned soup followed – no pic of that, of course, and then we had the celebrated Sheraton curry fish head (Finally, Huai Bin! Finally!!! After all this time, I had managed to get to eat it. Hint! Hint! LOL!!!)…

Sheraton 2

It may not be very photogenic (OK! OK! It was my lousy hp camera and my poor photo-taking skills! Hahahahahaha!!!) but the exquisite taste will simply blow you away! The dish was served steaming hot with the special fragrant rice from Bario in the hill regions of Sarawak. Personally, I do not like having it together with a full 8-course Chinese dinner as one would be too full (and satisfied) to enjoy the rest of the dishes…but since I had not had it for a long time, I literally sucked (Oops!) everything out of the cranium and licked the plate clean! It was that nice, believe me! And it was a lot better than the curry fish head at Paramount that I had with Huai Bin and the others sometime back. A sea cucumber and abalone dish followed…

Sheraton 3

…but I just had a bit and did not think it was anything to shout about. At this point, I stepped outside for a bit of fresh air (Ask no questions, and I’ll tell no lies! LOL!!!) and in the meantime, they served the next dish…

Sheraton 4

Hey! How come nobody notified me?…I got back just in time to snap this photo of the waiter wrapping the last few rolls of the Peking duck! The duck was very nice and even though the skin/wrapper was different from the popiah-look & taste-alike in other restaurants elsewhere serving this same dish, it was just as good. Next came this impressive looking dish…

Sheraton 5

On one side, they had some pie-like things made with a thin piece of bread as the base and egg white as the cover. For the filling, they had some minced meat and prawn…and I think they deep-fried them. Not bad…but the base had the taste of french toast! On the other side, they had abalone again on a bed of broccoli. The sweet yam dessert (or-nee) came next… 

Sheraton 6

I loved the small ones – the sweet mashed yam sandwiched in between two pieces of cheese crackers and coated at the sides with sesame seeds and deep fried. Very  nice, very nice indeed! Finally, there was a fruit platter but I was already filled to the brim and could not stuff anything in anymore.

Kongkay went for dinner at this same place recently and except for what he called the stuffed egg pastry, everything else was different…but looked equally delicious. You can click this link to go and have a look. Huai Bin’s best friend, Ting Chuan had his wedding lunch reception here too and the dishes were mostly quite different too…except for the nutritious herbal black chicken soup that Kongkay also had.

After feasting on and on and on over the last few days, I am hoping to cut down on my food intake this coming week but the fact that dabai and terbulus are in season and available in abundance certainly is not going to help much! I have been invited to my former school’s annual dinner on Saturday but I guess I can always spend the evening croaking karaoke-ing away to the captive audience, just to make sure that I will not be gorging myself with too much food. LOL!!! 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “On and on and on…”

  1. OH first again haha.. worried abt ur portruding belly huh ? nvm theres always liposuction.. lol

    Clever! Very clever!…U’ve got an unfair advantage. It’s 7 in the morning here and everybody’s asleep or gone to school…while it’s night there. Btw, aren’t u supposed to be studying? Uni life so relaxed kah?

  2. hehe..its almost 5pm here. I just finished class. NOT relaxed at all.. everything is suddenly thrown at us. endless assignment and midterms! 😦 so i come here to chill lor..hehe

    Like people going for psychaitric treatment? Well, haven’t I always been a comfort to others? Hahahahahaha!!!…

  3. Abalone seems very popular in Sibu. Is it a status kind of thing? Taste wise I would prefer lobster. Oh, I bought 5 tebulus but was not game enough to eat them. Not creamy white as it should be but blackish and watery. That’s what it is like here.

    Dunno! I don’t like them anymore. Not so nice as before. I’d sooner go for what-u-call-them…those small obscene looking things that’s more than RM10 a tin compared to abalone – over RM100 a tin these days and displayed in the supermarkets under lock and key. Ooo…very good terbulus this time around, and the dabai too! The weather must have been just right this year. Drool! LOL!!!

  4. Read there is plenty of fruits in Miri. Not much here in Kch or am I missing the right place to buy. Pangei in Miri only RM2 for big ripe ones. Any in Sibu market? Tom in KK for a week so can’t ask him to check.

    I saw some last week…not very big ones (like shot put size only), around that same price. Missus’ colleague gave her some dabai from Miri – also very good!

  5. I really should stop reading your blogs. I’m getting a belly as big as yours just by reading. And I can’t use the excuse that I’m pregnant anymore! LOL! Well, guess you have to prepare for my belly jerking feast cos it’s end of the year liaw. Party time! Annual Dinners! Etc, etc.

    Hah!!! And you go blaming my blog for ur becoming fat!!! Ummm…ur annual dinner, can bring friend or not? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. haha…now why do you think you have a protuding belly? Just look at the food you eat everyday! lol

    Haiz!!!…I blame it in my genes! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  7. What a lovely banquet, so different from the ones we had in Kingwood last time. Just love the sweet yam dessert, by far still my favourite of all desserts apart from sticky date pudding with cream! I got a recipe long time ago from my cooking class but too time consuming to make, so if anyone out there have a very simple easy recipe to share, please do,plenty thanks! Haven’t had this dessert for a long long time, even when in Sibu recently also did not have, not sure can ‘ta-pao’or not or is it only for banquets?

    U never mentioned that! And you’re just here for two days, how to eat so many things?…Leave Simon Le Bon for one month, also no problem mah!!…..Yes, can tapao! You can tapao any dish available in any restaurant.

  8. Every nite pun ada dinner…. apa tidak perut buncit? hahah. I cant remember ever eating sheraton fish head curry. Should try that when i go sibu.

    You dunno what u’re missing! Best in the world, I tell ya! So when are u coming to Sibu? Got cheap airline, zero fare…hop over for weekend oso can wat! So kedekut!!!

  9. very rare to see fish head curry and duck meat in a sit-down chinese dinner

    Normally we get steamed fish…and now there’s this dish where they fillet the fish and cook it in 3 different ways…but at this particular restaurant, diners often ask for the curry fish head instead as it’s their signature dish – the lady boss secret recipe! Really really nice lah!!!

  10. me likey nasi bario…even mami says it;s nice…keep asking me to buy form here… =.=

    But many shopkeepers mix with ordinary rice, so not so nice liao!! Must buy the original!!!

  11. Ha, ha with all the food no wonder your perut already buncit lorr. I think the curry fish head and rice would make my stomach happy already. LOL

    Best lah!…Nowhere I’ve eaten anything better! Sigh! Buncit buncit lor! Already old, nobody wants to look liao, anyway! So depressing! No wonder I eat so much!!! To relieve my depression! Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. To lose your belly (well…a bit of of it), you can take heed of the advice you gave me….push your car in parking lots…even when there’s ample parking. Oh wait…someone mentioned STP must park right in front of the establishment he wishes to patronise…..oh well… Hahahahahha!

    Hey! Who’s been spreading rumours about me?…I don’t do that! But many do! Just park their cars outside the shops/cafes, making the already narrow roads near impassable. Ah! I know somebody who does that!…..Huai Bin? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. I know this is totally out of context but would like to share this. Saw Burn After Reading today, so good! A bit of black comedy in it but anything with George Clooney & Brad Pitt is always good! Brad’s character is so funny! So many good movies coming out, can’t wait for The Women and Nights in Rodanthe!Richard Gere!Drool!Drool!LOL!

    Richard Gere? Eyew…..

  14. free dinner by the center you were teaching??
    how nice~

    Twice a year – Teachers’ Day and end-of-year dinner. This boss quite generous. Other centres…may not be so lucky!

  15. they never change the menu hor?? always the same.

    Not really the same. Go to Kongkay’s and Huai Bin’s blogs and you will see that what they had were generally quite different.

    What I know is they have set 8-course dinner and it is cheaper than if you go and order dishes of ur choice. The 1st dish, for instance, you can have a choice of hot or cold…and instead of steamed fish, you can ask for the curry fish head…or instead of duck, you can ask for chicken.

    Anyway, I guess the dishes at all restaurants would not vary very much. How different do you expect it to be?

  16. Wah if I eat like that and so many nice n delicious food sure I also become fat la..

    LOL!!! What more to say when I’m already so fat…and I go and eat like that! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  17. So nice, every time eat at the restaurant.You definitely enjoying your life now.Hope you can stay healthy and are blessed with a happy life..hehe

    Thanks. I am more relaxed now…not so much work (unlike in school when I had to do everything…and teach so many classes!)…but I do miss the teaching part and interacting with all you nice SHS boys, guiding you all along the way.

  18. curiousity killed the cat..will heed WARNING next time round. Since here Ayam Brand’s canned stuff ok ka???

    Another warning in today’s post!…What Ayam Brand? All canned foods lots of preservatives. Take sparingly.

  19. I had a lot of durian and dabai just now coz my new brother in law is still in town and staying at our place. He didn’t think too highly of dabai, coz he’s not from Sarawak. Heh!

    Ooi! Dabai’s the previous post lah! This is on Sheraton and curry fish head. Have you been drinking again…or are you trying to evade the “Hint! Hint!”?Hahahahahahaha!…I guess dabai is an acquired taste…like cheese. Hope he likes Sibu and all the nice food (and people) around.

  20. A real welcomed change to see the waiter being a local chinese young man…nothing here in kk like that mate

    Got lah! Supertanker all Chinese mah!…Anyway, what’s the difference? We’re all the same…all illegal immigrants. LOL!!! Here, some students work as part-timers and the restaurants will call them when they are short of hands. End of the year usually a busy time as lots of people getting married.

  21. I also dont like the idea of eating fish head curry in 8 course dinner too- too full to eat other things..my old man complained when we had family reunion dinner at Sheraton last April..the nephew said its in the menu…is it??

    The last time I had the set dinner, steamed fish on the menu…so I had to request for it to be replaced by curry fish head. Dunno now.

  22. wow u r a foodie…! heya stp, did u receive the 50+1 malaysia book. it has been sent bout 2-3 weeks back.

    Yes, thanks so much. I wanted to do a post on it, like Choonie. But the photos didn’t turn out good. Will have to take again one of these days…

  23. Gee… and they say the world is facing an economy recession.. Abalone some more… Now i know where all our fees go.. Hehehe

    Yes…and for that I must thank you and everybody else, especially those whom I said needed not come and yet insisted on contributing towards my retirement fund. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

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