Come as you are…

It was Friday yesterday, so as usual, I was not having meat…but Cooking4stp was in town and going out would probably mean we would end up eating that. So for a change, I decided to cook a few dishes and ask her over to my place for dinner. Another advantage of having dinner at home is you do not have to dress up nicely and can just come as you are.

Now, what did I have in store for her? I cooked this cempedak masak lemak

STP's cempedak masak lemak

I do not know if cempedak has an English name but it is a fruit like nangka or jackfruit. I had it cooked with the usual ingredients and milk in place of santan (coconut milk). I also fried this vegetable dish of daun bandung (tapioca leaves) and anak jagung (baby corn)…

STP's daun bandung with baby corn

So sorry about the steam; I took the photo when it was piping hot! Then for my main dish, I conjured up this special dish of udang galah (freshwater prawns) cooked with tempuyak (fermented durian)…

STP's udang galah masak tempuyak

I know others have cooked it before and if I remember correctly, my missus has tried it once as well…but I never bothered to find out how to go about it. For one thing, I can never follow recipes and when I do, the dish will turn out to be a disaster! So I just added what I thought I should…and by George! It turned out very very nice indeed. You’d probably say I’m bragging but I think it was nicer than Ruby’s butter scotch prawns!

Other than my own home-cooked dishes, I also bought this Thai-style mihun with sambal petai from 3Q-Takeaway

3Q-Takeaway Thai-style mihun with sambal petai

and some kim kua koi (Chinese-style pumpkin cake) for dessert…

3Q-Takeaway pumpkin cake dessert

…and it being the dabai season, of course, we had some of those as well. Cooking4stp brought along some cheesecakes from the hotel where she was staying like this one, for instance…

C4STP's cheesecake 1

There were two other slices but by the time I remembered to take the photographs, we had finished almost all of one and the photo of the other turned out rather blur, so I have decided against posting it.

Well, what was her verdict on all the stuff that I had cooked? In case you’ll think I’m trying to blow my own horn, I’ll just let her comment personally herself. I think she should be back online on Monday when she gets back to the office. LOL!!!

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25 thoughts on “Come as you are…”

  1. i likey da tapioca leaves…
    but petai…yew…. 😛

    eppie weekend! 😉

    I did not know how to eat petai before. Learnt how to eat in KL…when attending courses, meetings with friends and having buffet meals at hotels. Tried the sambal and found it was very nice after all!!!…And no happy weekend to you!!! Hit the books! STUDY!!! Wat lah…online online!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. hew.. cooking4stp so lucky am sure she enjoyed all the food n putting on weight too haha. Am dying to taste the cempadak masak lemak – see can get in the tamu today..usually I will cook the oil palm roots like that..yummy yummy.
    Enjoyed mamma mia movie in Penang so did the old man.

    Very cheap! One basket RM1.00, buy two can cook one big periuk liao!! LOL!!!

  3. Aiya! Shld have requested Amy to cook me the udang n the daun bandung dish!LOOKS so yummy indeed,that I can even smell the ‘tempuyak” Even if having home dinner, is also nice to dress up, I think. I always enjoy dressing up not only to go out but even if m hosting dinner at home myself,because i also enjoy seeing other people dressing up! Like during the kching gathering, I thot Gerrie looks so pretty n glamourous all in white, a much much prettier version of Don Johnson in Miami Vice,that is the only person i can think of who always wears white,can’t think of any female version right now!N STP I think u will look very nice in a Punjabi costume!LOL! So next time have a theme in yr dinner party,foochow food, foochow costumes, melanau food,melanau costumes, etc, etc,…then hosting dinner gathering will be very exciting indeed!! I m thinking of Bollywood theme when I celebrate my 25th wedding anniversaries in 2 yrs time! I got a hot pink Punjabi costume all sequinned but nowhere to wear them yet, too overdressed to go out in!

    Got theme lah! But in the food! Exotic ethnic cooking. Got kacang ma in the freezer…but not ngam with the theme, so did not take out! LOL!!! I hate dressing up nicely. So uncomfortable, can’t enjoy eating. U of course “teng bak da’au!”! Hahahahahaha!!! Got grand celebration for ur silver anniversary? Got invite me…better plan nice outfit to wear liao! Otherwise, look so kesian beside Oz’s best dressed!😀

  4. sorry salah – should be oil palm shoot not roots…nanti give wrong info.. hahaha

    Yalah! Hey, that one also very nice. Nangka also nice…or young tupang! All can be used to masak lemak! I bought RM2 cempedak, RM2 baby corn…bandung leaves I asked from Hiok…prawns I think RM20 a kg but I cooked a bit liao…so the whole dinner only RM20 plus, so cheap!!! Got leftovers some more after eating till we could not walk! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. The scientific name for cempedak is Artocarpus integer and it’s English name is also Cempedak (Pronouced : SHEM-PER-DAKE) LOL!

    Looking at your cempedak dish, I really miss having the cempedak cooked in curry. My mom used to cook it that way but nowadays have not seen any of those fruits around. Must start hunting around!

    Jungle produce section of the Central market. RM1 per basket. If cempedak not in season, usually can get buah tupang or maybe nangka instead! Oso nice.

  6. Wow you really can really come up quite a number of dishes. All looked exotic to me because I haven’t ate any of those before. Hebatlah!

    Mostly local ethnic cooking…but may be able to get at the local Malay stalls at the coffee shops here. Dunno over there, but not in the nasi kandar shops, I’m sure. Come, come to Sibu and I’ll cook for you too…! LOL!!!

  7. I was just waiting for you to put up the pics. Pics on MMS not that great, especially the daun bandung.

    Will be picking up c4stp from airport (otherwise no dabai for me…eek!), so will have first hand review of your cooking. When I mentioned to mum you were cooking udang galah…she said “wah, sibu’s udang galah very nice…”.

    Stella….Don Johnson….LOLOLOL!!! Thanks for the compliment though….am still tickled…..

    Too late! Should have commented earlier this morning, then I probably would be able to get a kg of udang galah and send thru’ c4stp! LOL!…Btw, welcome back! Haven’t seen you around for quite sometime.

  8. Wah the udang galah looks very succulent and fresh. After that eat cake as dessert, yummy lorrr. Bihun with sambal petai, first time I come across this. I will try cook bihun this way. Have a nice weekend.

    Yes. We get daily supplies of the freshwater prawns here….so they are very fresh! Nice and sweet!…Seems they just boil the mihun till soft and mix with the sambal patai…and then they add the other ingredients and sauces. Have a weekend too, u and ur family!

  9. Wow.. I never try prawn with tempoyak. I miss eating tempoyak. I took a lot during my days teaching in rural area.

    Mine finished liao! Asked my friend…got any more homemade ones – whiter, cleaner…and they use good durians, so nicer! Hope he’ll be able to get me some. U can google for the recipe…but I created my own and it was NICE! Drool! LOL!!!

  10. Sure u r definitely invited that is if u want to come! If u do not like Punjabi u can always come as Jay Leno or even STP himself!LOL! But no no to Tshirt,Thongs(not the G-String version I mean!) unless u want to be a sumo wrestler!N Gerrie keep up with your great sense of fashion!

    Scared that I’ll steal the show with my g-string? Hahahahahahaha!!! Must remember not to wear all white, or else you’ll say I’m Don Johnson! Eyew!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. Am around….just not commenting…hee hee.

    You in G-string…uhmmmm….kampua brother to the kampua sisters?

    Btw, my trainer said if anyone considers having kampua or kolo mee as a complete meal, needs to re-think their food choices….!

    Not me. Kampua or kolo mee is just breakfast or 10 o’ clock tea break…unless I’m saving tummy space for something BIG later! LOL!!!

  12. Just had the dabai (20!!) c4stp brought back…..THANK YOU! KAM SIA CHEY CHEY!. They were the best dabai I’ve had for a long while. Lucky for me, there was a piece of “long” salted fish in the fridge….perfecto!!

    See! STP even has the right dabai connections! So much nicer than what they have in the market…and cheaper than the “top” quality ones! You can actually drown in the lemakness! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. hey STP…howdy? hehehe… btw, Cempedak masak lemak eh? never try that one b4… nangka masak lemak…yes! hmm…sumting new…

    Howdy! Long time no see!…It’s similar to nangka. My fave is still buah puloh…or what the melanaus call buah tupang.

  14. Gerrie the nicest thing about eating all that dabai is… tomorow..good fibre source and the color!!!! Malas to log out from fiq.

    And the lemak!…I guess like olive oil, it should be good fat! LOL!!!

  15. Of course very nice!! My favourite was the udang galah with tempoyak. Yum! And I have this to say – if you ever had the chance to get invited for STP’s home-cooked meal, you certainly won’t go home feeling hungry. He cooked heaps even though there were just the 3 of us!

    And all that for RM20-30 only! Much cheaper than eating out and nicer than most places! I’ve asked my friend in Bintulu to get me a bottle of tempuyak…now that durian is in season.

  16. Oh wow.. it’s amazing how you can conjure up to many dishes… The art of culinary is lost among the male human species. Haha

    You mean lost among the female? I love cooking and creating my own dishes…Got KBKK mah! LOL!!!

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