The call…

I was enjoying my afternoon tea that day – sandwiches with mashed sardines and thinly sliced fresh shallots and chillies…when the telephone rang. Darn!!! I grudgingly went to receive the call…


“Hello, Mr ***!” a woman’s voice was heard on the other end of the line. “I understand you are an expert in choral speaking.” It was an ENGLISH TEACHER and she did not even have the decency to introduce herself nor did she tell me how she got my number. She just said she was from a primary school, that was all.

For one thing, she spoke in that unnatural saccharin-sweet tone that came across as most pretentious and hypocritical. It simply pisses me off really. I do not know why some people (women?) do that for it always conjures images of a vampire on the prowl, going all out to suck my blood…and I would switch into a defensive mode right away.

I told her quite truthfully that my school took part only once because after that year, the Education Director at the time stopped the annual competition for secondary schools as there was a big hoo-ha in Kuching over the judges’ decision and they were fighting tooth and claw, so much so that they started to refer to the activity as “quarrel-speaking”. Over the years, I had been more into debates and public speaking competitions, I told her. I also did not know a thing when I first started. I just plodded on and on, learning slowly bit by bit as I went along.

But she was persistent and kept asking me how to go about it and whether I had any texts. Gee! Did she expect things to be handed to her on a silver platter? Did she expect eveything to just drop down from the sky onto her lap? Well, woman, even if I have, what makes YOU think I will give it to you? My patience was wearing thin…but still, I told her calmly to go to the technology section of the Education Department and borrow the video tapes and cds of past competitions and listen, but she said that they were not clear.

“Well, if that’s the case,” I said, “you will just have to write your own text.” Finally, THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! She whined that they had been taking part for four years and losing and the GB (guru besar or headmaster/mistress) was not happy at all about it. FOUR YEARS? Where have you been, woman? This choral speaking thingy has been around for so long, ever since my daughter was in primary school (and she took part!!).

Obviously, this wretched woman had other GBs before this who did not give a damn whether they participated or not…and obviously, she is one of the MANY teachers like that around, responsibility shirkers whom my former principal would term as “tai chi masters”, pushing everything to everybody else! And it is quite obvious too, the present GB just came four years ago and forced her to get the kids to join, and since they never won, the GB is not too happy with her and probably taking it out on her.

I just told her that if that was the case, she could just go on losing…and finally, she got the message loud and clear and abruptly ended the call and hung up rudely! No apology for disturbing me nor a word of thanks for my time, nothing! I do not see why I should help her. I do not even know who she is…as she did not even have the courtesy to tell me her name. And what will I get in return? Nothing, I bet…knowing the likes of her. Hey, woman! If you’re willing to give me half of your monthly salary, do call me again. Otherwise, F**K off!!!! And those of you who have my contact numbers, please, for heaven’s sake, do NOT give them to such kind of people who give teachers a bad name. The Chinese will say that such individuals say kay nui see bor, pang kay sai see oo! (Direct translation: Lay chicken eggs, don’t have; pass chicken shit, got!)…and just when I was enjoying my afternoon tea! Drats!!! Some people just know how to spoil your day!  

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “The call…”

  1. Typical imbeciles with horrible PR-skills. Like how this lady popped out of nowhere while I was in Carrefour and went “Want credit card? A****** Bank”. Whoever the F that trained these a-wipes, thats one lousy trainer.

    I dunno over there…but here they’re school leavers who get paid for each card they are able to sign up. I don’t think they get much training…and I don’t think the banks care as long as they can get ur bizniz.

  2. i have some friends just like da woman
    for nothing won’t look for u one
    cannot tahan 😦

    Parasites! That’s what I call them. Lots around. My daughter was complaining about her “friends” in the institute, only looking for her when they need help with their assignments and stuff but not telling her when they go out and things like that…and I just told her, “Welcome to the real world!”

  3. are so mean…don’t want to help. cannot imagine anyone can pissed you off…unless they are WOMAN.. got a lot of “friends’ like that any yes all WOMAN. Just wondering if you found out that she is the daughter of Ruby’s chief cook..hahahahaha

    Men also the same lah…except that they do not talk in that congek2 kind of voice that will give me goose pimples! If she’s the daughter of Ruby’s chief cook and comes with all the dishes tapao-ed, I’ll do everything she wants and more… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. chill! chill! some people are always like that. tu see a hew pang kay sai mana tahu say kay nui ho lu chiak.hahahaa!

    Not some! Many!!!…Haiz! Isn’t that so very sad?

  5. Oooh! Got that a lot in uni when my juniors suddenly called me out of the blue or sometimes in the middle of the night just to ask if I could help him/her with their English assignments/essays. I helped once and got nothing, not even an invitation to play badminton with them! After that I gave all sorts of excuses not to help them liao. Geez, some people!

    Oh yea, I remembered the Choral Speaking competition that year. I joined too! I only remember that SHS’s script went something like “Say my name, say my name” a lot of song titles 😀 Mdm Geraldine was our teacher-in-charge, she also didn’t know what to do. She let us do it and then gave our opinion on the spot about how to go about it. With trials and errors along the way, we only did our best and got 2nd runner up lor, not too bad for first timer what. 🙂

    Hey! U were in the team? I have the video tape (if you can find a video tape player these days! LOL!!)…and when I watched it, I found that your team was in fact very good! Could have been 1st or at least 2nd (The one that got 2nd, no name mentioned, was…Yucks!!!). Interesting text, good presentation…but in the lousy hall with the horrible acoustics and echo, you all sounded irritatingly shrieky (Not surprised! Girls’ high-pitched voices!) and I could not hear a thing!

  6. That’s it! You must have telephone manners and conversation for teachers in English!!
    Basically where are OUR manners? I agree with you that teachers should be creative, well mannered, polished, talented,and have CAN DO attitude…be sensitive enough not to call during NAPPING hours,and after ten….etc…..
    where did these so called teachers get their degrees? I have been wondering all this while…

    …..And I haven’t said anything about the endless calls I get from mothers calling to try and squeeze their kids into my tuition class when it is already overflowing and bursting at the seams!!! Some people take things for granted (can’t be bothered to book early)…and yet, they won’t take no for an answer. I think I should just disconnect my home telephone line and change my hp number.

  7. are so funny. Did you realise you just wrote “It was an English teacher” you’re referring her to it!!! Well, I used to take part in Choral speaking and my teachers wrote their own script for the competition! I guess she just wanted to be spoon-fed asking you for help. And it’s a good thing you didn’t help her because she is so rude!

    Haiz! Dunno why when I’m not happy about something and I go ranting about it like crazy, people laugh! They find me so funny! Maybe I should join Raja Lawak!…Of course I will not bother with the likes of her!

  8. Tak malu punya orang! What she could have done was to actually give you a copy of a text she or her students have done and perhaps ask you for your opinion. I’m sure you would not have minded helping her then.

    You wish! This kind of people will not lift a finger. And if there’s any reward for the school, they are the ones who will fight tooth and claw for a piece of the pie, riding on the coat-tails of the silent few through whose hard work and dedication, the school got the award…and these horrible ones will be shamelessly grumbling and complaining and criticising the reward given…as if they deserve more!

  9. haha… typical sibu ppl… with an attitude like that no wonder her schools been losing for 4 years in a row..tell her to just quit and stick to her memorization lesson -sibu way- techniques..LOL

    Most will just throw everything to the students and don’t give a damn if they win or lose. I have helped your sis with her debate texts once. She had to write for all the three speakers! A student of mine who has moved to another town called me not too long ago asking for help with the 24 debate topics or something like that that they had to prepare themselves…because the teacher just dumped everything on them!

  10. Wah, so famous until people call your house for help?

    She’d better not call a 2nd time, or else…haha…

    I hope you were not the one distributing my numbers!!! Humph!!!

  11. What’s your! People like that always around lah! So don’t sweat over them! Once I called someone wanting to cater some food from her for my house party, but the tone of her voice put me off so much that I changed my mind. Still plenty stories to tell u but don’t want to waste my time over that!When people just take things for granted n never reciprocate at all, just forget abt them! Don’t worry be happy n enjoy your cup of tea or in your case, kopi-kau!

    I’m not in the least bothered about these people! And she’s not the only one. A dime a dozen! Even people I know! Some will only remember you when they want your help and they will not take no for an answer, and if I simply cannot help out due to personal commitments, that’s it!!! My ears will be hot all day! I can actually hear them bad-mouthing me in my absence!

  12. Wah.. I super dislike ppl like that lor. I got such calls in office too. They just wanna get infos without introducing themselves and even they’ve been asked to intro, they never bother and kept on digging my office’s details :X

    And they say Malaysians are so friendly, so polite….Blerk!!!

  13. cant do much about these kinda people. summore a teacher. dont they teach moral classes. i think she shouldve join in and learn from her students…hehehe

    That was what I did! I wrote a text and the students suggested changing here and there, adding this and that…and in the end, the text was quite different from the original. The same goes with the presentation. I didn’t know a thing about choral speaking then!…Most people are not willing to work, that’s all! Just gaji buta!

  14. some ppl ah…when they don need your help they cant even be bothered with you…when they need your help, they can say all sorts of things to ask u to help them..and when u dont, they will turn against u..tats wat i call fair-weather frens…

    but in your case, it is even worst, cos she’s not even your fren…haha

    Yalor! I do not even know a single soul in that school that she mentioned!

  15. Hahaha. And to think she calls herself a teacher!!! Next time someone like her calls, inform her/him of your fees and costs per hour.

    That was what I did when a college in Kuching called. They chickened out in the end.

  16. A lot of people in the system don’t know how to say NO. That’s why they end up stressed!

    If you’re a subordinate, can you say no?…..Those people at the top are partly to blame. They should understand the capabilities of their staff and not just want to take part in everything and win. You can’t squeeze blood out of stone! So kiasu!

  17. hey…i cannot stop my laughing while reading yr sharing on how u described the way the lady called u and talked to u.hehe.and suddenly i have an idea…:) as due to my work nature, i need to call strangers as well..maybe one of this day..i call u and u help me to comment on the way i call see if my way is ok or not..hehe…..thanks….

    See! You find me funny also!!!…..No, thanks! Don’t call me! I may mistake you for that teacher and give you a piece of my mind! Percuma you kena scolding nanti! LOL!!

  18. I’d be mighty pissed off too if I’m in your place. She just wants to have the easy way out by asking for favors and stuffs. Rude phone manners too.
    I hate those ‘tai chi masters’ too, who are so very good at deflecting the blame to others and drawing the praises to themselves.

    A lot of them around! Sad, isn’t it?…These people a disgrace to the teaching profession!

  19. I got a video tape player at home! LOL 😀 Yes! The hall was sucky, speaker system kanasai and the echo, really lor, we could hardly hear ourselves! I wonder who approved the place in the first place.

    Now I’ve to look for the tape in one of the boxes. Hope it hasn’t gone all moldy! LOL!!!

  20. Well, some people are born to please, some are born to frustrate, it keeps the scale balance, you see. Ying and Yang. Haha.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a balance. Few of the former, more of the latter!!!

  21. Geez! How rude! And to think that she’s a teacher too! I’m amazed that you had the patience and the courtesy to stay on the line to talk to her. I would’ve hung up within the first few seconds coz my momma told me never to talk to strangers!

    Tried to advise her…but it looked like advice wasn’t what she was after!

  22. wah… the other side of STP! 🙂 pandai marah juga… and you cursed .. well, a censored curse! LOL

    I hate it when my so called friends simply gives away my number to others.. WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST! So I know how you feel…

    My students should be quite familiar with that…and would know they had better toe the line or face the wrath. And when they were good, I would be so nice to them, so they would always be in their best behaviour. I’ve not given ur number to anybody!!! 🙂

  23. haiyaaa…how come this kind of teacher dont know this kind of ethic, and yes I am agree with you, our teacher’s professionalism always being stain by people like them.

    She ‘request’ you a text!! Thats show her stupidity in choral speaking, how on earth english teacher never know about choral speaking, i mean yes she know, but the way se asking for the text like she never know about choral speaking. She can adapt any poem that can be text of choral speaking if she not have any intention to do it by herself.

    I had once participated in choral speaking (what a lovely memory, when my class become the champion and then become the 3rd winner for the state), trained my students (the weakest class!!, they even dont know how to spell ‘choral speaking’)to enter the interclass choral speaking, the got number 2 among err 7 class and once a judge for primary school district competition.

    Ahh..I miss the memory at Beluran. Here, working with all the experienced english seniors teacher, I don’t think I can have that kind of memory anymore.

    Yes, I love choral speaking, as I like all the chants stuff, I like to adapt a poems to a chants and a chants to a choral speaking, as my teaching

    Sorry for this long comment..this entry really hit the

    and suituapui,I know, you know, that not all women are like that stupid teacher, right?

    It’s really interesting and the sweet memories live forever. No doubt it was a lot of hard work. We wrote our own but when my daughter took part, I gave her Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood and they adapted that. Ya, not all and not just women, but sadly there are many like that. Ah…I see you were teaching in a rural area in Sabah. The joy of teaching at such places! Life’s so pure and simple…unlike in the big towns and cities.

  24. i have a “friend” whose attitude is exactly like tat. if she needs my help or anything from me, she will speak in her most sugary-sweet voice that can give me diabetes(which pissed me off). if she doesnt need me, she will just pretend that i dun exist. *argh.. now thinking of it oso make me angry*

    Rest assured there are lots and lots of them out there. U’ll get to meet them once you’re posted into a school. But don’t let them dieenchant you from what you’re doing…and always tell yourself it’s all about you and your students, the rest can go to hell…

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