It’s all coming back to me now…

Saturday was a good day for me. I received an email from Yan. She was trying to get my telephone contact, so we could arrange to meet because she wanted to give me some things. I responded and it was agreed that I would wait for her at the centre where I teach after my lesson that day. Her daughter is in my SPM English language 1119 tuition class. Now what goodies did she have in store for me? She made me this cheesecake…

Yan's cheese cake

…and these banana muffins…

Yan's banana muffins

I have not eaten the cheesecake yet but I’ve started with the muffins. They are very nice and crusty with a hint of banana flavour and a sprinkling of crushed hazelnut…and they are low on sugar, so it is perfectly okay if I feast on them all by myself! LOL!!!

Yan was being very modest and kept saying that they were not nice and definitely not as nice as Marcus’. Well, for one thing, Marcus is a professional and for another, anything that is given out of sincerity of heart is superior to all that money can buy (Maybe Changyi will not agree with me on this regarding freebies? LOL!!!). And what most certainly made my day was when she stepped out of the car, probably seeing me for the first time, she remarked, “You look so young!” Ooooo….thank you, thank you, Yan! Now I am constantly smiling in my sleep. ROTFLMAO!!!

And that was not all. Mackie, a former student to whom I had taught English when he was in Forms 4 and 5, was back in town. He comments on my posts occasionally. He had contacted me when he was still in KL to let me know that dates and he would like to take me out to dinner. So it came to be that we went out for dinner on Saturday night, Mackie and I…

Mackie @ Ruby

He had expressed his desire to go to the Ruby Restaurant here in Sibu to try all those delicious dishes that I had been promoting in my earlier posts, so Ruby it was. We had a couple of “new” dishes, including this crab meat soup…

Sibu's Ruby crab meat soup

…and this Thai-style midin salad…

Sibu's Ruby Thai-style midin salad

Both these dishes were nice and worth having, but I think next time, I would let the waitress doing the serving know that I would like a little less black vinegar in the soup for it drowned out whatever taste the soup might have. The midin was done the same way one prepares mango salad, and it could do with a bit more ingredients in order that it could have a stronger kick.

Mackie took a bite at this mayonnaise lamb and said, “Ooo…this is nice!”

Sibu's Ruby mayonnaise lamb

…and he loved the butter scotch prawn balls too!

Sibu's Ruby butter scotch prawn balls

He wanted to eat those vegetables that he “had not eaten for a long time” – those not available in KL, so we also had fried cangkuk manis with egg and another signature dish of the house – pandan chicken…

Sibu's Ruby pandan chicken

He did not pass any comment on it, probably because it should be available in any Thai restaurant and perhaps they have nicer, more authentic ones over there.

There were three of us, in fact. Mackie’s old friend, Jude, was home for the weekend and joined us for the dinner.

Jude @ Ruby

Jude is the elder brother of Clement who sometimes comments in my blog. All that came up to RM55.00 inclusive of rice and drinks, so I think that should make it around RM15.00 per head for the food alone. I would think it was pretty reasonable. What do you all think?

Well, thanks a lot, Mackie, for the dinner. It was nice seeing you again after all these years…and thanks to you too, Yan, for the cakes and all the best to your sweet girl in her coming SPM Examination.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “It’s all coming back to me now…”

  1. i can’t see any pic =.= 😦
    but i lurve cheesecake! yum yum!

    Perfectly ok on mine. Must be ur server. I’m using medium-sized pics, not the large ones…cos Ruby’s rather dim, not very nice for ancient photographer/camera. Mackie took some photos with canggih equipment…so if he emails them to me, I’ll edit the post and replace the photos.

  2. Oh no… You must be gaining weight after these cheese cake and sumptuous dinner.. Next time I won’t be able to recognize you though I saw ur pic in bongkersz’s blog once. =)

    In Bongkersz’s? Can’t remember him posting a pic of me. Maybe it was in somebody else’s. Never mind! There’s no mistaking the drop-dead gorgeous looks of mine. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. now i can see da pics 😀
    da cheesecake doesn’t look appealing lo 😛

    My dear girl, as an old Englsih proverb says, “Never look at a gift horse in its mouth!” And as I said in the post, anything given with sincerity of heart is worth more than anything money can buy. Like when I cook, no matter how simple the dish, my daughter loves it so much…because there is that special ingredient, not found in any top restaurant around – love.

  4. Thats a big cake and alot of muffins for one person. Haha… food seems to know how to find you. Many Judes from Sibu huh? hehe

    They have this belief that people with the facial structure like mine…will never go hungry. Food will always drop in! Looks like it’s quite true. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Coincidentally, the guy’s surname is Wong too!

  5. Why the food so cheap one? Ok, when you taking me to Ruby?!! I can buy you dinner provided you be my eating guide. haha..

    When are you coming? Haiya, small town where got big city girl wanna come? If you come, I don’t bring you to Ruby lah. We’ll go to the top-class restaurants like Blue Splendour… Gee! Haven’t been there for a long time. Must go soon…so I can post on it!

  6. I’m going back for All Souls’…damn! Must go Ruby liao this time!

    What do you mean “must go there liao this time”? You’ve been there so many times already… Hahahahahaha!!!! The owner has been browsing thru’ the internet and has seen the posts (Dunno whose) and is mighty pleased!

  7. did u share those goodies with your students?

    Going out for dinner, can’t eat those lah! Spoil the appetite. When you come back, you buy for me lah…and then I share with you! ROTFLMAO!!! Kiam siap!!!

  8. Your friend is so good to you. If me, I will feel so touched with what she gave me.

    I am very touched by her kind and generous gesture. I believe “what thou sowest, thou reapest”…and you will receive much more than what you give and that includes negative things as well, if one is thus inclined! What goes around comes around.

    P.S.: Welcome and thanks for dropping by. Will drop by urs soonest. Do come again.

  9. Reading the title of this post, I thought you are going to talk about Celine Dion, well I should have known better : )
    Regarding the crabmeat soup, don’t they allow you to add the black vinegar yourself? I also dislike too much vinegar cos can’t taste the actual soup.

    That’s why when I want to look for an old post, I get a headache. Can’t remember which one. LOL!!! Ya, me too! She asked whether we wanted and we said yes, so she poured everything in. Next time I’ll ask the waitress to leave the vinegar there and we’ll add ourselves according to taste.

  10. hey i can make mayonaise lamb too!! i add mine with a dash of worcestershire sauce. and i think it tastes realli good 🙂

    I think they add lime/lemon juice to the mayo…but dunno what they use to marinate the lamb before grilling. Hmmm…when you come back, you cook and let me try…and then I’ll post on it with all my criticisms praises! LOL!!!

  11. What did Jimmy buy from civic center that is so nice????It made the others say not fair!!!!

    Where did you hear about this? Some flaky pastry/peah with butter filling. He bit into it and went completely speechless…and rushed out immediately to buy all that they had! VERY nice! You have a choice of char siew, peanut, white tau-sar or butter…but he thinks the butter ones are the best.

  12. prawns? balls? muahahahahahahha…
    butterscotch prawns wor… sounds sinful.

    VERY sinful…but absolutely delicious! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. horror! why la u put my pic. sigh. but dinner tat nite was excellent. for tat price you can’t even get the spare ribs in el cerdo n that dish is nothing compared with tat lamb we had. comment more later. tons of mails to reply. i hate monday!

    Young, handsome, eligible…of course, must put pic lor! Others not handsome, fat and short lagi put in Cleo! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Gee! I’m so very very mean!…Yes! Yes! More comments, please!

  14. its nice being a teacher hor?
    can get ex students to chia u and also the students parents…hahaha

    It IS nice…but ooi! I did not “get them to chia” hor! In the Bible, you read the story of the 10 lepers. Only one came back to say “thank you”. We do get that one too…and as for the other nine, we have lots like that as well. Are you like that one or the other nine?

  15. Sibu restaurants charge reasonable prices. Usually can find only in very small towns, like Simunjan!
    Sigh, if only Kuching have restaurants as dirt cheap, I’ll be eating out at least twice a week!

    Cost of living cheaper mah! And not that many customers, so prices must be reasonable to keep them coming. If so expensive, everybody will just eat at home. U people living in city, so pay city prices lor! You don’t go, there are others who will go! LOL!!!

  16. So not only u smiling in your sleep,Ruby’s towkay also lah!LOL!(Considering all the heavy promo u do for him) Don’t smile too much in yr sleep, nanti got headwind! I tried midin the thai way in new capital, belanja there for lunch by my bro,S but i think i still prefer it cooked the old-fashioned way! I still find it pretty astounding that u can eat all those muffins by yourself. m sure spread over a few days perhaps n maybe Mrs.STP have some too??!!

    Of course Mrs STP helps herself to the muffins. She loves them cos they’re not sweet. Somehow ladies tend to be more health-conscious. LOL!!!

  17. for those food, its quite reasonable then. it really depends on the appetite of the diners that nite. if hungry or big eaters, i’m sure it wld have been more

    There was more than enough to go round…and we cleaned up everything. After all, it’s a sin to waste… LOL!!!

  18. Ah ha. You got me into a corner. Free gifts as in something that is offered along with a purchase e.g. a towel with the Berry Juice…But a Cheese Cake from Yan…that is a Gift…not a free gift…
    That kind of gift is fromthebottomoftheheartgood!

    Now I can write an essay on why manufacturers give away free gifts…..but I won’t give you a chance to rebutt…..LOL

    Hahahahahaha!!!! I know about the free gifts. Have to compare the price to the same item without the gift. Sometimes you are actually paying for the “free” gift.

  19. can’t see the pic either! 😦

    Then it’s a blessing in disguise. You will not be drooling away, missing home and longing for the delicious food here! LOL!!!

    P.S.: How come the other 17 people didn’t seem to have a problem? BTw, your blog theme and annant’s the same. Must be jinxed! Hahahahahaha!!!

  20. pandan chicken!!!!! waa I love that,but hard to get nowadays..especially at malacca.

    I’m sure there are a lot of Thai restaurants there? But if I were in Malacca, I’d rather go for the nyonya food! Yummy!!!

  21. my bad for looking at a gift horse in its mouth 😦
    but i added a 😛 at da end of my sentence, im just kidding, don take it serious ar 😉

    and hey STP, u only realize that after visiting us for 5465743452467 times? 😮

    No lah! Realised that long ago. Just wanna cucuk him a bit! Hahahahahahaha!!! Sometimes I’m so bad!

  22. Let me get cheap tickets from air asia first. Big city girl wants to eat authentic small town food! No foie gras and caviar or whatever shit that is ok?!!

    Just email me the details…and I’ll be right here waiting for you *starts singings* LOL!!!

  23. What happened to Mac? The last time I saw him in Subang like 3 years ago he looks like Didier Drogba.

    OK, Mackie…you can answer that! I thought he looks exactly the same as when he was in school.

  24. can..let’s share then..i can’t finish everything as well also..hahaha

    Just tell me when. You’re coming home end of year?

  25. Arthur, I just had the Thai Style Bidin at Miri Boulevard Restaurant the other day. Hmm. It was so delicious! Wanna try out Ruby’s when I get back to Sibu. Join me, Arthur? Hehe..

    Just call me. You’re hardly ever in Sibu these days, it seems. They say they also have it at New Capitol.

  26. yeah..actually just around 5 more weeks..gee..exam is so near..need to prepare nervous

    That should be around mid- or end of November. Hope to meet up sometime…and go mam-mam. Good luck in your exams!

  27. can’t wait to go back and eat all those goodies..ahha..nvm lar..this time i’m gona have a long long we can go mam mam anytime

    Ok…no problem. Good excuse for me to go out and eat…and then got more things to post! LOL!!!

  28. Speaking of cheesecake, Secret Recipe’s rock ! The texture is so smooth and it’s so creamy. Ooo… i love it

    Sibu where got? I think the Kuching folks would go for Tom’s anytime. Secret Recipe’s popular for their Choc Indulgence and Rich Macadamian white choc cakes…and their durian cake is nice too!

  29. next time bring me.. last time i went there… duno wad to order

    Read my posts…and jot down notes! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

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